AWS DevOps services

IT-Magic’s AWS DevOps solutions provide a basis for modern software development. Our AWS DevOps services utilize only mature and time-proven technologies, approaches, and methodologies.

As a result of the AWS DevOps services provided, you will receive a competitive edge via feature-rich and well-functioning products and resources available at optimized costs and in a quicker time frame.

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Benefits of AWS DevOps services by IT-Magic

Faster delivery icon

Faster delivery

The main advantage of incorporating our AWS DevOps services is that they will increase the frequency of software releases, meaning you can improve and innovate faster. The faster new features are released and bugs are fixed, the faster you can collect user feedback and satisfy end-user needs. Our AWS DevOps company can help you deploy web or mobile-based apps up to 10 times more quickly.

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More reliability

As an experienced AWS DevOps service provider, IT-Magic ensures the frequency and quality of software updates and corresponding changes in infrastructure. We use only the proven practices of continuous delivery and continuous integration so that each change in a program is safe and functional. In addition, monitoring provides information about the system’s performance in real-time so that you can react to any potential issue in advance. As a result, the software is delivered to the end-users on time which enhances loyalty and generates profit.

Improved collaboration icon

Improved collaboration

Development and operations teams cooperate on a regular basis, hold common responsibilities, and add combined effort to the final success. Our AWS DevOps company could become your partner so that you can create a more effective team sharing the common values of accountability and ownership. As a result, the costs and resources will be optimized, and all the inefficiencies in function end up being removed.

Infinite scalability icon

Infinite scalability

We can administer and manage your AWS infrastructure and regulate the development process in order to comply with the necessary scalability. Within our AWS managed DevOps services, we provide efficiency and consistent system function even with complex and changing needs and we can remove the risk of failures. As a result, your production, testing, and development environments will be optimized with infrastructure as code service.

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

We implement DevOps best practices

As your potential AWS DevOps service provider, we will cover a wide range of services and top-notch practices for the best result. Receive access to DevOps approaches like CI/CD and knowledge gained over 10+ years of experience from one source, including but not limited to:

Continuous integration

Continuous integration (CI) is a practice of software development where the programmers merge their code changes and updates into a central repository. This action is followed by the automatic assembly of builds for testing. CI practices performed by our AWS DevOps company allow you to find, react to, and resolve bugs more quickly. CI also gives opportunities for reduced time for software release, quicker validation and integration of new updates, and improved software quality.

Continuous delivery

Continuous Delivery (CD) is another helpful practice for software development. CD helps with code adjustments that are automatically built, tested, and directed for a production release. We can assist you with the seamless deployment of all code changes to testing and then production environments. With our AWS DevOps services, we set up continuous delivery in the best way so that developers can perform their daily duties in well-settled, standardized environments

Communication and collaboration

AWS DevOps services of a high expertise level consist of proper communication and collaboration practices. Well-settled and proven tools, tracking systems, and approaches to DevOps bring operations and development together in ways that allow us to automate many daily procedures and improve the software delivery process. The established collaboration aligns all the organization’s parts to work on common goals and projects and improve communication between DevOps engineers, programmers, and other team members.


Our AWS DevOps services include designing and building microservices - cloud-based architecture that consists of independent, smaller system components. Each such component operates on its own and communicates with other services via the predetermined API (application programming interface). As a result, we can help you gain the advantages of microservices like independent deployment, scalability, reduced downtime through fault isolation, and a more maintainable codebase.

Infrastructure as code

Within our AWS DevOps services, we utilize specific software development techniques like version control and CI to fulfill infrastructure needs. Furthermore, our DevOps engineers can assist your development team with a well-settled, auto-scalable system and proper configuration of infrastructure resources. As a result, your developers will interact with the infrastructure via code-based tools in a way that is faster and more simplified. In addition, with predefined infrastructure operations, developers can use standardized patterns for server deployment.

Monitoring and logging

Our AWS DevOps company can set up automatic, 24/7 system monitoring and logging to check software and infrastructure performance and proactively react to unexpected situations. Our AWS DevOps solutions include things like monitoring, predicting, responding to, and resolving any issue caused by system updates or unexpected changes. You can regularly measure and analyze key metrics, KPIs, logs, and instant alerts that report on the system’s function. As a result, your web and mobile-based applications will provide a high-end user experience.

Featured projects

IT-Magic is a company that delivers complex and personalized AWS DevOps solutions according to the technical and business needs of the client. As a result, we have helped launch and implement lots of projects for customers in many different industries. Check out the following success stories below.

Looking for an AWS DevOps service provider and all-in-one infrastructure support?

Feel free to reach out to IT-Magic for a free consultation and analysis of your IT infrastructure. We are ready to deliver optimized, fault-tolerant, and cost-efficient solutions

Other AWS services

IT-Magic is an AWS DevOps company that covers the full scope of DevOps services and performs all related tasks. We use only proven tech stacks and toolsets to build highly reliable, fast-acting, and fault-tolerant AWS infrastructures that fit a company’s needs 100%.

