AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

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AWS Well-Architected
Review Pillars

Well-Architected Review analyzes AWS infrastructures against six key pillars. Each pillar is a set of best practices and guidelines for system design and operation.

Operational Excellence

It focuses on running and monitoring systems to deliver business value and continuously improve processes and procedures. We will review operational procedures and processes, evaluate monitoring systems and incident management mechanisms, and check routine operations for automation.


This pillar is about the protection of information, systems, and assets. Our team will ensure identity and access management, assess infrastructure protection mechanisms, check data protection practices, and evaluate threat detection and incident response.


It ensures workloads perform their intended functions correctly and consistently when expected. The IT-Magic experts will check your systems for fault tolerance, evaluate deployment processes and change management, and investigate backup and restore procedures.

Performance Efficiency

It focuses on utilizing computing resources to satisfy system requirements and sustain efficiency as demand changes and technologies advance. Our team will review the selection of resources, assess monitoring and scaling solutions, and identify opportunities for performance optimization.

Cost Optimization

This pillar is about avoiding unnecessary costs and controlling where the money is being spent efficiently. We will review cost management practices, check whether resources are appropriately sized, and provide recommendations to increase cost efficiency.


It aims to reduce the environmental impact of running cloud workloads by designing energy-efficient and sustainable architectures. We will evaluate the environmental impact of your current practices and recommend more sustainable architectural modifications.

Benefits of AWS
Well-Architected Review

Well-Architected Framework Review aims to evaluate existing cloud architectures against AWS best practices. It identifies strengths and areas for improvement and helps cloud users ensure their workloads are secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient.

Performance enhancement

Cost management and reduction

Security vulnerabilities highlights

Best practices promotion

Enhanced operational excellence

Environmental impact considerations

Failure withstanding and rapid recovery

Information about the latest AWS features

Infrastructure documentation facilitation

IT-Magic’s Process of AWS Well-Architected Review

Conducting the Well-Architected Framework Review means taking sequential steps to evaluate and enhance your AWS infrastructure across the six pillars. As an AWS Well-Architected Partner, 
IT-Magic has developed a detailed process to make the WAR successful for you:



During this stage, we will identify the right team members for the AWS WAR, gather architectural documentation, and collect configurations.


Kick-off meeting

This is an introductory call with your project team where we will ask questions about your workloads, operational procedures, and business goals to gather all necessary details.


Infrastructure assessment

It presupposes using the AWS Well-Architected Tool to evaluate your infrastructure according to the six pillars. This way, we will identify its strengths, weaknesses, and potential risks.


Findings analysis

This stage is about analyzing all security gaps, cost inefficiencies, or performance bottlenecks found and prioritizing them based on impact and urgency.



We develop an action plan based on our recommendations to eliminate identified issues. The plan can be implemented under our guidance to ensure using AWS best practices and services.


Solution implementation

This is when we will allocate tasks to team members on our side and yours, implement necessary changes, and monitor the work progress to ensure its effectiveness.


Result validation

After the implementation of changes, it is necessary to reassess workloads to make sure that improvements are successful and the goals are achieved.


Iteration scheduling

It is recommended to conduct AWS Well-Architected Reviews regularly. If you want to optimize and adapt your architecture to evolving needs, we can schedule further AWS WARs.

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