About us

IT-Magic is the global DevOps and Cloud managed services provider since 2011. We focus on providing uncompromised stability and security of IT infrastructures for highly loaded business applications. We have been a trusted partner for businesses with Petabytes of monthly traffic and millions of daily users over a decade.
We have a profound expertise in developing stable and scalable AWS infrastructures for both large businesses and ambitious startups. Thanks to our values and providing extra value for every task, most of our clients cooperate with us for more than 7 years.
Increase the client's profit while optimizing resources and reducing costs.

Company mission

Why do clients choose us?

We hire only the top 1% of specialists on the market

We have an extremely tough candidate selection process where we employ only 1 out of 216 applicants. We hire top specialists from all over the CIS market. The average experience of our engineers is 14 years. In addition, each employee regularly undergoes a lie detector test to ensure the maximum safety of your internal information and customer data.

3 of our engineers can replace an entire IT department

Around 60 employees work in the system administration department on one of the projects we previously managed for a large retailer. Despite this, the site regularly experienced system crashes. Our team, represented by 3 engineers, moved the project’s infrastructure from on-premises to AWS and set up a scalable infrastructure. At this time, IT-Magic still ensures 99.98% uptime and provides uninterrupted service operation even under critical loads during sales.

We speak your language

Each of our propositions and solutions is financially supported by the benefits you are sure to receive. This either saves your money on the maintenance of the infrastructure and the team or increases the business's profit. We use only mature technologies, approaches, and methodology that we have previously tested and proved by implementing lots of projects. We will introduce all of our previously accumulated expertise into your project and never experiment at your expense.

Technical expertise

AWS●●●●GCP●●●●Azure●●●●Hetzner Cloud●●●●Digital Ocean
route53●●●●VPC●●●●VPN gateway●●●●db - RDS●●●●Aurora
Docker●●●●Kubernetes●●●●Swarm●●●● LXC●●●●Aws ECS
Programming languages
Jenkins●●●●GitLab CI●●●●Bitbucket●●●●Bamboo●●●●TeamCity
Operating systems
Application servers
Data Collection & Analysis
Caching and load-balancing
CDN networks●●●●Squid●●●●Haproxy
Nginx●●●●AWS ELB●●●●Memcached
Developer support
How about entrusting business-critical processes to professionals?
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