DevOps toolkit

AWS Toolkit

DevOps Toolkit

SysOps Toolkit

EC2 icon EC2
EKS icon EKS
ECS icon ECS
ECR icon ECR
RDS icon RDS
Aurora icon Aurora
WorkSpaces icon WorkSpaces
CloudFront icon CloudFront
S3 icon S3
DMS icon DMS
IAM icon IAM
CloudWatch icon CloudWatch
Route53 icon Route53
SQS icon SQS
WAF icon WAF
Lambda icon Lambda
DynamoDB icon DynamoDB
Beanstalk icon Beanstalk
Lightsail icon Lightsail
CodeDeploy icon CodeDeploy
CodePipeline icon CodePipeline
Backup icon Backup
Elasticsearch icon Elasticsearch
ElastiCache icon ElastiCache
VPC icon VPC


Kubernetes icon Kubernetes
Docker icon Docker
Docker Swarm icon Docker Swarm
LXC icon LXC


Ansible icon Ansible
Terraform icon Terraform
Puppet icon Puppet

Programming languages:

Python icon Python
Bash icon Bash


Jenkins icon Jenkins
GitLab CI icon GitLab CI
Bitbucket icon Bitbucket
Bamboo icon Bamboo


Tideways icon Tideways
Grafana icon Prometheus/Grafana
NewRelic icon NewRelic


PostgreSQL icon PostgreSQL
MySQL icon MySQL

Operating systems:

Linux icon Linux

Web servers:

Apache icon Apache
Nginx icon Nginx

PCI DSS and HIPAA Certification:

HIPAA Certification icon HIPAA Certification

Data Collection & Analysis:

ElasticSearch icon ElasticSearch
Kibana icon Kibana
Grafana icon Grafana
Logstash icon Logstash
Fluentd icon Fluentd

Caching and load-balancing:

CDN networks icon CDN networks
Redis icon Redis
Squid icon Squid
Haproxy icon Haproxy
Nginx icon Nginx
Memcached icon Memcached

Developer support:

Java icon Java
Python icon Python
PHP icon PHP
JS and related frameworks icon JS (and related frameworks)
C/C++ icon C/C++

Why do clients choose us?

At IT-Magic, we speak the language of AWS DevOps solutions and services that aim for financial value, cost optimization, and clever resource usage, and we value long-term cooperation. We do not experiment at the client’s expense, but instead use only time-proven and tested approaches for the most remarkable results from the work delivered.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. All our team members have AWS certifications too. We know how to leverage the AWS cloud for your high-quality digital transformation with the help of our professional services. Our team constantly improves our knowledge and works with AWS every day, so we are sure that our AWS DevOps services can help you reach your business objectives in the best way.

AWS DevOps solutions provided for 100+ projects

Our AWS DevOps outsourcing company has comprehensive expertise gained over the course of 10+ years. We have worked with SMB, enterprises, and start-ups to support their IT infrastructure and corresponding business tools and products in various industries. Our AWS DevOps services are based on industry and security standards, CI/CD, and TDD practices to facilitate faster and easier development processes and quicker product updates, innovations, and releases.

One of our DevOps engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

There is a case in our project history when 3 DevOps engineers from IT-Magic solved issues for a big company with 60 system administrators in the department. Despite a big in-house team, the company website struggled with crashes and our AWS DevOps company helped them by migrating the system to AWS and making it scalable and secure. Our cooperation with the client has continued into the present. We ensure 99.99% uptime and constant system support.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

Our AWS DevOps services are delivered according to industry-leading SLA and standards. As a certified Amazon partner, we strictly follow these standards in order to provide you with the best customer experience. IT-Magic offers 8/5 or 24/7 support of your AWS infrastructure within which we will answer your emergency calls within 5 minutes and resolve critical issues within 30 minutes. Our certified AWS DevOps engineers are great professionals and fix issues in 100% of cases.

Fourteen years - the average experience of IT specialists

IT-Magic hires only experienced DevOps engineers. This approach is explained by our strong desire to help you save resources and spend your budget efficiently. Our experienced team delivers AWS DevOps solutions quickly and professionally. We share responsibilities and tasks according to the skills of our DevOps engineers, and this optimizes the time and costs required to deliver desired results.

Seven years - average project duration

IT-Magic has been providing AWS DevOps services since 2010 and some of our customers have been cooperating with us since then. Our statistics show that 9 out of 10 projects last for many years because businesses are satisfied with our AWS DevOps services and delegate system support to us entirely. Based on our experience with 100+ projects, the average project duration is 7 years.

