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Our services

Our team of certified AWS solution architects, security specialists, database and SysOps administrators, and DevOps engineers is ready to provide the following services:

AWS solution architecture

As an AWS partner, our company takes complete responsibility for setting up, configuring, and advancing your AWS infrastructure. Starting from personalized consultation on AWS, analysis, roadmap, implementation, quality control, and improvement - all of our steps are directed to build a reliable system and optimize its resources and costs. In addition, we make your software and mobile and web-based apps highly available for end-users.

AWS migration services

IT-Magic provides AWS-based solutions solely, as AWS is the most functional cloud platform that has more services and features than its competitors. Our certified AWS architects provide professional migration services from any cloud or on-premise servers to AWS. We thoroughly estimate the current state of your infrastructure, plan migration, migrate to AWS, and control the quality of the new AWS infrastructure and improve its performance.

AWS infrastructure support

Our AWS infrastructure support services ensure that your system is highly available, durable, secure, and continually upgraded. We know how to tackle minor, as well as serious, technical issues if any occur. IT-Magic provides supervision and maintenance of your servers 24/7 to guarantee you 99.9% uptime and fault tolerance. We also take care of security updates and make regular improvements based on the best practices and our own experience.

AWS consulting services

We sincerely want your business to increase income and reduce operational costs. To achieve this result, we start our cooperation with AWS consulting. During our communication, we learn about your business needs, define the best AWS-based solutions to meet them, plan your future cloud infrastructure, create a detailed roadmap and work according to that plan. As a trusted AWS partner we consider all project aspects including security, further scalability, and support.

AWS DevOps services

By offering DevOps services since 2010, we have accumulated a great knowledge base and expertise in AWS infrastructure management and support. Therefore, we exclusively use the industry-leading practices of Kubernetes and Docker, CI/CD approaches, and mature tech stacks and tools within our services delivered. You will obtain a competitive edge over competitors with more effective and faster-operating web and mobile software.

AWS security services

We are certified AWS security specialists so AWS infrastructure security is among our key services. Security is a cornerstone component of any architecture and we plan and implement systems that are compliant with the latest AWS practices as well as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST standards. We create a cyber and information security strategy to prevent, detect, and respond to any threats like data leaks, cyber-attacks, unauthorized access, and many more.

Featured clients

Our company appreciates the clients we’ve had a chance to cooperate with. As a certified and trusted AWS solutions provider, we strive to deliver added value through optimized budgets and attain top system performance. Here, you may discover a few success stories.
gamers handled daily
This game-producing company contacted IT-Magic for the optimization and improvement of its AWS-based system. As a result, we implemented a reliable, fault-tolerant, stable, and cost-efficient AWS infrastructure with ongoing support. Thus, Ubisoft can sleep well and focus on game production and promotion while the AWS system continues to run smoothly during our years of productive cooperation.


Event Decor Direct

The company is among the best US-based online stores for event and wedding decor. They contracted IT-Magic for the management of their IT system and DevOps tasks. As a result, our team created a reliable and cost-efficient AWS infrastructure from scratch and performed a set of activities like auto scaling, dockerization, and setting CI/CD processes. This allowed the service to handle extreme traffic increases during sales and enhanced the marketplace uptime from 96% to 99.99%.
revenue growth


Our team of certified AWS professionals has assisted the leading eCommerce cosmetics platform in Ukraine and Europe with its IT infrastructure since 2010. We created the AWS infrastructure from scratch, did all the DevOps tasks, migrated the system from a costly server, and ensured the cost efficiency and security of the system. The AWS-based solution provided successfully maintains 99.99% website uptime and guarantees excellent performance during sale seasons.
traffic handled monthly

Bank «Clearing House»

The well-known bank establishment decided to outsource its IT infrastructure operations and daily support. Our team conducted a solid analysis of the existing IT system and developed a cost-efficient and reliable plan of migration to AWS in line with industry-based security standards. As a result, we moved the banking systems to the AWS cloud, configured fault tolerance, and ensured top performance and scalability regarding high loads.
uptime ensured


This US-based company provides secure texting that connects doctors, nurses, and patients. They contacted us as trusted AWS partners with a request to help migrate QliqSOFT to AWS and configure security in order to comply with HIPAA standards. Therefore we migrated the system to EKS and ensured the security, reliability, and cost-efficiency of all operations. With our help, QliqSOFT optimized its operational costs and passed a HIPAA audit.

What sets us apart from other AWS consultants?

AWS certified

Our team consists of trusted AWS consultants, solution architects, and security specialists. We know how to accelerate your digital transformation efforts with the AWS cloud. We devote a significant amount of time to education and constantly update our understanding of Amazon Web Services. IT-Magic utilizes AWS on a daily basis, so we are sure we can cover all your business needs quickly and efficiently.

AWS solution provided for 100+ projects

IT-Magic has been providing AWS solutions since 2010. During all these years we have worked with businesses of various sizes and from all industries. We have built so many AWS infrastructures that there is probably nothing left that we don't know about the AWS cloud. In addition, as a trusted AWS advanced partner we now have an opportunity to learn from top-notch AWS architects directly.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

Our company provides 24/7/365 attention to your tech business needs, as you require. Our work complies with industry SLA standards and support during emergencies. Our AWS certified DevOps engineers and support professionals will answer your emergency calls in 5 minutes and resolve any critical issues in around half an hour.

