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AWS consulting companies help businesses across industries perform non-stop in a fault-tolerant, secure, and stable AWS-based environment. Only highly experienced teams can demonstrate enough expertise to design, project, develop, migrate, and deploy clients’ powers, digital assets, and web and mobile-based apps in the AWS cloud.

The IT-Magic team provides AWS consulting services from A-to-Z, customized and cost-efficiently according to the client’s demand. At a reasonable price, you will obtain an AWS consulting partner who takes care of your cloud systems 24/7 with regular checkups, disaster recovery, and security audits so you can redirect your efforts to business-related activities.

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Our AWS consulting methodology

Being in the cloud is a new norm in our digital age; this provides the opportunity to greatly empower any business. AWS consulting services with a proven methodology, like those delivered by IT-Magic, allow for the support of daily business processes, prevention of any threats, and can limit risks to a minimum.
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In the first contact with our clients, we evaluate both the business and tech sides of the matter. Then, we perform AWS consulting services to grasp the goals, collect the requirements, and finalize the strategy. Finally, in concluding the Discovery stage, all the details and tasks are settled with a rough cost estimate. As a result, the most optimal and effective solution with the highest ROI is prepared.

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The following phase of the proven AWS consulting methodology is profound planning. Our AWS cloud experts offer the most optimal solutions in line with business needs and tech specifics. As a result of AWS consulting services, you will receive a necessary set of services and a roadmap to create a state-of-the-art solution regarding architecture, amount of resources, empowerment of web and mobile-based apps, etc.

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In the final phase of AWS cloud consulting, the plan of action that has been created is executed quickly and within the budget. Then, according to the set roadmap, we will complete migration to the cloud and conduct the necessary AWS cloud services to achieve more outstanding performance and cost optimization.

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You may agree that there is no limit to optimization and improvements, considering all of the new technologies and approaches that continue to be developed. We offer ongoing AWS consulting services to ensure that you are following the latest standards in security, resources, and powers. This allows for the optimization of your AWS cloud so that your systems stay protected, risks minimized, and costs optimized.

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Featured AWS consulting projects

Our AWS consulting company builds trust and direct communication from day one in our work with clients. This allows us to achieve the best results, and many of our clients have stayed with IT-Magic for many years. Next, you may check out a few success stories.

AWS cloud services IT-Magic consults on

Within our AWS cloud consulting services, we always aim to add value to the solution we provide. Every solution is customized based on the company’s demands and unique tech aspects. We utilize only the established AWS cloud services, tools, tech approaches in AWS within migrations, optimizations, management, and so on.

AWS infrastructure from scratch

icon Deep dive into a business
icon Check up on an existing AWS cloud environment
icon Creation of AWS cloud strategy and a detailed plan of action
icon Budget and time estimation

Migration to AWS

icon Learn about business needs
icon Check up on an existing cloud or on-premise system
icon Planning the fault-tolerant migration to AWS with a rollback plan
icon Estimation of the AWS cloud solution

AWS infrastructure support

icon Learn about business needs
icon Audit of an existing AWS cloud environment
icon Report on recommended infrastructure improvements
icon Budget and time estimation

AWS Security

icon Learn about business needs
icon Audit of an existing AWS infrastructure
icon Report on recommended security enhancements
icon Budget and time estimation

AWS DevOps services

icon Learn about business needs
icon Audit of an existing AWS infrastructure
icon Report on recommended DevOps improvements
icon Budget and time estimation

AWS managed services

icon Deep dive into a business
icon Check up on an existing AWS system
icon Creation of AWS cloud management strategy
icon Budget and time estimation

Deciding from among AWS consultants for the best solution?

Get in touch with IT-Magic for a free technical consultation and security audit. We will make sure that you receive the solution in the AWS cloud that suits all of your business needs on time.

Why choose AWS over other cloud services?

The moment you begin to use AWS powers wisely, your organization will gain benefits from the top performance, higher flexibility, and, in the end, more significant ROI. In addition, you will receive 10+ years of expertise and 24/7 support from a certified Amazon partner at the optimal price.

Operational stability

Your system will get the latest proven security measures, DevOps approaches, and cloud tools for the top business outcomes. If you use our AWS consulting services, you will receive a customized approach and an AWS solution in line with your tech and business requirements.

