At IT-Magic, we have empowered and optimized the IT infrastructures and systems for startups, SMBs, and large businesses, operating in many industries since 2010. Our team has successfully implemented custom IT solutions and set up infrastructures from scratch for eCommerce, banking, healthcare, and many other domains.

Common solutions for every industry:

Achieve system uptime of up to 99.99%
Get a system response time up to 0.01s
Cover data security at the highest level
Receive an industry-leading SLA
We strive to achieve the most remarkable outcome with the custom IT solution provided, either cloud migration or managed support with monitoring, auditing, auto backup creation, disaster recovery, etc. In addition, we will create a detailed plan and service roadmap in line with the needs of a particular business.

Ecommerce & Retail

The IT infrastructures for eCommerce that we set up are projected and implemented to manage peak loads, x100 traffic spikes in line with security standards, and comply with PCI DSS for online payments. As a result, marketplaces and online retailers can sleep well during sale seasons, as their IT systems are fault-tolerant to extreme user flows.
Get the eCommerce top expertise that IT-Magic has gained over the past 10+ years, achieve 100% service uptime, and earn a month’s profit in only one day on Black Fridays. Meanwhile, the system effectively uses cloud resources during ordinary days and reduces your costs by 40% with auto-scaling.

Financial & Banking

The smart digital transformation of the banking sector starts with the correct cloud-based architecture and its subsequent support. Neo banks, cryptocurrency wallets, exchange platforms, and other services are actively developing. All of them will require IT solutions similar to ordinary banks - safety, speed, and reliability that we will help attain.
Our managed IT service provider assists in creating IT support and management for the super fast and highly secure processing of money transactions. We utilize mature cloud platforms like AWS that support banking and financial institutes. The wise usage of leading technologies and our expertise in IT services will back you up in correct user data processing, wise banking data protection, correct risk assessment, and accurate credit scoring.


The gaming market is progressing and expected to reach $300+ billion, thus increasing rapidly in the upcoming year. In order to receive a piece of the pie from the growing market, gaming producers producers should quickly enhance and optimize their systems and IT processes to outperform the competitive firms.
The gaming industry is looking at cloud solutions that support the top online streaming games across multiple devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones). Aside from solid testing and production environments, the next-generation entertainment services require fast network connectivity, optimized cloud capabilities, and content delivery networks.
Our IT infrastructure and support company can help with these tasks since we have great expertise in setting up and implementing IT and DevOps systems for games. For instance, in one of our gaming projects, it only took 3 DevOps specialists to set up and configure a system that handles 50M gamers daily.


The key challenge within healthcare solutions is compliance with the highest HIPAA and HITECH standards and ensuring EMR/EHR data security with the latest submissions. We can help set up and implement IT infrastructures for healthcare establishments and products in alliance with these challenges.
Our IT services also allow you to ensure many other vital aspects like properly configured information, the storage and transfer of a huge amount of medical data, covering the telemedicine services of remote communication and video conferencing, drug delivery services provision, and many others. In addition, our dedicated DevOps engineers support the healthcare systems, modernize them with new approaches, ensure auto-scaling, 24/7 monitoring, and end-to-end system security.

Media & Entertainment

Distinct media entertainment products including live-streams, social networking platforms and apps, audio and video-based services, apps with innovative VR and AR approaches - all of these require solid IT infrastructure planning, implementation, and ongoing support and maintenance.
We will ensure that end-users enjoy the best, most engaging product experience allowing you to extend the user base, enhance user loyalty, imply effective monetization strategies, and earn more profits.
With IT-Magic, you can be sure that your systems are set up correctly by the fact that even a great flow of users is fault-tolerant and quick with response times of up to 0.01 seconds. In addition, our IT solution to architecture planning is auto-scalable, where the resources and costs used by the system are highly optimized.


We can simplify the developers' work thanks to our DevOps service. Administration and management of SaaS products requires in-depth knowledge of the latest mature DevOps tools, technologies, and approaches that our team can deliver.
We can help you monitor and detect system threats proactively and minimize risks, and at the same time provide well-settled production and testing environments for developers and support them in their daily tasks. As a result, you can quickly produce and launch the product versions.
We empower SaaS products with features like fault tolerance, auto scalability, security, and proactive monitoring to prevent and momentarily react to any issue. As your managed IT service provider, you will be informed 24/7 and therefore be able to make faster decisions.
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