Customer-oriented DevOps services.

We help owners of high-load websites ensure flawless operation of critical servers. We work with ecommerce, fintech, retail and many other areas of IT.

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Our advantages

We strive to satisfy any request of our customers and do more than they expect from us.

15+ years of experience

All this time we have been successfully working with dozens of projects of different complexity and aim.

Available 24/7

In any unforeseen situation, we respond quickly

We recommend only reliable up-to-date solutions.

We do not use outdated methods, neither do we use new techniques that haven’t been proved enough.

Turnkey Services

We set a fixed price for the entire package of services. No hidden fees

Fast site migration

Downtime when transferring sites abroad / to another hosting - no more than 5 seconds

Always on guard

Monthly scans of client’s servers for vulnerabilities

How we accept projects for service:

  • We assign specialists for you

    We provide a team of DevOps specialists to support the project 24x7.

  • Check the project for issues

    We determine the existing pain points of the project.

  • Take inventory

    We carry out a full analysis of the existing infrastructure.

  • We check the project for the ability to handle heavy traffic

    We carry out load testing of the project.

  • We clean up all the roughness

    We find and eliminate all the bottlenecks. We solve all arising problems once and for all. We eliminate not only the consequences but also the causes of the problem, preventing it from occurring again and again.

  • We keep our eyes open

    We set up the thorough monitoring of the project, which allows us to learn in advance about an emerging problem.

  • Safe in case of trouble

    We set up backups of all project data.

  • Save your money

    We optimize expenses by reducing the number / changing the type of servers and recommend the best way of placing your information on the servers to obtain a more suitable configuration for your business.

Working with us, you save up to 25% of the budget of the IT department and will be able to increase the site uptime up to 99.0%








Employees are the foundation of any business.

Understanding this, we approach the selection of our DevOps engineers very carefully.


During a period close to one month, our new employee is getting involved in work, and we, in turn, are watching him. Within this period, the new employee works on various tasks but does not have access to any client servers or data. At the end of the trial time, we decide whether to continue working with this person or not. If this person has shown that he does not fit this position by some parameters, we terminate the cooperation.

Polygraph (lie detector)

At the end of the trial period, all future employees must go through a polygraph. This test is applied to exclude the criminal past or connections, addictions, as well as to verify the honesty and good intentions of the future employee. Some of the candidates leave the interview as soon as they hear the word "polygraph", which convinces us even more that the lie detector test for a future employee is necessary.

How we help the businesses of our clients

1. We assign a team of specialists to the task

We provide a team of DevOps engineers to support the project 24x7.

2. Determine the existing issues

We find the existing pain points of the project.

3. Save your money

We optimize expenses by reducing the number / changing the type of servers and recommend the best way of placing your information on the servers to obtain a more suitable configuration for your business.

Support for online stores

We test the site and eliminate emerging issues before they begin to affect your profit:

  • Slow work of the site when processing individual requests
  • Various breakdowns
  • Site vulnerabilities
  • Site vulnerabilities

Such well-known companies as,, and others trust us with their websites.
We provide ongoing support, information security and ensure smooth operation of online stores.

Support stores based on bitrix

We specialize in online stores based on bitrix and have accumulated vast experience in this area. Bitrix has many non-obvious features that become clear only with constant and long-term work with it. The experience gained over the years of work allows us to provide ongoing support, ensure information security and flawless performance of the online store on bitrix.

Load testing

One of the main problems of online stores, marketplaces, agencies, fintech services and other systems aimed at attracting and servicing users is losing customers and profits due to the inability of the site to handle heavy traffic that happens during the days of sales, holidays, and increased demand for the services.
We conduct testing that determines:

  • whether the website will withstand a large number of simultaneous requests.
  • what needs to be fixed for the site to work under heavy load without failures.

Early testing will help to avoid financial and reputational losses during the times of increased load.

Black Friday Support

Black Friday is one of the main sales of the year and the most important event in the field of ecommerce. On this day, online stores are experiencing a very high load, for which the preparations must be made in advance.
We, together with your developers, identify all the bottlenecks of the site and eliminate the problems that were found.
It is necessary to prepare for this kind of sale in advance, so we recommend that our customers start load-testing the site at least a month before the traffic dramatically increases.

Server support

One of the main components of success is the reliable, uninterrupted operation of your servers and software. We provide administration and support that will allow you to:

  1. minimize losses caused by system failures
  2. reduce IT costs
  3. increase profits

With us you get:

  • Early identification of system weaknesses and the assistance in their elimination
  • Information security
  • Data backup
  • Optimization of the system configuration, increase in its performance and site availability
  • 24/7 DevOps support and online troubleshooting

Our main task is to ensure the quality functioning of your business.
Read more in the paragraph How we accept projects for service

Site and server monitoring

ЗThe monitoring task is done to prevent financial and reputational losses, to help make the right choice in the resource development, taking into consideration the estimated degree of server load.
Properly configured monitoring should warn in advance of a coming problem so that there is enough time to fix it.
It is monitoring, not users, that should be the first to report any malfunction, so that the flaw can be quickly eliminated.

