AWS infrastructure security services

Via utilization of AWS infrastructure security services and an effective security strategy, you can ensure that your organization is compliant with security standards and stays protected from cybercrime, data theft, malicious files, and system failures.

Our AWS cloud security services will secure and encrypt all your sensitive data and also prevent, react to, and protect from both human errors and non-personal damages like server failures and natural disasters.

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Our AWS cloud security services

Our team provides the full scope of AWS infrastructure security solutions in order to fulfill the real need of your business. Our service typically starts with a consultation session and can proceed to threat detection and customized security configurations.

HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST compliance

Businesses that use a lot of sensitive user information and care about their security often strive to receive security certifications that will guarantee reliability. As a professional provider of AWS cloud security services, IT-Magic can help you with compliance checks - the implementation of necessary controls and security improvements that will allow you to successfully pass security audits like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST.

AWS security consulting

Since we have been involved in the AWS cloud, DevOps, and cyber field for over 10 years and have implemented over 100 security projects, we can advise you on the best AWS managed IT security strategy. In addition, you will receive complex feedback on the state of your existing security and a report on possible improvements and techniques to ensure high-end safety of the system and all of its components.

Security configuration and implementation

Among our essential AWS infrastructure security services is the setup of a cyber system that cannot be broken. This way, we close all the weak points that, in most cases, 70% of companies are not even aware of and therefore leave unprotected. We also complete the isolation of network nodes so that even if someone does manage to penetrate the system, they cannot go further into neighboring services.

AWS infrastructure security support & monitoring

We can set up automatic monitoring as part of our AWS cloud security services and constantly keep the security system up to date and compliant with industry standards. If necessary, we test for the possibility of hacking with new methods so that information inside the network remains safe all the time.

Infrastructure protection

We will make sure that all your data and services in the AWS infrastructure stay highly secure. As a part of these AWS cloud security services, we can empower you with a protected system even in places with potential risks or threats that most companies do not even notice. You can sleep well since our team will include internal isolation within AWS systems so that in the event of penetration, it isn’t possible to enter any other part of the system.

Identity and access management

This part of our AWS managed security services is about the regulation and protection of access to corporate resources. Our professional team can help you configure the most important aspects of digital identity management, namely: identification of individuals and roles in the system, role assignment, how individuals and roles are added, removed, and updated, how levels of access are assigned, how sensitive data and the whole system are protected.

Data protection

AWS infrastructure security includes data protection as data is one of the most critical assets and should be available under any circumstances. IT-Magic can help your business safeguard all data from loss, corruption, theft, or compromise. Our team will provide a custom solution for your particular case that will ensure data integrity, availability, and privacy. We use the most reliable data protection strategies like backup, disaster recovery, firewalls, encryption, etc.

Threat detection and continuous monitoring

We strongly believe that the prevention of threats and their early detection are the best ways to keep your environments safe and sound. This approach minimizes the potential risks and allows you to react promptly. AWS offers great tools for managed IT security that provide continuous monitoring and visibility and our team knows how to use them most efficiently to ensure your high security posture.

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Featured projects

At IT-Magic, we value long-term and trustworthy relationships, which we always try to build with our clients. Throughout 10+ years of cooperation, we have completed a number of projects and provided the full scope of AWS infrastructure security services. Check out some of these success stories below.

Vast AWS infrastructure security expertise in industries

Over the past 10+ years of working with DevOps, our company has gained relevant expertise and skills in AWS cloud security in a number of industries. We have been involved in long-term cooperation both in complex marketplaces and in the field of finance, where security is a top priority.
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Our team has provided AWS infrastructure security services for dozens of ecommerce projects over the years. This has allowed us to gain profound experience and vast knowledge base to provide you with the latest AWS security standards, comply with PCI DSS for online transactions, and cover industry-specific approaches. As a result, your service will become trustworthy and secure for end-users with internet transaction protocols for the sale and purchase of services or goods.

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Security of IT operations is a core aspect of any financial service. Our team can provide you with AWS cloud security services for developing and implementing a security strategy. As well, we can assist you with passing a PCI DSS audit. As a result, your system will have a minimal risk of cyberattacks, malicious files, data leaks, and will instead have secure transactions, safe storage of personalized data, etc. At your request, we will conduct an in-depth security audit to discover even the most minor system bottlenecks and eliminate them.

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Our team works with banking institutions and is aware of the superior security standards that any trustworthy service in this field should comply with. We can help your system pass and manage security compliance in the long run. We follow the standards of PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), FFIEC guidelines for information assurance, and other vital protocols for transactions, signatures, personal accounts, data transition, etc.

