Migration to AWS

AWS is the best cloud platform for any business as it offers the greatest variety of services and features. IT-Magic has provided the service of migration to AWS and built AWS infrastructures for more that 100 businesses, from startups to enterprises, and from eCommerce to fintech companies. Our certified AWS architects will migrate your system professionally from on-premise servers or any other cloud.

Migration to AWS by IT-Magic

There are different types of digital assets that can be moved to AWS. As an experienced and professional provider of migration to AWS services, we recommend moving them all together and building a completely reliable and safe infrastructure. However, we can discuss and consider other AWS migration options depending on your business needs.
Although a complete digital transformation would be the best solution for AWS migration, there are cases when businesses have to move their servers as is. This means that we just shift them to AWS and start them there without the slightest optimization.

Server migration to AWS

We implement database migration to AWS when we completely move your IT infrastructure to Amazon Web Services. This way is more reliable and cheaper when put in perspective. We can also migrate your databases separately as part of a disaster recovery strategy.

Database migration to AWS

Data migration to AWS can be done as an integral part of a full migration or as a separate service in some cases. If you want quick access to your content from different locations, Amazon CloudFront will distribute it with high speed. As well, if you need a time-proven storage to backup your data Amazon S3 is a perfect choice.

Data migration to AWS

As in all other cases, the best option is a complete application migration to AWS. In this case, your app will enjoy the benefits of availability, durability, and fault tolerance that AWS provides. Migration can be implemented from any source infrastructure.

Application migration to AWS

Featured projects with migration to AWS cloud

IT-Magic is happy to work with customers on reaching their objectives. Our strong expertise and the desire to help your business grow and optimize IT expenditures makes us a reliable provider of migration to AWS services. Learn about a few companies that already enjoy the benefits of AWS.


MAKEUP is one of the biggest cosmetics e-commerce stores with over 340 million international clients who purchase over 50 million products annually. They requested migration to AWS from an expensive, small server. IT-Magic covered all the DevOps and solutions architect tasks, implemented cloud migration to AWS, configured security, and optimized the cost incurred for AWS resources. Now the system easily endures high loads and is secure, stable, and reliable.
traffic handled monthly


QliqSOFT is a US-based company that has created a platform for secure collaboration of patients and care teams. They needed cloud migration to AWS and proper security configuration for HIPAA compliance. Our team created a new AWS infrastructure based on EKS, migrated the system there, and ensured its security and reliability. Thus, QliqSOFT received a cost-effective and fault-tolerant AWS infrastructure and passed the HIPAA audit.

Bank «Clearing House»

This banking establishment contracted IT-Magic for the improvement and support of their IT infrastructure. We analyzed their existing system and recommended cloud migration to AWS. Our team developed a reliable migration plan according to industry security standards and moved the infrastructure to AWS. We also ensured the system's cost efficiency, reliability, fault tolerance, scalability, and top performance.
uptime ensured
response time achieved
Pandora is a famous Danish jewelry manufacturer that has online stores worldwide. One of them required migration to AWS and the company contacted us for this reason. Our team migrated their system to AWS and made it cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, and scalable. Since then, IT-Magic has been supporting their AWS infrastructure, which performs well under any conditions and can endure high traffic spikes during sales and holiday periods.



Intertop is a popular retailer of shoes, accessories, clothing, and cosmetics. The company requested cloud migration to AWS with all the necessary settings that make a system fault tolerant and scalable. IT-Magic implemented all of the required tasks and optimized the system for reliable and effective performance. Since then, we have been managing Intertop's system and it works well, including during periods of traffic increases up to 25 times the usual flow during sales.
requests handled monthly
MAKEUP is one of the biggest cosmetics e-commerce stores with over 340 million international clients who purchase over 50 million products annually. They requested migration to AWS from an expensive, small server. IT-Magic covered all the DevOps and solutions architect tasks, implemented cloud migration to AWS, configured security, and optimized the cost incurred for AWS resources. Now the system easily endures high loads and is secure, stable, and reliable.

of traffic handled monthly

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Benefits of migration to AWS by IT-Magic

As a certified advanced AWS partner, our company knows that AWS allows businesses to leverage its technologies to the fullest. If you are looking to make your digital transformation quick and effective, consider cloud migration to AWS because the benefits it provides are worthwhile.

Reliable foundation for rapid innovation

Migration to AWS is an ideal way to modernize your business and IT infrastructure. The world is getting even more digitized and your own full digital transformation is only a matter of time. AWS will make it comprehensive and consistent in all ways. Moreover, AWS already provides the basis for the integration of the most progressive technologies like IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. Cloud migration to AWS will ensure your continuous innovation.

