Managed IT Support Services

Cut your expenses, improve operations, and concentrate on strategic business activities while outsourcing and handing over the responsibility to a managed IT services company.
Advance your business with top-notch cloud infrastructure services, DevOps operations, network and hosting solutions, and much more in line with your company’s needs at reasonable prices.
Benefit from expected outcomes, predictable pricing, and a wide range of managed IT services from a resourceful and experience IT vendor — IT-Magic, namely:

Managed IT services that we cover

Cloud infrastructure

Our managed service provider offers A-to-Z cloud services and consulting. As we evaluate your business necessities and goals, you receive the most suitable solution utilizing tools like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and others.

VMs and containers

Receive proper and qualified managed IT services in the orchestration and containerization of virtual machines and IT environments. Once finalized correctly, your company will profit from lowering hardware, software portability, faster IT operations and deployments, improved data security, and so on.

Operating systems

Our team supports and updates OSs based on which ones the client's web and app-based products are running. Our managed IT solutions enable the best user experience by following the latest OS updates to roll them out on time, keep the system up-to-date, monitor security, eliminate any issues found, and so on.

App servers

IT-Magic is the right vendor to outsource managed IT services to when your company requires the proper setup and configuration of web servers. Proper design and server management allow for the smooth, cost-efficient, and secure performance of the app and web products.


All businesses need a secure and well-configured database to ensure proper function. We can help with database setup, modification, configuration, migration, and further managed IT support in a way that will cover daily business activities and performances, including peak loads and traffic changes.

Web & mobile apps

We provide complete support and maintenance of the client’s web and mobile apps and their backend environments, among other managed IT services. The process is arranged so as to provide seamless, smooth, and secure functioning of web and app products for end-users in order to ensure high customer loyalty and monetary gains.

Featured Projects

IT-Magic highly appreciates the clients we’ve had a chance to cooperate with. We believe that building trusting and partner-like relations will result in the best outcome. To support our value proposition, you may study a number of successfully delivered IT managed services, namely:

Green Panda Games

The game publisher addressed IT-Magic to manage its AWS cloud. Our team developed a highly stable, well-performing, and cost-effective Amazon cloud with further managed IT support. As a result, GPG could stay calm and focus on game development and promotion with their incident-free infrastructure.
gamers handled daily

Event Decor Direct

One of the top US-based online stores specializing in event and wedding decor decided to concentrate on its direct business tasks rather than AWS management. The company outsourced managed IT services to IT-Magic. As a result, we built an Amazon infrastructure that handles 50-times the traffic spikes during sales and enhanced the website uptime from 96% to 99.99%.
revenue growth

#1 Cosmetics Store

The leading eCommerce cosmetics platform in Europe outsourced all its infrastructure management to IT-Magic back in 2010. Today, our cooperation and managed IT services has resulted in excellent system performance where we maintain 99.99% website uptime and handle all the load spikes.
traffic handled monthly

Managed IT services include

Our team ensures that your business needs are fully covered and the managed IT services we provide include all elements of IT infrastructure like hardware, software, networking components, operating systems, and data storage, all designed in a way to deliver value and satisfy your consumers.
Looking for real expertise and consultation in managed IT services?
Reach out to IT-Magic with a short note and receive a free, in-depth consultation. In addition, you will receive thorough feedback on your business improvement with technology innovations, DevOps tools, and utilized tech approaches in managed IT support.
Managed IT support services, once obtained from a reliable provider, cover all your tech business requirements. An offshore IT team addresses potential issues and proactively fulfills regular maintenance while you enjoy multiple service advantages.

Major benefits of using Managed IT services

Achieve operational stability

You can achieve superior system stability, effective performance, cybersecurity measures, and safety procedures with the managed IT solutions at hand. The solutions delivered by the IT-Magic team allow for the utilization of mature technologies and DevOps tools for the highest operational capabilities in line with the necessary customization matching with business needs.

Obtain a competitive advantage

Living in the digital age, smaller companies can now compete with enterprises with the help of emerging technologies. Due to technological advancement, smaller companies can benefit from a competitive advantage, generate higher profit, and roll out in new markets much more easily. With managed IT services, your company can beat out your competitors and attain new customers.

Save time and money

Once you forward your IT operations to real professionals nearshore or offshore, your business can save up to 50% of your budget and, at the same time, receive more efficient tech function. The IT outsourcing market is booming and you can find top professionals at reasonable prices - lower than in Europe or the USA. Aside from the monetary value, with managed IT services, your team dedicates time and resources to more strategic business assignments while the IT partner offers tech solutions and IT support to help grow your business.

Reduce risks

While addressing managed IT support services, you can reallocate the stress of developing and performing IT tasks directed to scale and support your company. The IT-Magic team can become your trusted managed service provider and implement security policies, create backups, and monitor systems and components in the background. As a result, we help avoid downtime and any revenue losses and actually enhance uptimes.

Our managed IT support SLA

reaction time to an emergency phone call
5 minutes
service time
emergency incident resolution time
0.5 hours
of incidents were solved within our SLA

Why do clients choose us?