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Regarding AWS infrastructure security services, our team has immense expertise within the gaming domain. We have assisted in designing and implementing IT environments with embedded system security to encrypt internal data, avoid potential data leaks, and secure personal user information. As a result, your game will become reliable in the eyes of its players and this will increase user loyalty.

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This domain requires strict AWS managed security services to satisfy industry demands and meet the needs of end-users. Therefore, our team regularly utilizes security programs to support and protect healthcare products in HITECH/HIPAA by applying the latest security standards. As a result, we can help you deliver safe and smoothly operating healthcare products so that you can enhance client trust and loyalty and increase your customer base.

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Data and analytics are core assets of the industry and they should be well protected. With the managed IT security that our company can provide, your business will comply with the industry’s best practices, CIS standards, and your corporate security policies. This will allow you to have a secure and resilient AWS system, handle infrastructure operations safely, and provide a superior customer experience. You will make security your competitive edge over others.

Looking for a professional AWS cloud security company?

Contact IT-Magic for a personalized consultation free of charge. We can conduct a security audit of your system and report on the efficient usage of your tech resources regarding security.

How an insecure cloud infrastructure can influence your business

We can protect your business

We do not just complete regular security tasks and cyber compliance. Instead, we deliver a complex security approach and AWS cloud security services. We think ahead of potential threats and try to reduce these bottlenecks far in advance. With the necessary protocols and policies, we can help minimize system downtime, increase website uptime, and, thus, raise profits. Your software and hardware can run more efficiently for many years and will not depreciate early as a result of malware-free service. In addition, confidential business data will avoid leaks and the risk of falling into the wrong hands, especially in highly competitive environments.

Why do clients choose us?

At IT-Magic, we deliver AWS infrastructure security services to provide monetary and non-monetary value to our clients’ organizations. We are supporters of transparent communication and long-term relationships. We do not experiment at the expense of our clients – only mature and time-tested solutions are used.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Our company has gained experience and AWS knowledge since 2010 by working with various cases and undergoing specialized training sessions by Amazon Web Services. We are ready to share our professional opinion with you, advise on the best AWS solution, and implement said solution efficiently

Configured security for 100+ projects

You will receive access to 10+ years of DevOps and AWS infrastructure security knowledge and expertise by contacting IT-Magic. Our team provides the same top level of AWS cloud security services in every project. We treat every client's request equally - whether you need to build a secure IT infrastructure from scratch or need a solution to handle over one million requests per day. We have 100+ satisfied customers, some of which still work with us.

One of our DevOps engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

Our AWS DevOps and security specialists are very proactive and productive. They do their work quickly, professionally, and without any delays. Due to this approach, we can save your budget on AWS cloud security, support, and creation as you won't need to hire an entire in-house team to provide these services. Our real experience has proved this point when 3 of our professionals have substituted 60 system administrators.

Safety of your customer data

IT-Magic provides AWS managed security services that ensure the safety of customer data by setting intranet security, data transmission over encrypted channels, and implementing the world's best security practices. Aside from this fact, all of our employees regularly undergo a polygraph (lie detector test). This allows you to be 100% sure that there will be no data leaks from your systems and should inspire confidence in our trustworthiness.

Fourteen years - the average experience of our IT employees

IT-Magic does not employ junior specialists - only senior and mid-level DevOps engineers are on staff. Aside from this fact, with the managed IT security services delivered, we always keep in mind the rational use of resources and engineer hours. We direct non-trivial, critical security tasks to a senior expert for the greatest result and other functions to an engineer of the middle level to optimize your costs.

Handling >800TB of traffic for one project per month

We provide AWS managed security services for businesses of all sizes, from various industries, and with different traffic loads. The total traffic volume of our projects is more than 2PB. One of them has a load of 800+TB, and we manage it successfully. The system works well with no downtime and scalability issues. All operations are performed smoothly, customer experience is superior, and the client is satisfied with the results of our cooperation.

Seven years - average duration of projects

Generally, we start with designing and setting up a secure AWS environment from scratch within 1-3 months. As a result of our work, 9 out of 10 clients prefer to cooperate with us for years and end up transferring the system administration to us entirely. On average, our cooperation lasts 7 years and we have been working with and providing AWS cloud security services for some of our clients since 2010.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

If your organization needs 24/7 monitoring and support with prompt reaction times and critical security issue resolution, IT-Magic is the right choice. Generally, we react to emergency calls within 5 minutes and can handle most problems within 30 minutes. One-hundred-percent of incidents have been fixed within these timelines and according to SLA standards.

Free security & budget-saving audit

Our AWS cloud security company will perform a free security reassessment of your existing infrastructure and related elements in the initial steps of our tech service provision. We can also audit your existing AWS account and report potential issues and improvements as well as opportunities to optimize your resources and cut costs.