Lower costs on IT system management

Correct and well-thought-out migration to AWS with the help of a reliable AWS partner can save you up to 75% of the cost for other considerable business activities. AWS itself offers affordable conditions for running your systems and applications on their cloud but that is not all - if configured correctly, your system can become very cost-efficient even if it supports the function of a big enterprise. Our team of certified AWS experts knows everything about AWS cost-optimization.

Improved security

After cloud migration to AWS, you will discover how many mature and proven security tools the platform offers to customers and how much the platform takes care of its global protection. AWS has a lot of security guidelines and best practices and if a business adheres to them it will enjoy the opportunities of a safe and robust AWS cloud. In addition, correct AWS security settings guarantee compliance with international security standards like HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST.

Increased agility and staff productivity

With cloud migration to AWS, not only will your IT system become efficient, but so will your team that is involved in software development. Their productivity can rise to 60% and the time to market for new features will be about 40% lower. You also don't need to worry whether your tech stack is compatible with AWS because you can integrate any coding language, database, programming model, and operating system. This level of agility and flexibility is a good competitive advantage.

Quick scalability

WIth migration to AWS, you will receive an opportunity to pay only for the computing resources you use. This kind of model is very convenient and elastic at the same time because your system can automatically scale up or down according to the demand. Scalability is especially critical for companies that experience rapid growth or for those whose workloads increase periodically to many times over the usual user load. AWS sets no limits so that businesses can scale at their own pace.

Rich set of mature tools and resources

Consider cloud migration to AWS if you want to get access to the greatest amount of services, tools, and features on the market. No other cloud platform can boast such a variety. AWS offers tools for every possible business need. AWS technologies and approaches are mature and proven in practice. Along with AWS best practices and guidelines, the technical resources ensure top performance of your infrastructure.

Migration options to AWS cloud

IT-Magic is an experienced provider of migration to AWS services. We can move your assets from any source infrastructure and ensure your system's top performance. No matter where we must migrate your infrastructure from, the process can be done in a full or a hybrid way, though the former is preferable.

On premise to AWS migration

Moving your digital assets from on-premise servers to the AWS cloud allows you to save money and arrange better security for your system. At IT-Magic, we work according to three main migration models: rehosting, replatforming, and refactoring. Rehosting means migrating to AWS with no changes, replatforming presupposes slight optimizations, and refactoring is about changing the core architecture with AWS native features.

Migration to AWS from Azure

IT-Magic can help you easily migrate from Azure to AWS. With the AWS cloud, your IT infrastructure will take advantage of cost efficiency, better performance, greater reliability, and more security opportunities. The AWS Server Migration Service that is used for migration to AWS from Azure offers its capabilities free of charge which already makes the cost of migration lower. Your business will only pay for the AWS resources the system is shifted to.

Migration to AWS from GCP

By shifting from GCP to AWS, you will receive access to the greatest number of cloud features and opportunities on the market. With our help, your new AWS infrastructure will be configured correctly and efficiently. Thus the TCO of your business will become lower, the performance and reliability of the system will become better, and the system’s security will greatly improve. Due to Amazon tools for migration from GCP to AWS, the process will be smooth and the budget will be optimized.

VMware to AWS migration

Amazon Web Services has very detailed documentation for everything, including VMware to AWS migration. AWS is the best choice for your business because it provides better security, reliability, scalability, and budget opportunities to your business. There is a jointly designed solution called VMware Cloud™ on AWS that has been created to make the migration of your VMware workloads to AWS faster and easier - and IT-Magic will ensure a correct transition.
Interested in migration to AWS?
Contact IT-Magic for more information and a free consultation from our certified AWS specialists. We have rich experience in AWS migration and will find the right solution for your business.