Fixed price

No additional or hidden fees


  • Server maintenance, routine work
  • Installation, configuration and reconfiguration of additional software at the request of the client
  • Number of calls per month - 3 (total up to 2 hours of specialist’s working time)


  • Everything that is included in the Basic package and in addition:
  • Setting up the monitoring on our servers
  • Setting up the protection against DDoS attacks
  • Data backup
  • Transferring servers to other data centers
  • Failover setup
  • Dedicated online chat for operational support
  • 24/7 reaction to faults and DDoS attacks
  • Number of calls per month - unlimited


  • Everything that is included in the Optimal package and in addition:
  • Backup with data storage on our servers (up to 1TB of data)
  • Monthly scanning of servers / client sites for vulnerabilities
  • Monthly load testing of customer services

Is there a task for us? let's discuss

The consultation is always free. We will explain, advise, and help to decide on further actions.

What our clients are saying

We offer quality services and excellent support, and the best confirmation of this is the feedback from our happy customers :)


This company was recommended to us by friends. At that time, our system administrator had quit and it was urgent to look for a new one. The guys from IT-Magic quickly got into work, figured out the specifics of our business and reconfigured the server operation scheme in such a way that now everything works like a Swiss watch. We are no longer afraid of losing information, and our site can withstand loads several times greater than before.

CTO of marketplace

We were attracted by the fact that for all services IT-Magic charges one fixed fee. Everything is clear, without hidden payments. For the installation of new programs and servers, consultations and other services we pay as much as we have originally agreed. I like it very much that there is no need to search for admins, they are always there and are the first to point out probable problems, immediately offering options for solving them.

Head of restaurant aggregators and

We always handled the technical part on our own. But with the expansion of the project, more customers appeared, we expanded, and problems arose that we could no longer independently solve. We invited specialists from IT-Magic for one-time work. The system administrators coped with the task quickly and suggested a few more points on setting up servers that we did not know about. Since then, we have been working with the company on an ongoing basis and have forgotten about problems and system failures.

Manager of Beautiful Solution Web Studio

Some of our clients

Frequently Asked Questions

All that you wanted to know, but did not know whom to ask.

Consider a car. Do I need to service it? For some time, you can certainly go without service, but little by little any machine will begin to have problems, and the further you go neglecting them, the bigger the damage. It’s true for servers as well. For some time you leave them without maintenance, but sooner or later it will still lead to issues. The longer the servers are not looked after, the more serious problems arise on them.

Our main task is the uninterrupted operation of our customers’ services. At the same time, thanks to properly configured monitoring, we receive notifications of emerging problems even before users notice them. This allows us to seamlessly troubleshoot problems before they develop into a system fault. Up to 90% of our work is hidden from customers - it is monitoring, backing up, updating vulnerable/outdated software, optimizing server settings.

We use a fixed monthly fee because we wish to protect our clients from additional expenses that would appear if we worked charging by the hour. As experience shows, a misunderstanding often arises between engineers and clients regarding the time spent on a particular task. It may happen that, for example, 30 minutes were allotted to the task in the beginning, but during its execution, additional subtasks appeared and, as a result, the total time spent on the task increased by several times. It is much simpler not to explain the nuances of each task to the client, but simply once and for all to agree on the monthly price for support. This way our clients do not bear any additional costs, they pay only the amount we agreed on beforehand.

For such cases, we have reserved the possibility of estimating the payments by the hour. It will appear beneficial for customers who need less than 5 hours of our work per month.

All our employees pass a polygraph (lie detector) test before receiving access to customers’ servers. This test reveals all potentially dangerous biography details, such as the criminal past/present, drug use, gambling, alcohol addiction, the presence of big unpaid loans and debts, and much more. Only candidates who have nothing to do with such issues can be accepted. Unfortunately, there have already been cases when we couldn’t hire good technical specialists because they haven’t done well on a lie detector examination. For our work, in addition to professionalism, character traits and life situation of our employees are also critically important. All our employees have passed the polygraph test successfully and have proved in work that they are trustworthy people and can be allowed to work with the most important data of our customers.

Yes, in case of an accident we are available 24x7. A special phone number of technical support is working for customers round-the-clock; using it, you can contact us any time. All other (planned) work we carry out during our normal working hours from 9-00 am to 6-00 pm (GMT + 2).

We’ll name the three most important benefits:
1) Our devops works on different projects, at the same time encountering a variety of situations and gaining a lot of valuable experience that an office employee simply can not get when serving a single project.
2) In the case of resigning/sickness of the full-time office system administrator, the sysadmin work stops until a replacement is found. Working with us, you are insured against such situations, because at least 3 independent devops engineers will be working on your project, and they will never get sick or resign all at the same time.
3) Good devops costs from $2000 per month, and it’s only one person you get. Our monthly fee is lower, and at the same time, you’ll receive 2-3 high-level specialists working for you.

To speed up responses to customer requests, all communication during business hours occurs online (in a chat).
The first response time to a non-emergency client request is up to 30 minutes.
The reaction time to a non-critical monitoring message (a minor malfunction that does not lead to financial losses) is up to 20 minutes.
Response time to a critical monitoring message (a fault that leads to financial or other critical losses) - up to 5 minutes.
If accidents occur outside of business hours, the customer must contact us via the 24-hour technical support phone.
Our experts will solve any problem at any time.

We will answer your questions.

We solve technical problems of any complexity.