Newest technologies vs reliability. What do we choose?

Alexander Abgaryan
CEO, Senior DevOps
New Technologies vs Reliability. What to choose?

The world moves forward, with each passing day something new appears, and something else becomes obsolete and is left behind. Perhaps the field of information technology is the fastest-growing of all. Each year, new software and new tools for the work of programmers and DevOps engineers appear.

What is dangerous about new software?

The newest and the most fashionable always seems to be the best, especially for programmers, because they are accustomed to constant training, the constant development of new technologies and constant changes from good to better. Therefore, they are always attracted by the most modern solutions and tools. However, new software, not proved enough in practice, can cause serious problems. 

The use of the newest technologies can lead to:
  • malfunctions and errors
  • weaknesses and vulnerabilities for hacker attacks

In some areas of IT, you can accept such risks, but we understand that it is impossible to take risks in our work because our customers trust us.
We stay in the golden middle
We make sure our engineers do not use the latest, insufficiently tested in practice, software because we support the reliable uninterrupted operation of websites and systems, and this can be achieved using only 100% proven solutions.

We also advise our clients to be careful in this matter. It is worth sticking to the “golden mean” in the use of technology: it is necessary to keep pace with the times, however, one cannot trust the newest programs and test them on oneself. Cautiousness in this matter will bring the greatest profit and eliminate unnecessary risks.

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