We speak the language of solutions and financial values with our clients, meaning we do not experiment at their expense and instead use well-tested and mature solutions to support their businesses in the best possible way.
As well, we consistently sustain transparent communication in providing managed IT services and enjoy long-term relationships with our customers in order to achieve the highest outcomes.
Deliver fault tolerance of 99.99%
We help empower your business with the system's fault tolerance. For some of our clients, one hour of downtime becomes a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We protect them from these losses and deliver 99.99% fault tolerance. Therefore, they have been cooperating with us for more than 10 years.
Achieve system response time up to 0.01s
With managed IT services from IT-Magic at hand, your business systems can reach a response time of 10 milliseconds. The way we build, administer, monitor, and even scale your IT environments and infrastructure result in seamless, smooth, and quick operations.
Receive industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support
Once your business requires 24/7/365 attention, our team is ready to provide managed IT support for emergencies under the industry-leading SLA.

Our tech specialists and DevOps engineers can quickly answer any client questions and promptly resolve any issue or potential threat.
We handle ~820TB traffic per month for one client 
As it is our core expertise, our team can handle over 800 Terabytes of traffic per month. This is the result of just one of the projects we support.

We deliver managed IT support to completely stable, secure, effective IT systems under any load, traffic, and even at peak times during sales seasons.
14 years - the average experience of IT specialists
We involve only middle and senior tech specialists when providing managed IT services. In addition, we allocate senior specialists to the business-critical tasks to ensure the highest outcome while middle specialists take care of non-critical activities. This way, we always strive to optimize your business resources in a way to reduce costs.  
Provide immense expertise in IT solutions
You, as our client, get the same attitude, approach, and accumulated expertise gained throughout 15 years within the managed IT services field.

We treat every client and each project equally and provide the same level of attention as well as the necessary solutions whether it is for a startup or an enterprise handling one million requests a day.
your client’s data
In addition to providing IT support and services, our team takes care of the safety of customer data, by setting up intranet security, transmitting data over encrypted channels, and implementing the world’s best security practices.

Aside from this fact, all our employees regularly undergo a polygraph (lie detector test).
Free security and budget-saving audits 
To credit our professionalism and level of managed IT services, we do security audits free of charge for our potential clients.

We also analyze client accounts on Amazon and create a report of what can be improved in regards to security, list solutions for how to fix possible issues, and mention ways to save money.
7 years - average project duration
On average, 9 out of 10 clients stay with the IT-Magic team for trustworthy cooperation for many years and decide to outsource IT tasks to us exclusively.

We have cooperated with some of our clients since 2010. We provide managed IT services, including setting up IT infrastructure entirely from scratch from just two weeks to three months.

Technologies we use

We use only time-proven and mature tech stacks and tools to deliver managed IT services and solutions. These technologies ensure the quality, efficiency, and consistency of services to match the requests and needs of end-users.


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services - a cloud platform that provides the most comprehensive and widely adopted computing powers, content delivery, data storage, and over 200 services to cover business continuity and further growth. The advantages of AWS include cost-effectiveness, operations improvements, embedded security, etc.
Developed by Google, this cloud-based platform gives access to over 90 tech products and managed IT services to cover all the necessities of the tech side of a business. GCP helps to ensure greater flexibility, improved performance, extra backups, ongoing expansion, etc.

Google Cloud Platform

Kubernetes is an open-source container orchestration system used to deliver top-notch managed IT services. The technology is used for automating deployment, scalability, and management of web and app-based products and services. The utilization of Kubernetes contains many advantages like cost-effective usage of resources, shortened SDL, lowered costs, etc.


Docker platform is used for containerization and utilizes OS-level virtualization to supply software in packages. The benefit is to open and run source code in any environment. The packages, called containers, are unified elements that connect the software's source code with the operating system's configuration files, necessary libraries, and dependencies.


This technology is the ultimate tool for managing the entire IT software lifecycle within managed IT services. The management involves networking, compute instances, storage file and DNS entries, SaaS functions, and more. Terraform is open-source and infrastructure-as-a-code software technology with the benefit of enabling safe and predictable creation, adjustment, and improvement of IT infrastructure.


This is an open-source DevOps tool utilized in software procuring, orchestration, configuration, deployment, and many other IT tasks and managed IT services. The technology can perform as an engine and is available across Unix-like systems for multiple actions automatically and can match any organization's growth and scalability needs.


The unity of Prometheus and Kibana is employed for tracking and notification activities within managed IT support. Kibana is a data visualization software used for advanced analytics with dashboards with user-friendly interfaces and chart presentations (histograms, line graphs, etc.). Furthermore, Prometheus accounts for monitoring metrics in real-time and further collection, organization, and storage of data with timestamps and identifiers.

Prometheus + Kibana

The connection of these technologies stands for the Elastic Stack. These programs help DevOps specialists collect data in any format and source for further analysis and visualization in real-time. Aside from the vivid benefits, the ELK stack is open-source and available for direct system logging for the enterprise.

+ Logstash + Kibana


Do you need a trustworthy managed IT service to facilitate your business growth?
The IT-Magic team is ready to answer all of your questions, study your business metrics, and provide a free audit and list of actions for how to enhance your business operations as a part of our initial cooperation, free of charge.