Experience the benefits of our high-level system administration and support, as many successful companies have.

With us, you'll be confident that your physical servers and cloud solutions work flawlessly, and your DevOps tasks are done professionally.
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IT-Magic offers professional system administration and DevOps services

Why choose us

15+ years of experience
All this time we have been successfully working on hundreds of projects of different complexity.
Dedicated chat,
24/7 emergency support
Within business hours, our DevOps engineers will reply promptly.
We also provide round-the-clock emergency support.
We recommend only reliable up-to-date solutions.
We do not use outdated methods, neither do we use new techniques that haven't been proved enough.
Turnkey services and the best price
We set a fixed price for the entire package of services. No hidden fees
Fast site migration
Downtime when transferring sites abroad / to another hosting - no more than 5 seconds
Always on guard
Monthly scans of clients servers for vulnerabilities
Infrastructure support / Sysadmin services
We'll take care of your servers and cloud architecture so you can concentrate on growing your business
How we help e-commerce companies
IT-Magic provides DevOps services, designs, implements, and supports cloud solutions for high-load online stores

We ensure excellent performance of the website, even with high customer activity.
▪ We help you succeed on sales and Black Friday.
▪ We keep uptime of your services - 99.99%

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How we help online stores on Bitrix
We have years of experience specializing in supporting successful, high traffic online stores based on Bitrix.

Bitrix has many non-obvious features that become clear only with constant and long-term work with it.
We know how to manage them.

We'll provide infrastructure support and information security, ensuring flawless performance of your online store.

How we help Fintech companies
IT-Magic provides DevOps services, designs, implements, and supports cloud solutions for highly available systems.

▪ We ensure flawless operation of the entire system.
▪ Keep system response time up to 0.01 s
▪ Maintain uptime of services - 99.99%
▪ We provide PCI DSS audit assistance

With our infrastructure support service, we take care of technology issues so you can breath easy.

What we do:
We assign a team of DevOps specialists to support the project
Audit your system, find and eliminate all bottlenecks and weak points
Configure and test backups
Update old and set up new software
Configure professional monitoring which allows us to see the upcoming problems and deal with them before they could affect the performance of the system
Set up protection from DDoS attacks
Set up system failover
Provide other DevOps services depending on the specifics of your business.
Increase your profit by speeding up your website, and maintaining high system uptime
Reduce your expenses by reducing the number / changing the type of servers and optimizing the system
Infrastructure support plans
Pick your support plan
  • - Assigning a team of professional DevOps engineers to the project
  • - Server maintenance
  • - Installing software updates - we make sure all the software is updated and safe
  • - System fault recovery during business hours
  • - DevOps tasks - installation, configuration and reconfiguration of additional software at the request of the client; system optimization and modification
    (up to 4 hours of work per month)
  • Everything that's included in the Basic plan, in addition:
    • - Automated system monitoring during business hours - we see and eliminate most problems before they affect the operation of the system
    • - Setting up protection against DDoS attacks
    • - Configuring backups
    • - Failover setup
    • - 24/7 reaction to system emergencies and DDoS attacks
    • - Dedicated online chat for operational support
    • DevOps tasks - up to 40 hours of work per month
  • Everything that's included in the Optimal plan, in addition:
    • - Regular scanning of servers / client sites for vulnerabilities and resolving the issues
    • - Regular load testing of the client's services and upgrading the system if needed
    • - Assistance with PCI DSS audit
  • DevOps tasks - up to 80 hours of work per month
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Read more about our system support services here:
More services
We'll keep your system performing at its best
Migration to AWS
Migration to AWS without downtime of the services
IT-Magic performs professional migrations to AWS.