Process of migration to AWS

In providing our cloud migration to AWS services, we act according to a well-established process that is streamlined and every action at each step is clear.
During the first step of migration to AWS, our team evaluates the existing IT system of the company as well as discovers business objectives and technology needs. According to the results of our discovery, we then make an approximate action plan.
Discovery and consulting
At this stage, we present a roadmap of our services that include building a brand new AWS infrastructure and migration. The roadmap outlines the budget range, approximate timeline, and a more detailed action plan.
At this step in the process, we build an architecture for future migration to AWS. The infrastructure is designed based on the best practices and our experience. Our team uses mature tools and technologies and sets the system up according to all standards.
AWS architecture implementation
When the new infrastructure is ready, we test it to make sure that it works as expected. With the help of this testing, we also look for any security and performance issues. If any are found, we quickly fix them.
Quality control
This is the stage of migration to AWS where we transfer the AWS infrastructure to our clients for review. They check everything out and provide feedback about what should be improved or changed to completely fit their objectives.
AWS architecture testing
These are the improvements requested by the customer after testing everything on their side. This step of migration to AWS doesn't take much time because clients usually ask for only minor changes. If any are required, we implement them very quickly.
AWS architecture improvement
This step is all about control. With performance testing, we check how the system works in its usual conditions and its scalability perspective. From the results, we see whether improvements are required and make amendments to guarantee proper system performance.
Performance testing
Once the new AWS infrastructure is ready, our team makes a detailed migration plan with step-by-step actions and all of the technologies that will be used. We define a migration to AWS schedule and a timetable of migration events.
Migration plan
IT infrastructure migration is a serious decision for business, so there should always be a plan B if something goes wrong. This is why we make a rollback plan that describes the actions that will undo the cloud migration to AWS and restore the old system.
Rollback plan
This step is the migration to AWS itself where we implement the migration plan. This is the most crucial part of the process. Our team does everything professionally and carefully. We monitor the process and keep an ear to the ground.
After migration to AWS is complete, the IT-Magic team observes the performance of the freshly migrated system to make sure that it works as expected. During this step, some infrastructure improvements can be done as part of final fine-tuning
Performance observation and tuning

Bulletproof Amazon services SLA

Of incidents solved within our SLA
Service time
Reaction time to an emergency phone call
5 minutes
Emergency incident resolution time
0.5 hours

Why choose IT-Magic as an AWS migration provider?

IT-Magic does not only take care of the technical part of migration to AWS, our company thinks about your business objectives. We always try to exceed clients' expectations in terms of value provided and communication. We build long lasting partner relationships.

AWS certified

Our company is a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. We are experienced professionals who know how to implement cloud migration to AWS efficiently and exactly to your business needs. We constantly improve our knowledge of AWS and use it effectively.

AWS solutions provided for 100+ projects

IT-Magic has been providing AWS-based services for more than 10 years. Among our clients are businesses from various industries and of all sizes. There are over 100 projects in our portfolio and 99% of our clients are satisfied with the result and are ready to recommend us.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

If you do your migration to AWS with IT-Magic, be assured that our company will stick to the industry-leading SLA. We will answer your emergency calls within 5 minutes and fix all critical issues within 30 minutes. Our support is available 24/7 if you need it.

Handling >800TB of traffic for one project per month

We can provide migration to AWS for IT systems with any load and ensure that their performance on AWS will be reliable and fault-tolerant even during sales and holiday seasons when the traffic loads are much higher. We already manage a project with a monthly traffic flow of 800TB.

Fourteen years - the average experience of our IT specialists

The IT-Magic team consists of top professionals at the middle and senior levels. They have a rich experience of 14 years on average and are all AWS certified. This seniority level allows us to ensure the cost-efficiency of our services, including migration to AWS, as the work is done faster.

Security of your clients’ data

With cloud migration to AWS, you receive improved security provided by AWS itself and by our company as well. We follow all best practices and protocols to keep your corporate and client data secure. On top of that, our team passes lie detector tests to prove our reliability.

Free security and budget-saving audits

We are interested in a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship and will conduct an initial audit of your existing IT infrastructure for free. We examine the infrastructure for possible security and cost improvements and make a report on further cloud migration to AWS and system optimization.

Seven years - average project duration

Working with 9 out of 10 clients for years is the best indicator of our efficiency. Many of our customers have been cooperating with us since 2010. We support transparency, trust, and partnership in our relationships, and this is what our clients and ourselves value most of all.

Our engineer can replace 20 full-time admins

One of our projects with on-premise servers had 60 system administrators in the department and went through the process of migration to AWS with IT-Magic. We allocated only 3 DevOps engineers for this digital transformation and they did the job professionally. As a result, the system performs well and the business has greatly optimized its expenses.

Our AWS experts

Founder and CEO of IT-Magic
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
AWS Certified Security Specialist
AWS Certified SysOps Administrator
AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional
Alexander Abgaryan
Tech Lead
DevOps Engineer
AWS Technical Accredited Partner
Oleksandr Knysh
DevOps Engineer
AWS Certified Solutions Architect
Yevhenii Novikov
DevOps Engineer
AWS Technical Accredited Partner
Dmytro Zhyvotovskyi
DevOps Engineer
AWS Сertified Cloud Practitioner
Artem Marakhovskyi
Project Manager
AWS Sales Accredited Partner
AWS Technical Accredited Partner
Artem Yefimov