Load and Performance Testing Services

Efficient performance and load testing services are critical for businesses and are especially relevant before sale seasons and Black Fridays, the launch of new products, the start of influential marketing campaigns, and similar events. Web and mobile-based app load times and performance are essential for keeping sales at the desired level and ensuring excellent end-user experiences.
At IT-Magic, we have a proven process, applied technologies, and a settled methodology to provide an in-depth evaluation of system performance with 99.99% uptime under any circumstances and conditions. Our load and performance testing services are directed to ensure the stability, performance, and proper function of systems under ongoing stress, and unexpected high system loads.

Our testing services

IT-Magic’s service can help you test, measure, validate, and verify the performance of your IT operations and system. This process consists of a few performance and load testing services ensuring app stability, speed, and scalability.

Load testing

Load testing services involve checking system behavior under different load variations. As a result, you can define the traffic possible for the system to manage without failures in a particular response time and when it is necessary to scale system capacities to keep up with a growing number of connections. In addition, our team looks for and eliminates weak system points to increase the app response times.

Performance testing

Performance testing services aim to investigate the system’s stability, reliability, speed, sensitivity, and checks to make sure that web and mobile-based apps, networks, internal software, etc., are operating as expected in different situations and under different working conditions. Furthermore, we help set a solid performance testing strategy in line with the organization’s needs with regular monitoring and reporting of needed metrics, 24/7 operation, and more.

Scalability testing

At IT-Magic, as your performance and load testing company, we will evaluate the system capacities regarding scalability and increased loads. With the help of the scalability test, we can measure the point when the IT system becomes ineffective in scaling its powers in line with the load and help resolve the issue. With these findings at hand, you can plan for growth and optimize your hardware resources while making your system flexible and easily scalable once it is necessary.

Stress testing

As part of our load testing services, we conduct testing to measure your system’s or app’s most extraordinary peak load capabilities to identify the limit of its durability until a failure. This extreme system load helps to predict and plan potential strikes in traffic and connections so that the system can endure them successfully.

Benefits of load testing services

Increase business stability

Once you have conducted mobile or website load testing services correctly, you can better understand the bottlenecks in its code or infrastructure. As a result, it is possible to tune up the system and its elements to keep them stable, reliable, and responsive under any load or number of system connections.

Detect defects before real users do

It is always better to identify problems before the end-user experiences a page load time of more than 3 seconds, leaves the site, or even ends up with an inaccessible webpage. For any business, losing just one client can lead to losing 10 more and a fall in customer retention. This means you should take care of potential defects in advance by performing a load testing.

Get real-life performance insights

Our team recognizes and carries out performance testing scenarios that are close to realistic cases for web and mobile-based apps before their market launch. We also perform load testing of web services and other software after any changes have been made to the code or before a predicted increase in traffic and service demand.

Achieve outstanding system performance

As part of our performance and load testing services, we offer intelligent monitoring and regular reporting on test results. We use mature monitoring systems and automatic frameworks to track performance and any system performance changes and predict and react to any issue.
Does your business require all-around load and performance testing services?
Contact IT-Magic for a personalized consultation to identify real business needs regarding technology. We can provide you with a solid understanding of system performance followed by the elimination of weaknesses.


Here is the list of technologies used for load and performance testing at IT-Magic

Why do clients choose us?

We hire only the top 1% of specialists on the market
So that you are aware, IT-Magic employs only the top DevOps and IT engineers available across the CIS market. We have a strict selection process since we stand for the quality of our services, including performance testing services. On average, each of our engineers has 14 years of experience. In addition, all undergo regular training and polygraph testing to keep our client’s information safe.
Three of our engineers can replace an entire IT department
Our team helped with cost-effective IT environment setup and ongoing support within one of our retail projects. Earlier, the project employed 60 system administrators, and yet the system kept crashing regularly. Our DevOps team of three engineers migrated the IT infrastructure to the cloud from bare metal servers and set up a scalable system. We still support the project and ensure 99.99% marketplace uptime, even in peak loads.
We speak your
The financial value for our clients supports all our actions involving performance and load testing services. The solutions we offer can save IT costs on maintenance and teams or bring higher business revenue. In addition, our team never experiments at the client’s cost and only uses approaches and tools used prior in lots of similar projects.

Other IT-Magic services

Aside from system, app, and web service load testing, our team offers a full range of IT services to help your business with effective daily operation. We can help you innovate and optimize your IT systems to bring your organization to the next level of function.

Managed IT services

The decision to outsource IT infrastructure and resource management brings many practical and monetary benefits to an organization. The IT-Magic team can become your managed IT service provider and optimize your IT systems so they work like a Swiss watch and cover tech needs at a reasonable price while you take care of core business tasks.

IT infrastructure services

Our essential expertise includes infrastructure setup from scratch, system migration to the cloud, and ongoing maintenance and support with automatic monitoring and reporting. According to the organization’s needs, we plan, design, implement and support fault-tolerant, auto-scalable, secure, and failover IT infrastructures that will sustain under any conditions. Your software will always be highly available to end-users.

Cloud services

Effective cloud services allow your organization to receive a competitive edge and innovate with modern IT solutions. Our team can help you with the most suitable and cost-effective utilization of cloud technology from Amazon, Google Cloud, and Digital Ocean. We can start our journey with a personalized consultation and system analysis, followed by assurances that we can support your business goals.

IT security services

Cybersecurity and information security are critical elements in any IT system responsible for client loyalty and business reputation. At IT-Magic, we design and implement an IT security strategy, set up firewalls inside the IT infrastructure, and add 24/7 monitoring to prevent any breaches, cyberattacks, or data leaks. It is worth mentioning that all of our employees undergo lie detection tests regularly to ensure the security of your internal and client data.

DevOps services

At IT-Magic, we have offered excellent DevOps services since 2010 and use mature approaches (CI/CD, ARA), technologies (Kubernetes and Docker), tools, methodologies, and follow the industry best practices. This allows us to successfully support the development teams and businesses in software development and provide the best user experience for the end-users at high speeds, with outstanding performance, and based on lower budgets.

Virtualization services

Virtualization is an excellent IT support service that helps businesses optimize their operations and save money and time within the testing environment in software development. Our team will help set up your IT systems within virtualization by using technologies like Kubernetes and Docker within your web or mobile-based applications. As a result, you achieve more accessible and faster backups and recovery, reduce workloads, increase uptimes, and end up with faster app deployment.


Does your business experience issues with IT system performance?
Contact IT-Magic so we can help you properly conduct load and performance testing in real-life cases so that you can understand how to improve and scale your business.