How can only 1 second bring 10% more potential customers?

Alexander Abgaryan
CEO, Senior DevOps
One second bring ten percent more potential customers

What can you do for 1 second? Take one breath, one heartbeat, listen to the moments fleeting by. Within each second you can make one important decision, one creative thought, one smile… or close one web page you were browsing because you just don’t feel like waiting for one more second.

Losing 10% for each second
Estimations show that about 10% of users leave after each 1-second delay in the loading of a web page. According to another calculation, at least 1% of potential customers leave after every extra 100ms of waiting, which gives us the same figure. This applies not only to the landing page, but also to the catalog search, the checkout page, and others.
Our own experience of 40% growth
We’ve seen the same pattern in our company. One of our clients has a huge retail business. When we optimized their web-based infrastructure, the performance of the website improved. They estimated that, as a result of the improvements, their revenue from sales grew up by 40%.

Server infrastructure is the basis

No matter how well your website is built, underlying server infrastructure may stand in the way and sabotage the performance, and vice versa, with the smartly-configured system, any website will perform better. 
Stay on guard
Don’t lose the opportunity to increase your revenue! Monitor the performance of your website thoroughly because it is directly related to your profit.

Look for these red flags:
  • Opening of any page takes more than 3 seconds
  • Accidental website failures and slowdowns
  • Slowdown while performing the catalog search
  • Breakdowns and website unavailability occurring from time to time 

All these issues have to be dealt with.

Remember, for every second you make them wait, one of ten potential customers leaves. Flawless work of your website will significantly increase your profit. So, make it your priority, and your business will grow. 

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