Fourteen years - the average experience of IT specialists

Our company employs only experienced specialists because we know how important it is to save your time and solve emergent issues within minutes if any occur. We value the client's budget and always spend it efficiently by working quickly and very professionally. We organize our processes in such a way that critical tasks with the greatest influence are completed by senior DevOps engineers, while mid-level professionals do all of the auxiliary work.

One of our engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

Around 60 employees worked in the system administration department on one of the projects we previously managed for a large retailer. Despite this, the site regularly experienced system crashes. Our team, represented by 3 engineers, moved the project’s infrastructure from on-premises to AWS and made it scalable. At this time, IT-Magic still ensures 99.98% uptime and provides uninterrupted service operation even under critical loads during sales.

We hire only the top 1% of specialists on the market

We have an extremely tough candidate selection process where we employ only 1 out of 216 applicants. We hire only the top specialists from the market. The average experience of our engineers is 14 years. In addition, each employee regularly undergoes a lie detector test to ensure the maximum safety of your internal information and customer data.
In search of experts in building AWS infrastructures?
Our team is ready to assist you with complex AWS infrastructure services. Drop us a line for a free consultation regarding your company’s existing infrastructure, potential improvements, and the best course of action.

We provide AWS-based services for


Our company has worked with many enterprise clients and is aware of all the related specifics, compliances, and requirements of a large business. As a result, our team can deliver just the right solution and a customized set of AWS infrastructure services for companies operating in the global arena. As our client, you will receive a well-protected, highly reliable, and accessible internal company system, and web and mobile-based apps that work under any load.

Large businesses

By building and supporting reliable AWS infrastructures, we help large businesses with their daily operations like networking, communication services, AWS-based systems, data processing and security, content management, etc. As a result, all your internal systems and digital assets like web and mobile-based apps will work seamlessly and at their full capacity. We optimize your IT processes so that the software can handle peak loads and any extreme traffic changes.


If you are looking for a reliable AWS partner to back you up on the tech side of your startup business, feel free to address IT-Magic. Our team will design, set up, and implement your AWS infrastructure exactly according to your needs now and in the future with top performance and cost-efficiency as a priority. As a result, you will receive our full service at a reasonable price with the ongoing management of AWS environment and optimization alongside changing business needs.


Companies that are still gaining users and extending their powers require daily IT support. As a certified AWS advanced partner, we provide professional AWS infrastructure services to empower your company with end-to-end communication, quick data exchanges, video conferencing, and robust web and mobile applications. In addition, we will strategically plan your AWS-based environments with proper scalability and bullet-proof protection in mind.

Prior industries

Ecommerce & Retail

As an AWS solutions provider, IT-Magic has a great base of knowledge and practical experience due to the dozens of projects we’ve implemented within the eCommerce domain over the past 10+ years. We can provide you with a competitive edge with internal operations for logistics, inventory, and POS, as well as web and mobile-based apps. With regard to the quality of our AWS-based services, we have achieved 99.99% uptime in our supported marketplaces and stable function during x50 traffic increases and loads during sale seasons.

Finance & Banking

We deliver highly secure AWS infrastructure setup and management for fintech systems and banking products. As a part of our AWS-based services, we conduct evaluations and develop security and improvement for cloud-based strategies. In addition, we work with proven industry approaches and tools, and can assist with passing a PCI DSS audit. This results in the elimination of even minor system bottlenecks and a minimum risk of cyber attacks, security breaches, and secure transactions; all of this will make your service highly reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of your customers.


Over the years, our company has delivered a few grand projects within the gaming industry. We helped plan and implement AWS-based IT infrastructure for game-producing companies with embedded security and support aspects resulting in enhanced user loyalty. Your customers will be able to enjoy the games with us while we help with support and security on the back end.


Healthcare products and health information systems (HIS) require prominent IT support and security coverage. Our team has worked with these companies and is aware of the industry demands, standards of HITECH/HIPAA, and the necessary security standards rooted inside networks and infrastructure. With our AWS-based services, you can sleep soundly while your healthcare software operates smoothly so that your clients are satisfied and their healthcare data (EMR) is protected.

Media & Entertainment

Companies operating in media and entertainment require cloud-based solutions with flexible and secure data and content storage. With solid expertise in AWS-based solutions and in the M&E industry, IT-Magic can become a reliable partner to work on architecture creation, improvement, monitoring, 24/7 support, and emergency response. Empower your company with the latest technologies, cloud innovations, higher profits, and strategies to meet consumer demands and increase loyalty with accessible M&E products


SaaS products need constant support for development and deployment within cloud environments. As a professional AWS advanced partner, we can cover the daily needs of your SaaS products, cover day-to-day developer requests, and design top-notch AWS infrastructure strategies for operational, cost-efficient solutions. As a result, the AWS-based SaaS applications we deliver are highly accessible, high-performing, and security-empowered, allowing you to grow your customer base and earn more revenue.

Technical expertise

Docker Swarm
Programming languages:
GitLab CI