Faster app delivery

With the AWS cloud, new app features will be released to the market about 40% faster which will also ensure continuous application stability. As well, due to the many geographic regions AWS maintains, your app can be accessible to users globally. Learn more about this during AWS consulting.

Risk reduction

AWS guarantees increased system uptime up to 99.99% and system response times as quick as 0.01s which, in its turn, ensures stability and reliability. With our AWS consulting services, you will learn more about the prevention of revenue loss via the correct infrastructure setup.

Cost reduction by up to 75%

With a well configured AWS infrastructure and the help of experienced AWS consultants, it is possible to maximally cut your AWS infrastructure costs and monthly AWS bills. Save about 35% right from the start and receive up to a 30% discount on AWS resources as our clients.

Reliable foundation for rapid innovation

AWS will help you transform and innovate your system consistently with their always developing services. They already offer integration of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Learn more about transformation perspectives during our AWS consulting session.

Increased agility and staff productivity

AWS allows you to increase the productivity of your software development team to 60%. As well, you won't need to adjust or change your tech stack because AWS is flexible and supports all programming models and languages, databases, and operating systems.

Improved security

AWS offers many best practices and security guidelines to make the most of their reliable security tools. If everything is set up correctly, your AWS system will be compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST standards. We can discuss security benefits in detail during AWS consulting.

Quick scalability

AWS provides an opportunity for your system to automatically scale vertically and horizontally as much as it needs to in a given moment. AWS sets no scalability limits, which allows you to grow at your own speed. This model will also save you money as you will need to pay only for the resources you use.

Rich set of mature tools and resources

AWS offers the greatest number of tools, services, and features on the market that can cover every possible need of your business. All of these tools are efficient and tested in practice. If applied according to AWS best practices, they will ensure top infrastructure performance.

Why choose IT-Magic as your AWS consulting company?

Basically, at the IT-Magic team, we base our AWS consulting on the grounded principles of using mature technologies and industry best practices. This approach is directed to provide a customized solution to your business objectives and deliver added value through lower expenses and increased revenue potential and user base over the course of our long-term cooperation.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. This certification is the result of great personal experience and numerous hours of special training and deep learning of AWS. Use our AWS consulting services and you will see how professional and responsible our approach is and how involved our AWS certified engineers are with your project.

AWS solutions provided to 100+ businesses

No matter whether you are a startup, SMB, or enterprise, if you need AWS consulting services, you can rely on IT-Magic. You will get access to our expertise gained over 10+ years of experience in DevOps and AWS cloud services. We treat each of our client cases as unique and you will get the right AWS solution that will help you reach your business objectives.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

The moment your business needs 24/7/365 support, our team can provide you with it in line with industry best practices and SLA. In this case, we will delegate engineers responsible for AWS consulting to answer your emergency calls within 5 minutes and resolve crucial issues within 30 minutes. Note that within our work, we have resolved 100% of these events.

Handling >800TB of traffic for one project per month

Our core expertise includes designing, implementing, and supporting AWS-based infrastructures that can handle massive traffic loads per month. Just imagine - 800TB is the load of just one project that we manage. Our AWS consulting services can help you gain stability and the effective performance of your system in any conditions.

Fourteen years - the average experience of AWS specialists

It is worth noting that our team consists of only senior and mid-level AWS cloud engineers. As a result, you will receive the expected level of AWS consulting services at a great price-quality ratio. We delegate non-trivial, core tasks to senior DevOps professionals, while other standardized tasks are completed by mid-specialist in order to optimize your budget.

Free tech and security audits

We provide complimentary audits for our potential clients. To credit you with proof of the level of our AWS consulting services, we will conduct a security audit and review your existing AWS account. We will evaluate your tech system and report on potential safety improvements, cost optimization, and risk elimination.

Seven years - average project duration

It is worth noting that after receiving our AWS consulting, 9 out of 10 clients go on to cooperate with us for an average of 7 years. We aim to create long-term partnerships that result in the greatest return on investment. Our cooperation starts with detailed AWS consulting services, planning, implementing AWS infrastructure, and further scaling and support for years.

