Docker Consulting Services

Dockerization is the process of creating virtual system containers for packing, deploying, and running web and mobile-based apps more easily and quickly. These containers virtualize the operating system level to run apps and include everything needed for app function and development. The procedure contains many benefits for any organization including cost reductions for extra servers, infrastructure resources, and teams. In addition, your software can be deployed faster with improved security and productivity.
You can address IT-Magic for docker consulting services so that we can analyze your systems and define how to use containerization in the most valuable and powerful way. Then we will implement and dockerize your software in order to achieve the most significant ROI.

Benefits of Docker

Faster development

Once you are utilizing docker consulting correctly, you can deploy existing web and mobile-based products way faster and thus increase customer loyalty and retention with updated, innovative apps. In addition, containerization gives you a competitive edge over your competitors. You can scale or destroy containers easily, set up development environments in minutes, and remove massive overheads and extra work.


Microservices are a design of IT architecture, where each component is represented by an isolated, independent, distributed app that performs one specific business function. Compared with a traditional, monolithic architecture where everything is dependent and coherent, it is possible to use different tech stacks, programming languages, and OSs with microservices. Our team provides docker consulting services for creating seamless IT environments and enclosing each microservice into a container.

No lock-in

At IT-Magic, we provide docker consulting so that your web and mobile-based apps run smoothly on any cloud or platform, and are very portable and practical. At the same time, any inconsistencies that could block app performance are removed. In addition, a container-based environment allows for the addition and update of new functions without affecting the original app and offers quick scalability due to increased traffic and workloads, giving agility to the software development process.

Improved security

Another substantial advantage of docker consulting services from IT-Magic is built-in security as a docker technology feature, especially for large, enterprise businesses. Docker ensures that apps in containers are wholly isolated and cannot affect any other system element while you have complete control of app management and traffic flow. Furthermore, due to this containerization strategy, system parts are separated, bringing the overall system security level on top.

Reduced costs

Containers require less computing power as they are lightweight and it is possible to operate many containers simultaneously. With docker consulting services from IT-Magic, you can drive your IT costs on infrastructure resources down and keep applications running while increasing profits and achieving more significant ROI. As a result, you save costs when it comes to web and mobile application function and maintenance.

Docker services

Docker consulting

Our team provides docker consulting services and everything related to dockerization according to the company’s exact needs. Initially, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing IT system regarding business and technical requirements. This discovery phase creates the best approach and roadmap to utilizing docker technology in your specific case and will be followed by successful implementation.

App containerization

Starting with docker consulting, our team can help you with the containerization of your existing application or create an IT architecture with microservices from scratch. In any case, transforming your business towards app containerization allows you to save costs on servers and computing power while keeping the app functioning at a high level with embedded security, performance, and independence.

Container management

Aside from the initial docker consulting services, our team can help with managing your containers for your web and mobile-based apps using Kubernetes technology. As a result, you will receive the automatic creation, deployment, and scaling of containers based on your organization’s needs.

Proof of concept

Our team offers a proof of concept service if you have a challenging task related to containers and the use of docker technology. This will allow you to understand whether it is realistic and worth investing in your case, based on the results of the PoC approach. This is an excellent way to check the hypothesis before implementing a project and spending hundreds of dollars.
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Why do clients choose us?

We hire only the top 1% of specialists on the market
At IT-Magic, we have a strict DevOps engineer selection process, and only 1 out of 250 candidates make the cut. We hire employees from all over the CIS market, most with 14 years of expertise in the field. In addition, all our workers undergo extra training programs regularly and complete lie detector tests to ensure they will keep your project’s information secret.
Three of our engineers can replace an entire IT department
Just a few of our engineers can replace the whole system administration department for your company. For example, one of our retail projects experienced regular system crashes, even with 60 system administrators employed. Once the project was outsourced to IT-Magic, we migrated to the cloud, creating a cost-effective IT environment. As a result, the system now has a 99.98% marketplace uptime, even in increased traffic and peak loads.
We speak your
All services, including docker consulting, are backed up with a monetary value for you and your business. Our proposed solution will reduce IT operational costs, save your budget for the system administration team, or bring higher profitability. It is worth mentioning that, in our work, we use only proven approaches, methodologies, and tech stacks in every project and never experiment at the client’s expense.
Aside from docker consulting services, IT-Magic serves as a full-fledged IT services provider. We can help you advance, innovate, and optimize your business in its daily function, bringing a competitive advantage and increased profit to your organization.

Other IT-Magic services

The trend of outsourcing IT service management to remote teams like IT-Magic gives your business access to top expertise at reasonable hourly rates. As a result, we can add practical value to the tech side of the business, reduce IT expenditures, and increase profitability. At the same time, you will be free to take care of the strategic business activities.
Part of our core expertise is IT infrastructure design and implementation from scratch that will suit an organization’s demands 100%. As a result, the IT systems created are fault-tolerant, auto-scalable, highly secure, and keep things running under any load and condition. As well, we can help optimize the existing environment, migrate to the cloud, and provide ongoing support and maintenance via auto-monitoring and reporting.
IT-Magic has provided DevOps services for more than 10 years now. Our services employ only mature tech stacks like Kubernetes and Docker, methodologies, and approaches in line with the latest industry practices. As a result, you can ensure that your developers will receive the best support in the software development process and that your clients get a top-notch user experience.
Our company can assist you in utilizing cloud technologies and platforms like Amazon, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean according to your organization’s requirements cost-effectively. Proper use of cloud services gets your business on a new level of productivity and performance. Initially, we will complete the discovery stage and personalized consultation to ensure alignment with business goals.
Security is a critical factor of any system or web or mobile-based app. To keep your system trustworthy and maintain client loyalty and retention, pay close attention to cybersecurity and data security. Our team can help create an IT security strategy that includes firewalls inside the IT infrastructure and round-the-clock security monitoring. This allows us to predict, detect, and eliminate security threats and data leaks.
The virtualization of apps, the network, storage, the desktop, and more can help advance your organization’s operations, performance, and agility while cutting costs. The IT-Magic team can advise on the best virtualization strategy and create virtual machines on a physical server. This process will allow you to simultaneously perform distinct tasks on different OSs and eliminate work inefficiencies.


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