Cloud Consulting Services

Cloud management services allow business owners and companies to outsource related cloud-based operations and IT cloud consulting entirely or partly to a remote IT vendor. These vendors also provide services like cloud migration, optimization, monitoring, reporting, and more to ensure business continuity at reasonable prices.
IT-Magic is a cloud services company that employs a multipurpose, A-to-Z cloud consulting approach to increase the stability of web and mobile-based applications and effectively utilize IT infrastructure costs.
Starting from the ultimate cloud consulting services, we help set up 24/7 system monitoring and regular reporting to eliminate failures, limit risks, and anticipate potential threats via backup and recovery setups, performance and load testing, and more for your business advancement.
Being cloud-based is a new normal in the current digital world that provides a competitive edge to any organization. Our cloud consulting services are directed to cover daily operations and fulfill the changing needs of business entities via well-established methodology, as follows:

Cloud services consulting methodology

During the first phase within cloud consulting services, we analyze the client’s business to understand the key objectives, evaluate needs, and conduct profound tech assessments. As a result of the Discovery phase, we list fundamentals for determining estimated cloud costs, critical cloud dependencies, and choosing the most optimal IT cloud solution that will produce the greatest ROI for your business.


The next stage of our cloud consulting methodology involves the proper planning of tech system implementation, cloud system migration, execution, and other related tasks. Our cloud strategy consulting offers the most optimal and effective set of services to match with business and tech needs and stay in line with your goals. We will provide you with a detailed roadmap for the plan’s implementation with the expected outcomes.


Lastly, the execution stage is when our team implements the designed plan and releases the tech solutions to production in order to achieve set objectives. Finally, our cloud services company proceeds with migration to the cloud or optimization of the existing IT infrastructure in order to enhance operations and cut expenses.


It is worth noting that there is no limit to IT infrastructure improvement and optimization. As part of our cloud consulting services, we are always looking for an opportunity to enhance an already well-functioning mechanism. We work proactively, apply best practices and tools, reduce risks in advance, and optimize costs where it makes sense.


Featured cloud consulting projects

Our team strives to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with our clients. We believe that this approach leads to outstanding results and we thank every client we have a chance to work with and gain expertise. Check out a few success stories from our cloud consulting services provision.

Green Panda Games

The GPG team releases popular games and decided to ask for cloud service consultancy from our team. Based on our assessment, we designed and created a cloud environment on AWS in a stable, secure, and cost-efficient manner. Our partnership resulted in the development of a high-load service that allows GPC to instead concentrate on strategic and marketing tasks.
gamers handled daily

Event Decor Direct

One of the top online decor stores in the USA addressed IT-Magic for cloud consulting services. The client wanted to focus on their business tasks and outsource IT activities to our team. As a result, we created an IT infrastructure that handles 50-times the traffic increases during sale seasons and increased the marketplace uptime from 96% to 99.99%.
revenue growth

#1 Cosmetics Store

In 2010, the leading cosmetics marketplace in Europe addressed the IT-Magic team for cloud service consultancy to support daily business operations. Since that time, we are still supporting their IT infrastructure and providing cloud consulting. We helped achieve top operational stability during peak load times and maintain 99.99% website uptime.
of traffic handled monthly

IT-Magic cloud services

At IT-Magic, we are directed to deliver top-quality service and a unique value proposition to each client’s request. Therefore, we customize our offerings based on business necessity and provide specific cloud services starting from cloud computing consultancy, Google Cloud, and AWS cloud consulting, and on toward cloud migration, optimization, monitoring, management, etc.

Cloud strategy

Cloud infrastructure audit
Cloud strategy and roadmap
Cloud architecture development
Cloud cost-effective optimization

Cloud deployment

Infrastructure deployment in the cloud
Server configuration and orchestration
Application deployment to cloud infrastructure

Cloud migration

Calculation of cloud solution effectiveness
Preparation of fault-tolerant plan migration
Cloud infrastructure deployment
Zero downtime app migration and deployment from on-premise or other clouds

Cloud maintenance

Planned patching and keeping infrastructure up-to-date
ZDT updates
Failover patching

Security & monitoring

Continuous system monitoring
Penetration tests
Performance tests
Configuration of alerts and emergency action plans

Backup & disaster recovery

Regular system backup setup
Bullet-proof system development
Configuration of 1-click emergency recovery

Peak workload handling

Configuration of automatic scaling to handle peak loads
System preparation for Black Fridays
System operation even during x100 traffic spikes

Hybrid cloud management

Bridge configuration in "Private-Public" cloud
Assurance of stable hybrid cloud work
Hybrid cloud support
Customizable disaster recovery strategies
Searching for proven cloud services consulting and the best approaches to cloud solutions?
Get in touch with IT-Magic for a free cloud consultation. We will help you analyze your current systems and direct you in how to optimize your cloud resources.
Once you utilize cloud resources for your business effectively, you are guaranteed to receive dozens of advantages. Generally, your IT operations are optimized for greater performance and ROI. You also get top-notch, 24/7 cloud support at a reasonable price; meanwhile, you can redirect your efforts to business strategy. As well, you can constantly access cloud consulting services from the professional team remotely.

