IT-Magic is a professional AWS managed service provider. Choosing managed AWS services is the most brilliant way for business owners to ensure constant uptime for their digital product and obtain enterprise-grade security in the cloud. Proper AWS setup and configuration is the first step to maximizing your cloud resource efficiency and increasing productivity. All further work aims to ensure the smooth operation of the system while you are busy with your direct business activities.

AWS Managed Services


Managed AWS services by IT-Magic

As a certified and trusted AWS advanced consulting partner, our company leverages the benefits of AWS management services to deliver the value you need. Our AWS managed services list capabilities start with AWS cloud strategy design and setup, and continue on to ongoing cloud support and optimization.

AWS infrastructure from scratch

As an initial step of our managed AWS services we can design, set up, deploy, and implement an AWS infrastructure from scratch. Our team ensures that the chosen strategy meets your company’s demands and that your AWS-based environment works seamlessly 24/7, has 99.99% uptime for web and mobile-based apps, and uses only the necessary AWS resources to optimize IT expenses. In addition, we take further business scalability into close consideration - meaning where the system can sustain quick traffic increases and high loads in a few minutes.

AWS migration services

Among the basic AWS managed services available to empower your business, our team provides migration to AWS from any cloud or on-premise hosting. Initially, we will thoroughly analyze your system and create a migration plan in line with your business objectives and unique tech aspects. IT-Magic is among the top AWS managed services providers, so you can be sure that we will switch your IT system to the AWS cloud seamlessly. After migration, we always control the quality of our work and make improvements if necessary.

AWS infrastructure support services

With our AWS management services at hand, your business will gain a competitive edge and boost for your web and mobile-based apps, internal systems, and other digital assets. We offer AWS infrastructure maintenance, cloud optimization from solid analysis, a report on potential enhancements, and the implementation of tasks to cut unused elements, system resources, and IT expenditures. Our support also includes proper system scaling configuration if needed, security updates, and system improvements that comply with the best practices.

Kubernetes support

Kubernetes is suitable for businesses that already use containerized workloads or are planning to have them in the future. With Kubernetes, it is possible to save even more time and money. Kubernetes raises the deployment speed of clusters, improves the performance of a containerized infrastructure, ensures rapid infrastructure scalability, and provides high-level automation. Kubernetes also follows security policies, and IT-Magic is ready to help you leverage all its benefits within our AWS managed services.

AWS consulting services

IT-Magic is a professional AWS managed services provider and you may address us for a consultation on this type of service. We would be happy to share our 10+ years of expertise in AWS solutions. As the first step, we will examine your existing AWS environment and account and recommend improvements on AWS resource utilization, cost reduction opportunities, and ideas for how to accelerate your business via the managed AWS services. We always consult businesses with our main aim in mind: help increase income and reduce operational costs.

AWS DevOps services

Once you address IT-Magic, you will benefit from the AWS managed services used to support your web and mobile-based apps in their ongoing development process. Your apps will always be up-to-date in their versions and provide a great user experience so that your business can increase loyalty and revenue. We ensure the timely deployment of environments for programmers via mature DevOps activities and tools. Our AWS DevOps services mean faster delivery, more reliability, improved collaboration, and infinite scalability.

AWS security services

IT-Magic treats security seriously, so it is a cornerstone of our AWS managed services. Your AWS-based system will stay protected via prompt alerts, regular verification, and ongoing security improvements. We're 1 of only 10 AWS managed service providers that set up a firewall within your infrastructure. Your AWS-based environment will be monitored continuously (24/7/365), and you can be sure that your system will deflect any cyberattack, data leak, or hack, and that your customer data will be protected.

Load and performance testing

We conduct performance and load testing within our managed AWS services, allowing you to highlight your AWS environment’s potential and remove weak points. First, load testing evaluates how the system handles high loads and growing users. Then, following the flow, performance testing measures the performance and power of a system’s speed, stability, and reliability under a heavy load. Such a system checkup is especially important before sale seasons, product launches, or any marketing campaigns.

Toolkit for AWS managed services


Featured managed AWS cloud projects

The IT-Magic team provides a comprehensive list of managed AWS services to deliver value to our clients. Our mission lies in creating a competitive edge based on improved services, operations, and resource optimization. Based on our 10+ years of experience, we have made lots of successful AWS-based solutions.
gamers handled daily
This game development company contacted our team with a request to create AWS-based cloud infrastructure. We designed and initiated a solid cloud implementation plan. As a result, the AWS system works according to the leading standards and sustains high loads since we provide AWS managed services and cloud support.


Event Decor Direct

The leading US-based decor marketplace decided to delegate their cloud IT operations. As a result, Event Decor Direct was able to focus on essential business tasks and lay the responsibility of AWS managed services on IT-Magic. We set up a system that performs well in traffic increases during sale seasons and achieved uptime improvement from 96% to 99.99%.
revenue growth


The leading online cosmetics store operating in Europe requested AWS managed services for daily tasks. Our cooperation began in 2010 and we have since created AWS infrastructure from scratch, performed migration from expensive servers to AWS, and set up all essential system settings. This allows us to achieve 99.99% website uptime and outstanding performance under high loads 24/7.
traffic handled monthly

Bank «Clearing House»

This banking establishment decided to outsource its daily IT operations and support to a reliable AWS managed service provider. We started our cooperation with a solid analysis of the existing IT system and a cost-efficient migration to AWS in line with industry-based security standards. Then, we configured fault tolerance and ensured the top performance of the system and its scalability regarding high loads.
uptime ensured


This US-based healthcare collaboration platform contacted us for top-quality managed AWS services. They needed help migrating to AWS and configuring security for HIPAA compliance. We migrated their system to EKS and ensured the security, reliability, and cost-efficiency of all operations. With our help, QliqSOFT optimized its operational costs and passed a HIPAA audit.

