DevOps consulting services

Once your software development processes have been analyzed, unified, and tuned in accordance with the latest DevOps practices, you can benefit from faster product development, launch, regular updates, and ongoing support for top performance. Moreover, by utilizing our AWS DevOps consulting services, your software products will get to end-users four times faster and will experience enhanced loyalty among them.

Benefits of DevOps consulting and implementation

DevOps consultancy aims to show you how you can achieve more frequent software updates and releases. Well-configured DevOps processes mean that you can innovate and improve faster compared to your competitors. Our DevOps consulting will help you speed up software development, fix issues and bugs, collect user feedback, and proactively implement the necessary changes. As a result, your IT operations will be highly optimized and leave end-users satisfied.

Faster delivery

Our DevOps consulting company works on ongoing system improvement and implements updates and changes for efficient performance. The proven CI/CD practices ensure that these adjustments won’t influence the overall system function or open up potential security issues. We set up a 24/7 system monitoring to collect, analyze, react to, and resolve issues just in time. You can advance your business with a reliable AWS system, well-functioning software, and web and mobile-based apps in order to earn higher revenue.

More reliability

The teams of developers and DevOps engineers, responsible for effective IT operations, should align their processes. Improved coordination and communication among these teams result in the removal of any work inefficiencies, the automation of routine tasks, and resource optimization. With our DevOps consulting firm at hand, you can outsource the accountability of system stability and performance while we bring the common values of transparency and combined effort to the result.

Improved collaboration

We can help manage and operate your AWS infrastructure within our DevOps consulting services, including the software development processes, following the required scalability. Your business will receive the auto-scalable solution so that your capacities can react to changing needs like traffic increases and peak loads. As a result, you will be protected from a system failover or breakdown and worthily represent the company’s brand and high-end user experience.

Infinite scalability

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

DevOps consulting strategy

Once you need to improve software delivery, input agility, and automation culture within your organization, speed up software development and releases, and get the best of the AWS cloud - address IT-Magic for DevOps consulting. Check out our strategy for incorporating DevOps practices into your organization.


The key objective of DevOps consulting is to unify software development and IT operations via modern approaches. The initial step implies the existing system’s state assessment, discovering the organization’s goals, and preparing an effective action plan. The result of the discovery phase is to design a DevOps strategy and a roadmap for implementing a practical solution with the most significant ROI.

Building a DevOps culture

Our DevOps consulting company will help your organization adopt DevOps thinking from the very beginning. Using a systematic process ensures that the whole team moves to a new development and operations culture with enhanced collaboration and deployment lifecycles. As a result, the organization can then work in a fast, secure, and agile environment in order to achieve top results.

DevOps automation

According to the initial DevOps consulting, our team will select and implement the automation tools intended to reduce system errors and achieve system stability. Your business can benefit from automation throughout the whole process of software release and system monitoring. We can integrate automation in code development and deployment, testing and verification, creation of test environments, data collection, set up security notifications, and much more.

Cloud implementation

DevOps consulting usually ends with the setup and implementation of cloud computing. Moving to the cloud is one of the key steps that will significantly empower your business. Our defined DevOps practices of data migration to the AWS cloud ensure that it will be done correctly and securely. As a result of a well-planned DevOps strategy, we can conduct the necessary AWS services for better cost and resource optimization in line with top performance.

Featured projects

IT-Magic is a team that delivers complex AWS DevOps consulting services according to the exact client requirements and ongoing objectives. We value long-term relationships with our clients, resulting in excellent business results. Discover a few successful case studies of our cooperation below.
improved collaboration
This game development company required professional DevOps consulting and thus addressed IT-Magic to integrate the latest DevOps practices. Our team developed a fault-tolerant, secure, and stable AWS-based environment. As a result, our DevOps operations support their game products, ensure their daily work, and provide a full user experience.


Event Decor Direct

By outsourcing AWS infrastructure administration and DevOps culture support, this leading US-based marketplace improved its uptime from 96% to 99.99% and is highly reliable during peak loads and traffic changes. Our team started with custom DevOps consultancy and followed that with a planned auto-scalable
AWS-based environment setup.
faster scalability


Since 2010, our DevOps consulting company has cooperated with this top cosmetics and beauty marketplace in Europe. We implemented a reliable AWS infrastructure and DevOps practices and automated processes allowing the online store to have 99.99% uptime and manage traffic loads on Black Fridays and during sale seasons. MAKEUP still uses our DevOps and managed AWS services for stable performance.
faster delivery & improved reliability
This game development company required professional DevOps consulting and thus addressed IT-Magic to integrate the latest DevOps practices. Our team developed a fault-tolerant, secure, and stable AWS-based environment. As a result, our DevOps operations support their game products, ensure their daily work, and provide a full user experience.

improved collaboration
Looking for DevOps consulting for improved AWS system performance?
Contact our team for a personalized DevOps consultation. First, we will study the existing organization's operations and then design a DevOps implementation strategy to bring your business to the next level.