We hire only 1% of specialists on the market

At IT-Magic, we hire the top specialists from the market. Within our AWS DevOps company, we have a very tough candidate selection process. Only 1 out of 216 applicants suits our team according to the high standards we support. The average experience of our engineers is approximately 14 years. In addition, each employee regularly undergoes a lie detector to ensure the maximum safety of your client’s data.

We speak your language

Our AWS DevOps services or solutions are financially backed by the benefits you will receive and the accumulated expertise that will be added to your project. This saves money on infrastructure maintenance and the DevOps team, increases business profit, and accelerates product development and delivery to end-users. We use only proven technologies, solutions, and methodologies previously employed in dozens of projects and never experiment at your expense.

Core team that provides AWS architecture support services

Alexander Abgaryan

Artem Marakhovskyi

Artem Yefimov

Yevhenii Novikov

Viacheslav Butacov

Dmytro Zhyvotovskyi


DevOps consists of two interrelated parts – development and operations. The definition of DevOps services lies in a combination of techniques, practices, and toolsets aimed to increase organizational efficiency and performance, and optimize resources and costs. DevOps services allow for faster, more effective software product development and launch compared to traditional system administration. As a result, a business can deliver its services and software products like web and mobile-based apps of the best quality at a higher velocity.

Within our AWS DevOps services, we use many AWS tools and technologies to cover daily tech business needs. In addition, Kubernetes, Docker, Puppet platforms give a great benefit to our AWS DevOps company’s development process optimization and automation in many aspects. Finally, software like AWS CloudWatch can be utilized for complex system monitoring and logging to track and predict any changes and proactively react to potential threats.

Once you integrate the latest AWS DevOps services and practices into your organization, there are dozens of advantages like more efficient app development, launch, and support. First, you will be protected from system failures and disasters due to data backup and disaster recovery that have been set up correctly. The AWS system will be organized effectively and will get rid of unused resources and reworks in order to optimize your tech expenditures. In addition, those who rely on a professional AWS DevOps company are 100% protected against information and cyber security threats.

These days, AWS DevOps services can be delegated to an offshore AWS DevOps solution provider. These teams can even be based on a different continent. Thus, you can end up with the top expertise in the field. For example, Ukraine and Poland have many tech talents and AWS DevOps companies ready to deliver a high-quality service at reasonable prices. This means that you could save considerably on your budget by outsourcing AWS DevOps services since you will pay 40-60% less as compared to prices in the US and Western European markets. In addition, you receive higher flexibility and can focus on core business tasks.

You can take a few steps to select a reliable AWS DevOps services provider, starting from identifying business goals and ongoing plans, followed by studying the internet and platforms for potential teams, and finalized by a personalized interview with a prepared list of questions.

First, you should do your homework and understand your company’s goals. Then, you can create a list with all the necessary information, metrics, and criteria for selecting a suitable AWS DevOps company. For example, you may include evaluation points like tech capacities, years of experience, tech stack used, portfolio, online presence, completed projects, and more to compare potential DevOps vendors.

In the next step, by checking platforms such as Clutch and GoodFirms listing specialized AWS DevOps services providers, you can select around 5 teams for further dialogue. During the personal interview, you should pay close attention to the level of the team’s involvement, expertise, communication flow, and transparency. Check out how the team works and what technologies, methodologies, and security standards are used, etc.

Many well-known companies use the latest DevOps approaches and methodologies to outperform their competitors. Our AWS DevOps services allow for enhanced internal development processes in an organization of any size. Our team always strives to build long-term cooperation with clients allowing us to reach the most remarkable results together. Thus, on average, our clients stay with us for 7 years.

Our team offers a free consultation to initiate the work and get to know the client’s business, tech specifications, requirements, etc. In addition, IT-Magic can provide load and performance testing and an audit of the AWS resources and security system inside your IT infrastructure. Afterwards, we deliver a list of possible system improvements.

Our AWS DevOps company works according to industry-leading SLA and have resolved 100% of system incidents in all of our years of work. We answer emergency phone calls within 5 minutes and solve business-critical issues in around half an hour.

At IT-Magic, we have the expertise to set up a complex cloud-based infrastructure for startups from scratch, taking anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. As for enterprise clients, our team can help migrate from bare metal servers and set up a fault-tolerant, auto-scalable IT infrastructure to support the company during high loads and traffic increases. In addition, note that you could receive a 30% discount on AWS hosting once you become one of our clients.

Lastly, we pay close attention to your internal and end-user data security. We follow the latest OWASP list and security standards and set up firewalls with the IT infrastructure, which is practiced rather seldomly by other DevOps vendors. Aside from this fact, all of our DevOps engineers regularly complete lie detector testing to avoid any potential data leaks and keep your data safe.

Looking for professional DevOps services to empower your business?

Contact our team for more information on our services and approaches to DevOps. We are eager to share our expertise gained over 10+ years and explain how to introduce positive changes in your organization.
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