One of our AWS engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

Our experience with one of our projects shows that 3 proactive and productive engineers can replace a team of 60 system administrators. This is possible because IT-Magic does AWS related tasks of different complexity every day and we know how to solve the most critical issues professionally and quickly. We focus on results and added value in every project.

Other AWS services

IT-Magic is not only a provider of AWS consulting services. We also offer a variety of other AWS-related services that can cover all your business needs and help reach your objectives. Our team can design, create, configure, and support your entire AWS infrastructure.

Core AWS consultants

Alexander Abgaryan

Artem Marakhovskyi

Artem Yefimov

Yevhenii Novikov

Viacheslav Butacov

Dmytro Zhyvotovskyi


If you want to keep complete control of AWS processes and assemble your own in-house team, you will need to spend considerable time and effort on conducting research. On the other hand, if you want to be flexible, concentrate on your core business activities, and at the same time find AWS experts remotely, then outsourcing is your best choice.

Outsourcing IT activities like AWS services and consultation provides the benefits of saved costs and time, higher flexibility, risk mitigation, covered security matters, and access to the most brilliant minds in the industry. These days, the IT outsourcing process is booming, and there are many regions to which you can outsource AWS consulting services.

It is crucial to prepare your tech and business specifics, needs, and ongoing goals in order to make the right decision. You can create a document with vendor selection criteria, which are vital in your case. As well, you can make a list of questions to ask vendors during your personal communication including about SLA, issue coverage, support packages, methodologies, technologies, security approaches used, and so on.

In the next phase, you can study the web and online listing platforms like ITFirms, GoodFirms, and Clutch, which include information about potential AWS consulting partners. Then, you can narrow your decision to 3-5 AWS teams by checking those firms’ information only.

Lastly, you may communicate with teams about the aspects that matter to you and your business during personal contact. It is worth noting that you should pay close attention to the communication flow, level of involvement, ability to add value, and portfolio and feedback from current and former clients. By matching your points with values and expertise, you can find the AWS consulting company to suit you best.

Our recommendation would be to search for capable AWS consultants in Ukraine. This is because the hourly rate and price for AWS consulting services is about 40-60% lower than in Western Europe or the USA for the same level of service. This means that you can save on your IT expenses considerably since the region offers the best price-quality ratio in the global arena.

Moreover, the region is filled with the top tech talents and AWS cloud consultants, many of whom have been working in the field for 15+ years with great expertise and a large knowledge base. Ukraine has a growing number of tech companies including AWS consultants, meaning that the market is versatile and offers a great range of complex solutions. Ukraine is attractive because of lower taxation, high-quality tech education, and a growing number of tech talents. Aside from these factors, many well-known companies like Skype, IBM, Boeing, Microsoft, and others have their R&D centers in Ukraine.

IT-Magic offers complex and personalized AWS consulting services according to the needs of your organization. First, we start with free technical consulting involving a tech audit, security checkup, and an AWS account audit. You will receive a report on possible improvements in security and AWS account optimization. From the very start, we are interested in making efficient use of your IT budget. It is worth mentioning that once you work with us, we can provide you with around a 30% discount on AWS hosting.

We believe in creating long-term, trusting relationships with our customers. This has led to outstanding results for many years. Note that 9 out of 10 clients have ended up working with us on a long-term basis – 7 years on average. Usually, we set up a client’s AWS account and cloud infrastructure from scratch within 2 weeks to 3 months. Furthermore, we scale, support, and monitor these systems for years. With some of our clients, we have been working together since 2010.

Our AWS consulting and other AWS-related services are included in a clear support package in line with industry-level SLA. It is worth noting that during all our years of work, we have resolved 100% of incidents. Our reaction time to phone calls in critical times is within 5 minutes and the resolution of such issues is around 30 minutes.

We pay close attention to system security as well. We are one of very few companies that will set up firewalls inside your cloud infrastructure. In addition to keeping your internal and customer data safe and avoiding any leaks, all our DevOps engineers complete lie detector tests regularly. We follow all best practices in security matters, follow the list of OWASP, and have a rigorous employee selection process.

Looking for an expert solution and estimate for AWS services?

Our team can provide the full scope of AWS consulting services to empower your business in daily performance. Based on a free tech and security audit, we can deliver a roadmap of the action plan and necessary improvements.
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