Benefits of AWS managed services by IT-Magic

Once you address the IT-Magic team with a request for managed AWS services, you will get the benefits of saved time and money, enhanced performance, and higher flexibility. Essentially, you will receive a partner with 10+ years of tech experience and knowledge. Let us take care of your AWS-based infrastructure and its 24/7 support, monitoring, and optimization.

Focus on business growth

You stand to lose valuable time designing and implementing a secure and fault-tolerant IT system and maintaining and supporting its daily operations. Simply outsource these tasks and AWS management to our team and instead focus on the key activities of developing your products, business, marketing, sales, and strategy.

Reduce risks

IT infrastructure can fail at any time if there is not a dedicated AWS managed services provider who not only monitors, but prevents potential failures. In addition, in the event of a system crash, you can be sure that we will resolve it in a matter of minutes and that your business will not suffer from colossal losses due to hours of downtime.

Achieve operational stability

Our team is directed to help your business operate in a super stable, safe, secure, and predictable environment. Within our DevOps and managed AWS services, we use only proven and mature tech stacks, tools, approaches, and protocols for the greatest outcome in your AWS system working 24/7 and handling peak loads and traffic changes.

Save time and money

The greatest benefit of entrusting AWS managed services to us is a considerable reduction in IT expenditures and the ability to concentrate more on business strategy. With an Amazon Web Services partner like IT-Magic, you will get an optimized AWS-based environment resulting in greater cost-efficiency.
Get in touch with us for an introductory conversation. Our experts can recommend the best flow and usage of existing AWS resources and further system growth and optimization.
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Bulletproof AWS managed services SLA

With the help of our AWS management services, we can empower your organization with cost-effective, top-notch performance and secure tech resources. We can help with daily operations under the industry-leading SLA covered in our agreement, namely:
Of incidents solved within our SLA
Service time
Reaction time to an emergency phone call
5 minutes
Emergency incident resolution time
0.5 hours

Why choose IT-Magic as an AWS managed service provider?

We not only deliver standard managed AWS services, but also focus on adding value to each of our clients. We provide an AWS solution based on the client’s exact needs and cover all business requirements.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. We know how to accelerate your digital transformation efforts with managed AWS services. We devote a significant amount of time to education and constantly update our understanding of Amazon Web Services. IT-Magic utilizes AWS on a daily basis, so we are sure we can cover all your business needs quickly and efficiently.

AWS solutions provided for 100+ projects

IT-Magic has been providing AWS solutions since 2010. During all these years, we have worked with businesses of various sizes and from all industries. We have built so many AWS infrastructures that there is probably nothing left that we don't know about the AWS cloud. In addition, as a trusted AWS partner, we now have an opportunity to learn from top-notch AWS architects directly.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

Once you address us for AWS managed services, you will get prompt feedback on your tickets or emergency calls on the system issues within 5 minutes under the industry-leading SLA. We can resolve your critical business issues in 30 minutes when you choose our team to provide 24/7/365 support to your AWS infrastructure.

Handling >800TB of traffic for one project per month

As mentioned earlier, our team covers managed AWS services and ensures AWS system operation under any load and at peak times during sale periods, on Black Friday, etc. For instance, for just one project, we manage over 800TB of traffic each month. This system has 99.99% uptime and 0.01s response time and performance is great.

Fourteen years - the average experience of our IT specialists

All of our DevOps and AWS experts have 14 years of experience, on average. This means that you will receive AWS managed services from top specialists at the middle or senior level. As well, we ensure cost-efficiency in our service because we allocate senior experts to critical, fundamental tasks, and everyday work is performed by mid-level professionals.

Security of your clients’ data

In line with top-notch managed AWS services, we ensure that your corporate data and your clients' data will stay under high-end protection. We utilize the best practices, industry-leading approaches, and protocols in security for information exchange, channel encryptions, and intranet safeguards. In addition, all of our employees complete regular lie detector tests to guarantee data preservation.

Free security and budget-saving audits

Our team provides initial client consultations for free in order to build trust and cooperation with regard to our AWS managed services. We will study your existing AWS infrastructure and account, or a solution based on any other cloud, in greater detail and report on a plan of migration to AWS, possible system improvements, cost-optimization, and can provide a security audit with enhancements.

Seven years - average project duration

We believe in building long-term, honest relationships with our clients since this approach results in the best outcome for both parties. We can start our cooperation by setting up an AWS-based cloud system from scratch in anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months based on direct business necessities. Note that 9 out of 10 clients have worked with IT-Magic for years and many have been with us since 2010.

One of our engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

Around 60 employees worked in the system administration department on one of the projects we previously managed for a large retailer. Despite this, the site regularly experienced system crashes. Our team, represented by 3 only engineers, moved the project’s infrastructure from on-premises to AWS and made it scalable. At this time, IT-Magic still ensures flawless system performance with managed AWS services.

Top IT-Magic staff who provide managed AWS services

Founder and CEO of IT-Magic
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
AWS Certified Security Specialist
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
Alexander Abgaryan
DevOps Engineer
Microsoft Certified Associate
Viacheslav Butacov
DevOps Engineer
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Yevhenii Novikov
DevOps Engineer
AWS Technical Accredited Partner
Dmytro Zhyvotovskyi
Tech Lead
DevOps Engineer
AWS Сertified Cloud Practitioner
Artem Marakhovskyi
Project Manager
AWS Sales Accredited Partner
AWS Technical Accredited Partner
Artem Yefimov


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