How we choose DevOps engineers for the IT-Magic team

Alexander Abgaryan

Alexander Abgaryan

Founder & CEO, 5 times AWS certified


Employees are the foundation of any business. Understanding the importance of trustworthiness and professionalism, we approach the selection of our DevOps engineers very carefully.


During a period close to one month, our new employee is getting involved in work, and we, in turn, are watching him. Within this period, the new employee works on various tasks but does not have access to any client servers or data. At the end of the trial time, we decide whether to continue working with this person or not. If this person has shown that he does not fit this position, we terminate the cooperation.

Polygraph (lie detector)

At the end of the trial period, all future employees must pass a polygraph. This test is applied to exclude the criminal past or connections, addictions, as well as to verify the honesty and good intentions of the future employee.

Some of the candidates leave the interview as soon as they hear the word “polygraph”, which convinces us even more, that the lie detector test for a future employee is necessary.

From our experience

If you start using polygraph tests while hiring employees, you will be surprised how many people have skeletons in their closets you couldn’t think of. One specialist that we interviewed, for example, showed great Linux sysadmin skills, but when he was told that he would need to pass the lie detector, he refused to apply.

Another applicant agreed and worked with us on probation successfully performing training tasks, but we didn’t have a chance to let him in the real work. The polygraph test showed that he has had issues in the past and couldn’t be trusted, we had to say good-bye to him as well.

It takes much time and effort to find more engineers for our company, but when we accept a person into our team that means this person can be trusted.

You can trust us

You can trust us with your system! If you are not in the cloud yet, we can help you migrate to AWS, we’ll provide cost optimization and the ongoing support to make sure your system operates quickly and with minimal downtime.
Ask us, we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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