AWS-based IT support services

As our client, you will receive a full range of AWS professional services to cover the creation, monitoring, optimization, and support of your business processes via technical expertise. By offering IT services and solutions for over 10 years, we have crafted a time-proven methodology and utilize mature tools and secure approaches within cloud-based resources like AWS and DevOps.

As a result, your AWS infrastructure will operate efficiently and smoothly. At the same time, your digital services and web and mobile apps will work with a minimum of downtime and improved service uptime and response times.

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What AWS-based IT support services do we provide?

Industry recognition

Industry recognition


Industry recognition


Our clients


Our company has worked with many enterprise clients and is aware of all the related specifics, compliances, and requirements of a large business. As a result, our team can deliver just the right solution and a customized set of AWS infrastructure services for companies operating in the global arena. As our client, you will receive a well-protected, highly reliable, and accessible internal company system, and web and mobile-based apps that work under any load.

Large businesses

By building and supporting reliable AWS infrastructures, we help large businesses with their daily operations like networking, communication services, AWS-based systems, data processing and security, content management, etc. As a result, all your internal systems and digital assets like web and mobile-based apps will work seamlessly and at their full capacity. We optimize your IT processes so that the software can handle peak loads and any extreme traffic changes.


Companies that are still gaining users and extending their powers require daily IT support. As a certified AWS advanced partner, we provide professional AWS infrastructure services to empower your company with end-to-end communication, quick data exchanges, video conferencing, and robust web and mobile applications. In addition, we will strategically plan your AWS-based environments with proper scalability and bullet-proof protection in mind.


If you are looking for a reliable AWS partner to back you up on the tech side of your startup business, feel free to address IT-Magic. Our team will design, set up, and implement your AWS infrastructure exactly according to your needs now and in the future with top performance and cost-efficiency as a priority. As a result, you will receive our full service at a reasonable price with the ongoing management of AWS environment and optimization alongside changing business needs.

What sets us apart from other IT support service companies?

AWS certified icon

AWS certified

Our team consists of trusted AWS consultants, solution architects, and security specialists. We know how to accelerate your digital transformation efforts with the AWS cloud. We devote a significant amount of time to education and constantly update our understanding of Amazon Web Services. IT-Magic utilizes AWS on a daily basis, so we are sure our IT support services can cover all your business needs quickly and efficiently

AWS solutions provided icon

AWS solutions provided for 100+ projects

IT-Magic has been providing AWS solutions since 2010. During all these years, we have worked with businesses of various sizes and from all industries. We have built so many AWS infrastructures that there is probably nothing left that we don't know about the AWS cloud. In addition, as a trusted AWS partner we now have an opportunity to learn from top-notch AWS architects directly.

SLA emergency support icon

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

Our business IT support services are delivered according to industry-level SLA. Thus, we can guarantee 24/7/365 attention to your AWS system. Our reactions to emergency calls are within 5 minutes, followed by resolution of critical situations in about 30 minutes. You can absolutely rely on us since our AWS certified DevOps engineers resolve issues 100% of the time.

experience of IT specialists icon

Fourteen years - the average experience of IT specialists

Our IT support company employs only experienced specialists. We value the client's budget and always spend it efficiently by working quickly and very professionally. We organize our processes in such a way that critical tasks with the greatest influence are completed by senior DevOps engineers, while mid-level professionals do all of the auxiliary work. As a result, you get an IT support service at an optimized price.

20 full-time admins icon

One of our engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

Around 60 employees worked in the system administration department on one of the projects we previously managed for a large retailer. Despite this, the site regularly experienced system crashes. Our team, represented by 3 engineers, moved the project’s infrastructure from on-premises to AWS and made it scalable. At this time, IT-Magic still ensures 99.98% uptime and provides uninterrupted service operation even under critical loads during sales.

specialists on the market icon

We hire only the top 1% of specialists on the market

We have an extremely tough candidate selection process where we employ only 1 out of 216 applicants. We hire the top specialists to provide you with the best AWS-based IT support services. The average experience of our engineers is 14 years. In addition, each employee regularly undergoes a lie detector test to ensure the maximum safety of your internal information and customer data.

Require all-in-one AWS-based IT support services?

Feel free to contact IT-Magic to become your provider of AWS professional services and receive 24/7 business IT support. We can consult you on the best implementation of an AWS infrastructure for free; simply drop us a line.
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