Remote Infrastructure Management Services

With our RIM services, your IT infrastructure management, including its databases, storage, hosting, networks, servers, web and mobile-based apps, and digital services, will be in good hands. In addition, your business will be enabled with performance, security, and stability 24/7 provided remotely by the IT-Magic team.

Remote infrastructure management services by IT-Magic

Web server support and management

RIM service by the IT-Magic team involves the management and setup of web servers for hosting your digital system. As well, we help design your servers in the most suitable and effective way from scratch. Your web and mobile-based apps, as well your internal IT systems, will work without failovers or downtime.

Cloud infrastructure management

As part of our remote infrastructure management services, you can receive a team that controls your IT environment completely. The services include cloud system setups, configuration, improvements to match with organizational daily tasks, and further objectives of scalability. Our team works with AWS and GCP providers to cover the needs of computing, networking, storage, and to make your IT infrastructure highly available.

Storage management

As a part of remote infrastructure management services, you will receive the most comprehensive and secure data storage to satisfy daily business needs, ongoing scalability, and growth. Our DevOps and tech processes are directed to cover daily needs in access to media and content files, web and mobile app data and capabilities, data backups, and much more. It is also worth mentioning that you may get a 30% discount on AWS hosting once you are our client.

Database management

Remotely, we take care of your databases that store, proceed, and extract corporate information. Remote infrastructure management services include secure database encryption and performance monitoring to support your business in daily tasks and activities like peak loads, traffic increases, info exchanges, and migrations.

Infrastructure security

We take care of your IT infrastructure remotely and eliminate cyberattacks, malicious files, hackings, and other threats that could influence its security. We apply industry-level security standards, encryption protocols, and up-to-date approaches within our RIM services. Note that we will set up a firewall inside your IT infrastructure while only 1 out of 10 companies provide this service.

Application support

We support stability, security (we follow OWASP guides), and the seamless operation and user experience of your web and mobile-based applications. With our remote infrastructure management services, you can sleep well knowing that your brand will increase your customer loyalty and, consequently, profit.
With our team, you can focus on your strategic tasks and count on us anytime. We manage your IT environment completely, from 24/7 system monitoring to controlling the performance of web and mobile apps to eliminate any potential issues and remove any issues immediately.

Entire system monitoring

Once you are collaborating with the IT-Magic team, you will attain superior analysis of your IT system performance and operation, resulting in the efficient optimization of your computing resources. Along with our RIM services, we conduct perf testing and can evaluate a system across different aspects like speed, reliability, and stability from different angles and loads.

Performance testing & optimization

As a part of remote infrastructure management services, backup management ensures that you can quickly and easily access your files, information, and digital assets in the event of any system failure. In addition, we make sure to recover your data through our automatic backups and regular monitoring.

Backup management

We do not live in a perfect world, so there is always a slight chance that your system might crash even in the absence of a mistake made by the remote infrastructure management company. Alternatively, there could be problems originating on the side of your developers. On the other hand, our team can guarantee that we will recover your system to its previous state within one minute.

Disaster recovery

We will ensure that you receive A to Z remote infrastructure monitoring and management with real 24/7/365 reaction time as needed. Our team follows industry standards and SLA and provides 8/5 to 24/7 emergency support and timely incident resolution. All of our past requests have been resolved under the stated SLA. Our reaction to a phone call is around 5 minutes, and critical case resolution is 30 minutes.

24/7 emergency reaction

Remote monitoring, DB administration, security and storage matters, 24/7 care and responses are services we have delivered since 2010. We help organizations better control their IT infrastructure, ensure the coordination of complex systems, unity and stability across its elements, and make maintenance easier.
Remote monitoring, DB administration, security and storage matters, 24/7 care and responses are services we have delivered since 2010. We help organizations better control their IT infrastructure, ensure the coordination of complex systems, unity and stability across its elements, and make maintenance easier.
Remote infrastructure management services by IT-Magic

Featured Projects

With the IT-Magic team, you can get all the related benefits of remote infrastructure management of financial and technical optimization. Our team treats every case and client as unique and delivers just the solution needed. We utilize only mature tools, technology, and tech approaches so that we are not experimenting at the expense of the client.
We are directed to build trustworthy relationships based on clear communication and processes. This approach facilitates businesses with the most remarkable outcomes.

Green Panda Games

This game-producing company contacted the IT-Magic team with the request of remote infrastructure management for AWS. We helped set up their IT infrastructure in a highly protected, cost-efficient, stable manner. This resulted in our long-term cooperation, which has allowed GPG to focus on direct business tasks like game development and marketing.
gamers handled daily

Event Decor Direct

This event and wedding decor marketplace is a top US-based store that outsourced remote infra management to the IT-Magic team. We designed an AWS-based IT environment from scratch, which now handles over 50-times the traffic during sale seasons and marketplace uptime increased from 96% to 99.99%.
revenue growth

#1 Cosmetics Store

The leading online cosmetics store in Europe addressed our team for remote infrastructure management services in 2010. As of now, we have been cooperating for more than 10 years and support the website’s 99.99% uptime, handle peak loads, and facilitate top-notch performance.
traffic handled monthly
With our RIM services, you can delegate the responsibilities and headache of managing and monitoring your IT assets. As a result, you receive 99.99% service uptime, 24/7 support, constant tech advancements, flexibility, and reduced costs; you also gain the value of customized infrastructure services according to business needs at a reasonable price.

Benefits of remote infrastructure management by IT-Magic


Basically, once you assign your IT operations to a remote team, you obtain a stable working IT system. This way, you do not have to worry about technical issues and can instead spend more time on business growth. Focus on strategy-related tasks and hand over tech activities to us so that we can keep them running.