AWS infrastructure security toolkit

AWS Security Hub

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon Inspector

AWS CloudTrail

AWS Config

Amazon Detective

Other AWS services

Our AWS infrastructure security specialists

Alexander Abgaryan

Artem Marakhovskyi

Artem Yefimov

Yevhenii Novikov

Viacheslav Butacov

Dmytro Zhyvotovskyi


AWS managed security services involve the process of outsourcing security systems and operations to a third-party vendor remotely rather than hiring specialists in-house. These IT security companies provide complex, all-encompassing solutions like prevention, detection, and amendment in an organization’s security.

These days, technology is evolving tremendously and the IT market can provide you with security expertise in order to gain a competitive edge. You can access a range of AWS cloud security solutions according to your organization’s specific needs. Your cooperation can include a one-time consultation, client network management, and managed security and compliance monitoring which results in long-term partnerships. In addition, AWS infrastructure security providers conduct vulnerability tests resulting in risk and threat minimization.

Experienced managed IT security companies can cover your organization with advanced anti-virus and anti-theft systems, guidance to comply with the latest security standards, firewall setups, vulnerability and penetration assessments, and risk management. This kind of AWS cloud security services provider becomes an extension of your company and takes care of the security side and monitoring 24/7.

Information security is responsible for protection from non-personal threats like system or server failures and some natural disasters, as well as in regard to cryptography, mobile computing, and social media. Cybersecurity as a part of information security ensures digital data defense and the removal of internet-based threats.

Among the different IT security services, a few of the categories are distinguished. This includes security of the application, infrastructure, cloud, cryptography, incident response, vulnerability management, and disaster recovery. Mobile and web-based apps and their APIs’ security are covered via strategies, tools, scanning services, and testing to prevent, reveal, and fix bugs and other vulnerabilities.

AWS infrastructure security ensures the security of system elements like servers, networks, client and mobile devices, data centers, etc. It is necessary to place the necessary precautions and security measures due to the extended connectivity among all components, which puts data at risk.

Cryptography within managed IT security services utilizes the top encryption practices and algorithms to keep digital data and content highly secure. Incident response methods help your business to find out, analyze, and react to damage or threats. Simultaneously, vulnerability management allows you to uncover potential system weaknesses in advance and, thus, reduce system and application risks. Finally, disaster recovery secures your organization from data and system loss in the event of natural disasters or man-made errors.

Once you decide to find a reliable AWS managed security service provider, you need first to finalize your business requirements and vendor selection criteria. Then, create a document listing all the necessary criteria and related questions for an effective selection process. This will make your selection and comparison process way easier.

If you decide to outsource your AWS cloud security services to a remote vendor, you will gain the top security expertise available globally, higher flexibility, optimized IT expenses, and even reduced costs. You may search for a potential AWS infrastructure security provider on platforms like Clutch, SoftwareWorld, or a freelance site like Upwork. These platforms have preliminary filters for the region, hourly rates, expertise, etc. Then, by checking a company’s websites and online materials like their portfolio, tech specializations, processes, years of experience, expertise, and client references, you can create a list of 4-5 vendors.

In the next phase of personal contact with each AWS cloud security company, ask a range of questions to base your decision around. Pay close attention to the level of team involvement, communication flow, transparency, the ability to give added value, and security solutions regarding your business. In addition, check out how the AWS managed security services are provided and which methodologies, approaches, and cyber security protocols are used.

Our team provides a customized AWS cloud security solution, treats each client’s case individually, and applies rational pricing. We start our service with a security reassessment and study the clients’ requirements in order to formulate a solid AWS security strategy to maximize security options and optimize costs.

The security of systems and digital data is our priority and we can ensure your compliance with industry security protocols, standards, encryption of information, and much more. We are one of the best AWS cloud security companies that set up a firewall within the AWS infrastructure. Note that only 1 out of 10 companies provide this service that ensures that it is impossible to target other parts of the system in the event of a system break.

In addition, we employ top DevOps and security experts who regularly complete lie detector tests to ensure 100% internal and client data safety. Our specialists also take part in security programs to be able to provide you with the most up-to-date security expertise. We follow the OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) list in our security practices.

With regard to emergency issues, we follow the industry-level SLA. We clearly define the support package with prescribed conditions. We react to security and other issues within 5 minutes and ensure their timely resolution in 30 minutes. During all of our years of work, over one thousand of these events have been worked out according to SLA and on time.

Are you searching for a trustworthy AWS managed security service provider?

We are eager to build a trusting and long-term relationship with our clients since this is the best way to achieve top results. Contact us now for a free security consultation and a detailed report on improvement.
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