Other services

Modern DevOps practices bring organizations to the next level of functioning. DevOps consulting services that are in line with a tested methodology and approach, like those provided by IT-Magic, help support regular business processes, proactively react to any system breakdown or threat, and lower security risks to a minimum.

AWS consulting

Our DevOps consulting services involve consultation regarding the creation, implementation, and support of AWS-based environments. Our team has vast experience in utilizing clients’ power, software, and web and mobile-based apps in the AWS cloud for effective ROI. At a reasonable cost, you can allow a certified AWS advanced consulting partner to take responsibility for your cloud system and its monitoring 24/7.

AWS infrastructure from scratch

As it is our core expertise, our DevOps consulting firm covers the full spectrum of AWS infrastructure setup and management services. We design and implement fault-tolerant, auto-scalable, highly secure, and incident-free AWS solutions. As a result, you can be sure your digital assets and web and mobile-based apps are highly available and delivered faster to end-users.

Migration to AWS

Our recommendation for businesses is to explore the benefits of AWS and migrate to this leading cloud platform as AWS is considered the best on the market. Our team possesses extensive experience and expertise in this area, and we are able to assist in making the migration process as seamless as possible. We will create a comprehensive plan and schedule for the migration to ensure that your business encounters no issues or disruptions.

AWS infrastructure support

IT-Magic can provide ongoing maintenance and support for your AWS infrastructure, ensuring that it remains up-to-date, secure, and cost-effective, regardless of the circumstances. We offer a range of support plans that can be also tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team is committed to meeting industry service level agreements and delivering all work on schedule

AWS security services

Cybersecurity and data security is a “must-have” element in all modern AWS systems. As part of our DevOps consulting process, we can help evaluate your organization on the security aspect. Our team can advance your business with the latest security approaches, encryptions, and firewall setups inside your AWS infrastructure to protect internal and client data. The AWS security strategy implemented includes continuous monitoring and regular checkups.

AWS managed services

Obtain the benefit of optimized AWS resources and budgets, cut costs, achieve greater performance, and access top AWS engineers by outsourcing your IT tasks to a remote IT-Magic team. Our company can perform as your managed AWS service partner and cover all your organization's tech needs from building an AWS infrastructure from scratch or AWS migration to 24/7 AWS infrastructure support and maintenance.

Kubernetes support

Kubernetes is an excellent container orchestration tool that can be effectively utilized in AWS. EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) offers improved system stability and availability that many businesses, including our clients, benefit from. At IT-Magic, our team can provide expert consultation on the integration of Kubernetes in your AWS infrastructure and ensure its proper implementation and ongoing support.

Load and performance testing

In addition to our DevOps consulting services, our team can conduct load and performance tests of your AWS system at your request. As a result of performance testing, you can effectively organize your AWS infrastructure to work steadily and reliably by eliminating inefficiencies and weaknesses. Likewise, load testing will help your system work at its fullest potential even under high loads.

DevOps toolkit

Docker Swarm
Programming languages:
GitLab CI

Why choose AWS from among other cloud platforms

Operational stability

We can offer tailor-made solutions to address your technical and business needs with the help of AWS. Our implementation will feature the most reliable security measures, DevOps approaches, and AWS tools and services, all aimed at achieving the optimal business results.

Faster app delivery

By utilizing the capabilities of AWS, you can accelerate the time-to-market for new application features by as much as 40%, all while maintaining consistent application stability. Additionally, your application can be easily accessible to users around the globe because AWS has a presence in multiple geographic regions.

Risk reduction

AWS can provide uptime of as high as 99.99% and system response time as low as 0.01s. Proper setup and support of your AWS infrastructure can help you avoid revenue losses and security threats to your system, ensuring that it remains stable and dependable all the time.

Cost reduction by up to 75%

By utilizing appropriate AWS settings, you can reach significant infrastructure cost savings. AWS offers great economy plans and other options of cost optimization that can be recommended by a skilled AWS consultant. We also provide our clients with an opportunity to have a discount of up to 30% on AWS resources.