Your business will flourish thanks to the highly-scalable AWS architecture.
▪ Your website will easily handle high loads
▪ We'll optimize your system, and reduce your AWS hosting costs
You'll enjoy high reliability and performance of AWS

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.. as well as more than 20 other companies
What our clients have to say:

This company was recommended to us by friends. At that time, our system administrator had quit and it was urgent to look for a new one. The guys from IT-Magic quickly got into work, figured out the specifics of our business and reconfigured the server operation scheme in such a way that now everything works like a Swiss watch. We are no longer afraid of losing information, and our site can withstand loads several times greater than before.It was just a gradual development over the years. Last year was "All You Need Is Love." This year it's "Give Peace a Chance." Remember love. If you want to get peace, you can get it as soon as you like if we all pull together.
CTO of the marketplace
We were attracted by the fact that for all services IT-Magic charges one fixed fee. Everything is clear, without hidden payments. For the installation of new programs and servers, consultations and other services we pay as much as we have originally agreed. I like it very much that there is no need to search for admins, they are always there and are the first to point out probable problems, immediately offering options for solving them.
Head of restaurant aggregators and
We always handled the technical part on our own. But with the expansion of the project, more customers appeared, we expanded, and problems arose that we could no longer independently solve. We invited specialists from IT-Magic for one-time work. The system administrators coped with the task quickly and suggested a few more points on setting up servers that we did not know about. Since then, we have been working with the company on an ongoing basis and have forgotten about problems and system failures.
Manager of Beautiful Solution Web Studio
About us

IT-Magic is a DevOps company based in Europe, founded in 2011. IT-Magic has grown from system administration of one e-commerce website, to currently supporting AWS infrastructures of more than 100 resources. Among them are high-load e-commerce, fintech, gaming, and other systems.

We have completed thousands of tasks for more than a hundred of satisfied clients.
We'll be happy to help you as well.
Meet our team
We work every day to provide the best system administration and DevOps services to our clients
Alexander Abgaryan
Alexander is a good leader who works by setting an example for the team. He has 10+ years of experience in system administration and 5 years in AWS cloud architecture and DevOps. He is an expert in using DevOps technologies, in building and supporting high-load, highly available systems on AWS, and in AWS cost optimization techniques.
Aleksey Nikulin
Project Manager and Lead DevOps
Aleksey is the kind of project manager a team member would easily approach with any questions. He has 10+ years of experience in system administration and 4 years in DevOps. He is an expert in AWS cloud architecture. He has hands-on experience in many DevOps tools and technologies including microservices architecture, infrastructure as code, and others.

Evgeniy Novikov
Senior DevOps engineer
Evgeniy has 10+ years of experience in system administration and 3 years in DevOps. He is an expert in many SysAdmin / DevOps technologies, including building and supporting infrastructures on AWS, creating CI/CD pipelines, building microservices architecture, setting up and configuring professional system monitoring, and others.
Stas Pyshnyi
DevOps engineer
Stas is a young but very talented engineer. He has an ability to learn new things quickly and is willing to dive deep into knowledge and practice. Even though he has 5 years of experience in system administration and 1 year in DevOps technologies, he is already a specialist in many DevOps tools and successfully works on complicated tasks.
Main principles of our work:

Clients. We strive to satisfy any request of our clients and do more than they expect from us.

Business. Understanding how business works and what its goals are, we approach solving technical problems from the business point of view. We aim to minimize the costs/losses for our clients and increase their profits. We consider everything through this perspective.

Quality. We solve all arising problems once and for all. We eliminate not only the consequences but also the causes of the problem, preventing it from occurring again and again.

How we choose DevOps engineers for our team
Employees are the foundation of any business.
Understanding this, we approach the selection of our DevOps engineers very carefully.
During a period close to one month, our new employee is getting involved in work, and we, in turn, are watching him. Within this period, the new employee works on various tasks but does not have access to any client servers or data. At the end of the trial time, we decide whether to continue working with this person or not. If this person has shown that he does not fit this position by some parameters, we terminate the cooperation.
Polygraph (lie detector)
At the end of the trial period, all future employees must go through a polygraph. This test is applied to exclude the criminal past or connections, addictions, as well as to verify the honesty and good intentions of the future employee. Some of the candidates leave the interview as soon as they hear the word "polygraph", which convinces us even more that the lie detector test for a future employee is necessary.
We put so much effort into finding the right employees, because we are building the company our clients can trust.
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