Migrate my website to AWS

If you face difficulties in growing your website, a good chance is that you need to move your website from hosting, or from on-premise to the cloud.
Migrating your website to AWS will not only save you a lot of money you otherwise would spend on servers and server support, but also will give you the possibility to grow your business easily welcoming more and more traffic to your online store.

Using AWS migration consulting services you can soon have your system up and running on the world's biggest cloud.

How will I benefit from moving my website to AWS?

AWS is the leader, and the hosting it provides will give you all the benefits of the cloud and more. Whether you migrate your website to AWS from on-premise, or migrate to AWS from hosting, you'll see the tremendous difference in quality and convenience right away. Some of the advantages of migrating to AWS:

  • AWS is easy-to-use and will suit almost every project allowing you to choose your tech stack freely.

  • Migrating to Amazon will save you money, it's very cost-effective because you will pay only for the resources you use.

  • The quality of the services and the reliability are the highest. If you need to have the system built which will work with no downtime, then use AWS.

  • AWS is highly secure, you can implement secure infrastructures and achieve the highest security standards.

  • Scalability is high and automatic. You can have an infrastructure that will scale up and down according to the number of resources your system needs at every moment.

How we migrate your website to Amazon Web Services

In order to move the website to the cloud, we need first to study the system. We see how it works, its strong and weak points, and what needs to be improved. Then we design the AWS architecture for the system. We test the system on AWS and if it works well, we move the website to AWS.

Moving your infrastructure to AWS, we work together with your developers and automate the deployment process. We automate all the procedures that need to be done often, so you will be able to do it quickly and not require our assistance.

We will migrate your website without the downtime of the services. At one moment the traffic is going through your old website on your old hosting, and the next moment, when all is ready and tested, we switch it to the new infrastructure on AWS.

Using our AWS migration consulting services is the best way to move your E-commerce website to the cloud.

We'll build a highly-available, highly scalable system based on AWS for you. How will it work? Here are two diagrams representing examples of AWS architectures we will build for your website. Although we are talking about a far more complex and detailed system than you see in these diagrams, they are the simplest way to present the architecture:

What some of these blocks mean:

  • Autoscaling will increase/decrease the number of instances (virtual servers containing your website/application) according to the number of users interacting with your website/application at the moment. This will prevent server overload, but at the same time, it will guarantee that you always use only as many instances as you need. This will help your site/application to stay online and not slow down even at the peaks of user activity. At the same time, you'll pay only for the resources you need

  • Load balancer will distribute the traffic evenly among all the instances you have as a result of autoscaling.

  • Database cache will minimize the number of requests to your database. As database traffic can usually be a bottleneck that slows down the whole system, the database cache will be needed to eliminate this problem.

    We'll design the architecture according to the needs of your project and migrate your online store to AWS. If you have particular requirements and suggestions, we'll discuss them and create a custom architecture that will work best for you.

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