MTI hi-tech distribution

AWS infrastructure from scratch for the leading multivendor distributor of high-tech goods on the Ukrainian market
Company overview:
Large business
IT Distribution and IT Services
Load and performance testing
AWS security
AWS DevOps
AWS consulting
AWS infrastructure support
Infrastructure from scratch
Services provided:
Team: CTO, 3 DevOps Engineers, PM
Duration: since 2021
Shortly about cooperation with IT-Magic
Aurora Autoscaling
Terraform (IaC)
Jenkins (CI/CD)
Amazon Aurora
EC2 Autoscaling
Pritunl (VPN)
AWS Elasticache for Redis
Amazon ECS (Elastic Container Service)
MTI is one of the largest multivendor importers and distributors of high-tech equipment and solutions in Ukraine. The company offers 120 product categories of high-tech equipment, consumer appliances, software and cloud services from more than 80 world-famous manufacturers. The company collaborates with over 800 partners, including national and specialized retail chains, online stores, system integrators, large and medium-sized resellers.

MTI hi-tech distribution has a team of skilled professionals who leverage their experience and expertise to deliver high-quality services to their clients. They place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and maintain a client-centric approach.
About MTI hi-tech distribution
The client requested the creation of an AWS infrastructure from scratch and setting up fault-tolerant hosting for web services.
Client's request:
The main requirements of MTI hi-tech distribution for the new AWS infrastructure were stability, scalability, security, cost-efficiency, and disaster recovery.

As the work had to be done from scratch the task was also to set up all vital processes correctly from the very beginning to ensure the requested indicators and cost-effective processes of the AWS-based system. For that, it was necessary to configure CI/CD, implement DevOps best practices, and apply the infrastructure-as-code approach.

Our solution

As an experienced provider of AWS-based services, the IT-Magic team acted according to a well-established process for the creation of an AWS infrastructure from scratch:
The team architected, implemented, and controlled the quality of the AWS infrastructure
Then we created a detailed roadmap with the steps that should be taken
The team carefully studied the requirements of the client and specific aspects of their business
The team released the infrastructure
We improved the AWS infrastructure according to the client's feedback
The client tested the system on their side
Our solution consisted of the following key pillars:

Instance-based AWS infrastructure

We chose Amazon ECS as the basis for the infrastructure’s architecture because it is a powerful platform for running Docker containers on a cluster of EC2 instances.


To ensure scalability, we used Amazon Aurora with its auto-scaling functionality. Aurora allows the configuration of autoscaling that is based on changes in the load. In addition, EC2 Auto Scaling was used.


We reached the stability of the AWS infrastructure by using AWS Elasticache for Redis that provided a scalable, secure, and high-performance caching solution for the client's web application. We also used CloudWatch which allowed us to have visibility into the performance, health, and security of the AWS infrastructure and web application.


IT-Magic secured the client's system and data by implementing security best practices such as multi-factor authentication and encryption and enabled some of the best security tools, such as AWS Security Hub, Amazon GuardDuty, Amazon Inspector, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Config.

Monitoring and logging

The team also set up centralized logging with the help of Amazon CloudWatch and CloudWatch Logs that collect, monitor, and analyze log data from various sources.

Backup system

As the items of greatest value to the company are their databases, the client needed a good disaster recovery solution. We set up local backups and retention policies approved by the client. On top of this, we created a separate AWS account that stores only database backups. This way, we are able to quickly restore the system after a disaster.

Infrastructure as code

We used Terraform and Jenkins to implement this approach. These allowed us to ensure consistent infrastructure automation, implement quick changes if necessary, and build the version control process.


The client actively uses Spot Instances as one of the cost saving methods. However, the main cost optimization is reached due to the correct infrastructure setup right from the start. We correctly sized the client's resources to avoid over or underprovisioning, ensured infrastructure elasticity through autoscaling, optimized its storage, and enabled continuous monitoring.

Benefits gained by using AWS:

A well-designed AWS infrastructure can help ensure that all the business-critical applications and services of MTI hi-tech distribution are always available and can handle the expected traffic.
High fault tolerance and minimized service downtime and thus, minimized risks for revenue loss.
Good security posture via monitoring, logging, configured backups, and disaster recovery.
Scalability on demand with the optimal level of performance.
Cost efficiency due to the correct architecture of the AWS infrastructure that follows all the AWS recommendations, guides, and best practices and the optimal choice of the pricing models.
High-level automation through CI/CD, IaC, and DevOps processes.
Client testimonial
"IT-Magic is a reliable and result-oriented partner. The team has architected and built the AWS solution that completely covers our business needs. We are happy with the performance, scalability, stability, and cost-efficiency of the system. MTI hi-tech distribution values our transparent relationship with IT-Magic and the proactiveness of their team."
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