What is included in our system support services

We differ from our competitors by providing business-oriented DevOps services.

We understand how business works and what its goals are, and approach solving technical problems from the business point of view.

We always aim to minimize the expences of our clients and increase their profits.
1. Assigning a team of professional DevOps engineers to your project
  • Three qualified specialists (not just one person) will be working on your project. The team will be easy to reach and ready to respond quickly.
  • In the case of an emergency, we are in touch 24/7 and will restore the operation of the system at any time of the day or night.

We bring the possibility of system failures to a minimum by the means of full-fledged monitoring, which allows us to see and fix problems before they can interfere with the normal functioning of your system.
2. Supporting the flawless operation and security of the system and data
We configure and constantly maintain in up-to-date, working condition:

  • Full-fledged monitoring

  • Regular backups

  • System security ( DDoS and hacker attack protection)

Most of the work of a good admin is invisible for the client because the specialist cares that the system would operate smoothly. To do this, he needs to constantly monitor the functioning of the system, update outdated software, conduct testing, fix emerging issues, etc.

Our aim is that you forget about any problems in the system functioning, and even about us working on it, and can fully concentrate on the development of your business.
3. Necessary DevOps work
We carry out the necessary work to maintain the excellent functioning of the system, including:

  • system optimization and server costs minimization

  • load testing and preparing the system for periods of maximum user activity

  • adaptation of the system to an increase in the number of resource users
4. Automation of routine tasks. We give the client interfaces to use the automation
We simplify the client's work with the system, automating a number of tasks, such as:

  • deploy
  • operations with the database
  • reading logs, etc

The client will be able to use this automation on their own without our help.
5. System administrator assistance for your IT department
We work closely with your developers, helping them if necessary with certain tasks, for example, we can help them:

  • install new software,
  • configure and update software that is already in use,
  • solve problematic tasks (for example, if something is not working, we help to figure out the cause).
We charge a fixed monthly rate
The monthly rate can be discussed and approved individually for each client, depending on the number of servers and the amount of work.

Our clients can plan their expenses and will not receive surprises in the form of extra bills for those works that are necessary for the normal functioning of the system.
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