Benefits of moving to the cloud

Achieve operational stability

Once you address our team for cloud computing consulting, you will attain splendid system stability 24/7, top performance, and high-end measures taken with regard to system security. We customize our cloud solution according to your request, and use mature cloud technologies and tools for the greatest outcome for your business in daily operations.

Deliver app to users faster

Once we deliver cloud services consulting and analyze your existing cloud-based system, we provide recommendations on improving the performance of your digital assets like internal services, web, and mobile-based apps, etc. Moreover, we ensure your apps' ongoing stability and continuity to make sure that it only takes a few hours to roll out a version update and distribute it to all users via the cloud globally.

Reduce risks

Cloud computing consultancy helps you eliminate system downtime, avoid any profit loss, and improve uptime considerably. Our team can relieve you from the stress of planning and implementing tech tasks and puts all cloud-related activities onto our shoulders. IT-Magic scales and supports your business via regular security checkups and system monitoring, data backups, cloud policies, standard compliance, etc.

Cut costs up to 40%

When you require cloud computing consulting, you may expect to cut around 40% of IT costs. The market of offshore cloud services companies is on the rise and offers access to a large pool of professionals at reasonable hourly rates lower than in Europe or the USA. Once you address teams like IT-Magic, you can save on tech expenses, get effective tech services, and achieve higher flexibility.

Choose IT-Magic for cloud computing consultancy

Our team provides the technical implementation of cloud migration and optimization and can deliver a complex IT solution that directly affects business performance. We speak the language of solutions and are interested in long-term cooperation that brings the client a competitive edge and monetary gains. We use only mature tech stacks, well-tested approaches, and have 15+ years of expertise in our cloud consulting services.
Deliver fault tolerance of 99.99%
It is worth mentioning that a few of our clients can lose millions in only one hour of downtime, while we have protected them from this risk for over 10 years now. Once you address our team for cloud services consulting, we will aim to protect you from profit losses and achieve 99.99% fault tolerance.
Achieve system response times of up to 0.01s
Starting from our cloud consulting services, we aim to increase the response time across your IT procedures to up to 10 milliseconds. Our expertise has been gained as the result of our 15+ years of experience and a number of projects and allows us to create, implement, migrate, and scale your IT systems inside the cloud quickly and seamlessly.
Receive industry-leading SLA
& 24/7 emergency support
Once your business requires 24/7/365 support, our team can cover the service in compliance with the industry-level SLA. We can allocate a dedicated emergency DevOps team to answer emergency calls within 5 minutes and solve critical issues in 30 minutes. It is worth noting that we have resolved 100% of the incidents we have faced.
We handle ~820TB traffic
per month for one client
Among our primary expertise is the ability to manage IT infrastructure with over 800TB per month. It is worth mentioning that this is a reality for just one project that we support. Thus, we can provide cloud consulting services on stabilizing your IT system and attaining secure and effective operations even in high traffic loads.
14 years — the average experience
of our IT specialists
Our team employs only senior and mid-level DevOps professionals to provide high-quality service. In addition, we help you save on IT expenditures where we allocate senior specialists to critical tech tasks, and middle DevOps engineers take care of the rest. As a result, we optimize our tech resources to bring the most value to our clients.
Conduct free security
and budget-saving audits
To provide you with proof of the quality of our services and cloud consulting, we can conduct a free security audit. As our potential client, you receive an evaluation of your Amazon cloud account and a detailed report on possible security improvements, threat elimination, and IT budget optimization.
Provide immense expertise in IT solutions
If you are a beginning entrepreneur or startupper and require cloud consulting services, you are welcome to contact the IT-Magic team. You will receive the same level of attention and attitude as any other client, even if it’s an enterprise handling 1M requests daily. All in all, you get access to our gained knowledge and experience from the past 15+ years.
7 years — average project duration
Nine out of 10 clients stay with IT-Magic for long-term cooperation lasting, on average, 7 years. We credit building long-term relationships as partners with our clients with resulting in the most outstanding output. We deliver our IT solutions starting from cloud consulting services, design, and setup of IT environment from scratch within 2 weeks and up to 3 months. As the next step, we support and maintain the client’s cloud IT infrastructure for many years.

Cloud platforms we manage

We create stellar experiences for you with the help of the most suitable and widely-adopted cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. In the beginning, we provide cloud consulting to utilize these technologies and their resources in the most cost-effective way and in line with your business necessities.

Amazon Web Services

The AWS cloud platform brings excellent capabilities and resources to businesses in different industries across the globe. Within our AWS cloud consulting, we help use appropriate platform resources from among 200+ available services with embedded security. In addition, we ensure your business uses AWS’ mighty computing powers, data storage, content delivery, etc., for business continuity and scalability.
The Google Cloud platform gives you access to 90+ services and tools for improved business operations, extra backups, ongoing scalability, more flexibility, etc. We can provide you with cloud service consulting and further utilize the necessary GC tools to empower your business in daily operations and ongoing growth.

Google Cloud Platform

We also provide cloud service consulting and management for hybrid clouds involving on-premises resources, private cloud, and public clouds in AWS or Google Cloud. As a result, you can be sure that the cloud and on-premises resources of computing, storage, and content delivery perform seamlessly, securely, and cost-efficiently together.

Hybrid Clouds


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