Get outstanding results with the help of the remote IT-Magic team, compared with an in-house team, due to our vast work experience with enterprises. We treat our clients right, utilize a similar level of involvement, and customize our services to ensure the stable operation of infrastructure whether it is for a startup or an ultra-high-load project.

Cost savings of up to 50%

Teams that provide remote infrastructure management services have 30-50% lower rates (e.g., in Ukraine) than in-house teams where you pay fixed salaries. You can save up to 50% of your expenses and receive the same level of service and results by giving IT-Magic management of your infrastructure remotely.
Want to receive top-notch expertise in remote infrastructure management?
You are always welcome to contact us and get a free consultation call with our DevOps professionals to get answers and feedback regarding your IT environment advancement.

Why do clients choose us?

At IT-Magic, we speak the language of tech solutions that are in line with financial advantages for the client's company. We do not experiment at the client’s expense, but instead employ time-tested solutions and tools used in remote infrastructure management. We are supporters of transparent communication and building long-term relationships with our clients.
Provide 99.99% fault
For some of our clients, every hour of downtime can result in a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. By utilizing our remote infrastructure management services, we protect them from such failures and risks and do our best to achieve 99.99% fault tolerance. This has resulted in close cooperation for more than 10 years.
Bring the system
response time to 0.01s
With our RIM services at hand, your business could have a response time for your web and mobile-based software of up to 0.01 seconds. We deliver services in order to obtain smooth, fast, and seamless performance in your IT environments.
Abide by industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support
Once you need 24/7 support, you will receive remote infrastructure management services in a timely and most suitable way. IT-Magic operates under standardized SLA with 100% of incidents resolved. We answer emergency calls in 5 minutes and solve business-related problems in under 30 minutes.
Manage 800+TB of traffic per project each month
Within our RIM services, we set up, monitor, and support your IT infrastructure in a way that will best handle traffic rises, peak loads within sale seasons, and much more. Our service provisions can result in your system managing over 800TB of traffic per month and keep everything stable and performing well.
Average IT engineer experience — 14 years
Once we are delivering our remote infrastructure management services, we can also manage and optimize your IT expenditures. We delegate only complex and critical tech tasks to senior DevOps engineers for outstanding results and task all secondary functions to the mid-level professionals. Note that we do not employ junior specialists.
Grand expertise
in delivering IT solutions
We build honest relationships with clients and treat every request equally. You will obtain the same approach, attitude, and access to our 15+ years of experience. We provide the necessary tech solutions and remote infrastructure management services for a startup or an enterprise with 1M+ daily requests.
Provision of customer
data security
Our team utilizes industry-level security standards, protocols, and methods to keep your customers’ data secure within our services. We learn continuously and attend security courses. In addition, all IT-Magic employees undergo regular lie detector testing to ensure that there are no data leaks from your systems.
Free security audit
and budget optimization
As a part of our remote infrastructure management services, we conduct a security audit for free in order to provide top-quality security support for your IT environments. Initially, we analyze your systems and Amazon accounts to match your tech and business needs and create a report with security and cost-optimization improvement opportunities.
Average project
duration — 7 years
It is worth mentioning that 9 out of 10 clients have worked with IT-Magic for over 7 years and end up completely handing over all of their IT operations and RIM services. Our operation started with IT infrastructure design and setup from scratch, which is possible within 2 weeks or up to 3 months with ongoing IT maintenance.

Remote infrastructure management service options

We monitor and manage IT infrastructure for small, SMB, and enterprise clients. We deliver and customize our remote infrastructure management services, including database, networks, storage, security, servers, and all related IT services according to their needs.
Over 10 years, we have worked with a few enterprise clients and delivered customized infrastructure solutions and RIM services. We ensure your complex IT systems will stay protected and stable under traffic changes and peak loads daily by applying mature DevOps technologies, approaches, protocols, etc.

Enterprise IT infrastructure support

Companies that are growing require daily support in IT operations and remote infrastructure management services. We will ensure your tech stability, security, and performance while you focus on strategic business tasks. With our support, you will receive end-to-end communication, easy data exchange, video conferencing, scalable web and app products, etc.

SMB IT infrastructure support

We deliver customized RIM services in a range of industries, especially the Fintech and eCommerce fields. You can count on us for ongoing maintenance, updating, security of marketplaces, online stores, web and mobile apps, IT systems in logistics, inventory, and support of IT operations in banking and transactions, etc.

Fintech & eCommerce IT support

In the 21st century, any business requires an online presence via web and/or mobile-based applications in order to deliver their value proposition to customers. With our remote infrastructure management services, you can be sure that your IT assets will work smoothly, are up to date, and deliver a great end-user experience.

Application IT infrastructure support

The IT-Magic team is directed to build trustworthy and long-term relationships. We have been cooperating with a few clients for more than 10 years. We deliver complete and ongoing remote infrastructure management services to meet your demands, match internal processes, and cover IT assets for years.

Ongoing IT infrastructure support

We believe that everyone should have access to top-quality RIM services. We can provide one-time services like IT consulting, tech audits, security audits, compliance assessments, penetration testing, load testing, etc. If you just started your business, we could help with a design and IT infrastructure setup, and further cloud migration, optimization, and improvement.

One-time IT infrastructure support

Feel free to discover other related services from the IT-Magic team: Cloud consulting services, AWS consulting services, and DevOps consulting.
Discover a few other related services from the IT-Magic team like Managed IT services, Cloud services, and DevOps services.


Are you interested in receiving a consultation and more details about RIM services?
Want to know whether outsourcing infrastructure management to a remote team is worth it? Feel free to contact IT-Magic; we can advise you on the best usage of IT services and possible IT operation advancement.