Reliable foundation for rapid innovation

AWS constantly evolves and improves its services which allows businesses to drive innovation and transformation in their AWS systems. If you use AWS, you already have an opportunity to utilize Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Machine Learning.

Increased agility and staff productivity

One of the best benefits of AWS for your software development team is the growth of its productivity by up to 60%. You will also experience no problems with AWS migration even if your tech stack is quite specific because AWS supports many programming languages, approaches, databases, and operating systems.

Improved security

AWS offers a great set of efficient security tools and many best practices and security guidelines that will make these tools even more helpful for your organization. In addition, AWS has all the security opportunities to make your AWS infrastructure HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST compliant.

Quick scalability

With AWS, your infrastructure will be able to automatically scale horizontally and vertically as much as it needs in a given moment. AWS sets no limits for scalability and you will pay only for the resources you utilize in real time. This allows your business to grow as quickly as you need.

Rich set of mature tools and resources

Be sure that your business needs will be covered by AWS because it has a great number of services and tools the reliability of which has been proven by the results of real cases. The more native AWS services you use in your AWS infrastructure, the better performance and stability it has.

Why do clients choose us?

In our DevOps consulting firm, we try to deliver information so that the client will understand. Thus, we provide DevOps solutions to bring financial benefits and/or optimized AWS expenses and resources for the business. It is worth noting that we do not experiment with our client's budget and use only mature tools and approaches.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. As we utilize our expertise and experience with AWS on a daily basis, we will deliver exceptional results through our services. Be sure that the operations in your AWS environment are executed seamlessly, efficiently, and promptly with our help.

DevOps solutions provided for 100+ projects

Our DevOps consulting company has vast experience and knowledge gained throughout 10+ years of work and 100+ projects implemented. We are aware of the industry standards, CI/CD, TDD, security practices, and specific needs of each unique client. As a result, we can help you support your IT infrastructure and make the development process easier and quicker so that you can launch innovative and bug-free web and mobile-based apps.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

The IT-Magic team offers help with the support and maintenance of your AWS infrastructure according to the accepted SLA if your business has such a need. Our DevOps specialists are available to address your queries and efficiently handle all problems and potential risks.

Handling >800TB of traffic each month for one project

With our capability of managing more than 800TB of traffic each month for one project, you can be sure that your AWS system remains stable, secure, and effective regardless of the traffic volume or even during peak periods. During our DevOps consulting we will advise how to correctly set up DevOps practices and AWS tools to receive top results in your particular case.

Fourteen years - the average experience of IT specialists

Our DevOps consulting methods are supported by improved numbers regarding resource optimization and cost reduction. One of the ways we reach good optimization results is by working with experienced senior and mid-level DevOps engineers only. Senior experts handle business-critical tasks while middle experts manage non-critical activities.

Security of your clients' data

IT-Magic prioritizes the security of your customers' data by implementing robust measures such as intranet security, encrypted data transmission, and adherence to industry-leading security practices. Additionally, we ensure the reliability of our team by conducting regular polygraph (lie detector) tests for all employees.

Free security and budget-saving audits

As a testament to our expertise in AWS and DevOps consulting services, we offer free security audits to prospective clients. As well, we conduct an analysis of their AWS account, identify areas of improvement in terms of security, recommend solutions for any potential issues, and provide cost-saving suggestions.

Seven years - average project duration

Our clients trust us for reliable and long-lasting cooperation, with 9 out of 10 choosing to outsource their IT tasks exclusively to
IT-Magic. Some of our customers have been working with us since 2010, starting from AWS and DevOps consulting and the creation of an AWS infrastructure from scratch or AWS migration and continuing with AWS managed services.

We hire only 1% of specialists

We have a very strict employment process and hire only the top DevOps engineers. Only 1 out of 216 applicants passes all of our tech requirements and meets our high standards. In addition, we maintain transparency by completing regular lie detector tests. As a result, you can be sure that there will be no data leaks and that your internal and client data will stay safe.

Core team that provides DevOps consulting services

Alexander Abgaryan
Dmytro Zhyvotovskyi
Artem Marakhovskyi
Artem Yefimov
Viacheslav Butacov
Yevhenii Novikov
Founder and CEO of IT-Magic
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
AWS Certified Security Specialist
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
DevOps Engineer
AWS Technical Accredited Partner
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DevOps Engineer
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AWS Technical Accredited Partner
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