AWS infrastructure support services

Once you outsource AWS infrastructure support services to an experienced team like IT-Magic, you can expect high-performance, cost-efficient, and smooth-operating AWS environments. Our AWS infrastructure support company provides proactive audits, architecture maintenance, failover and backup configuration, security setup, on-demand load testing, vulnerability scans, system scaling, and much more with care, mature tools and technologies, and agility in processes.

AWS infrastructure components we support

We take complete responsibility for sustaining and advancing AWS systems and their elements. Once you address our team for AWS architecture support services, you will receive an all-around handling of its components.

Cloud infrastructure as a whole

Receive top-notch AWS infrastructure consulting, setup, configuration, and improvement services that meet your business requirements exactly. We have a great experience in working with AWS and with the components needed for cloud computing, networking, storage, etc. Our AWS infrastructure support makes your data, resources, app, and web-based products highly accessible to end-users.

Instances and containers

Instances and containers help companies reduce their spending and they allow for quicker deployments, increased data security, advanced system portability, and IT efficiency. Our team can assist with the orchestration of instances and containers so that you can experience all the advantages of our AWS infrastructure support services.

Operating systems

Considering the fact that they are among the core elements of IT environments, we help set up and support the most widely adopted operating systems, keep track of their updates, and eliminate any issues we find. Furthermore, with our AWS architecture support services, our team ensures that the current OS matches your business needs in terms of programs and end-users.

App servers

AWS architecture support services by IT-Magic include the configuration and setup of app servers for hosting, enabling, and running web and mobile products effectively without downtime or failures. You can count on us to design your AWS servers most suitably for fast, smooth, scalable, and secure system operation.


Any business requires the set up, administration, and configuration of DB in a highly secure, well-functioning manner. As a part of our AWS infrastructure support services, you will receive database tuning, management, modification, and migration to meet business demands and support daily activities even during peak activities and increased traffic.

Web & mobile apps

As a part of AWS infrastructure support services, we handle your mobile and web-based applications in line with their back-end side for increased brand loyalty and profit. Our processes are organized to deliver a seamless experience for end-users through secure and high-performing websites and applications.

Featured projects

Our team thanks every client for our cooperation. Building relationships based on trust, shared values, and goals provides the best results in the long run. We want to be sure to support these results, so you may check out some of the prominent projects delivered by the IT-Magic team.
gamers handled daily
This company addressed our team for AWS cloud management. IT-Magic set up a well-protected, cost-efficient, and highly stable IT infrastructure in the Amazon cloud. With our AWS architecture support service, Ubisoft was safe and could focus on the business-related tasks of game development and marketing


Event Decor Direct

The top US-based marketplace providing event and wedding decor outsourced their AWS management to IT-Magic. Within the AWS infrastructure support services, we developed an AWS-based environment to handle x20 traffic spikes during sale seasons and increased marketplace uptime from 96% to 99.99%.
revenue growth


The number one ecommerce cosmetics store operating in Europe entrusted its IT infrastructure to IT-Magic in 2010. We migrated the infrastructure to a new reliable AWS system and configured all critical indicators. To this day, we still provide AWS architecture support services, keep the website uptime at 99.99%, and maintain excellent service performance during peak times and high loads.
traffic handled monthly


This healthcare collaboration platform contacted IT-Magic for AWS migration and reliable security settings. We moved the system to the AWS cloud and ensured its reliability and security for HIPAA compliance. Since then, we have been providing AWS infrastructure support services to maintain the top platform performance and help pass HiPAA audits every year.


This international payment portal for merchants required migration to AWS and correct security configuration in order to pass a PCI DSS audit. IT-Magic provided the AWS migration service and made the system stable, cost-efficient, scalable, and secure. The company still uses our AWS architecture support services to keep the system updated and to stay PCI DSS compliant.
This company addressed our team for AWS cloud management. IT-Magic set up a well-protected, cost-efficient, and highly stable IT infrastructure in the Amazon cloud. With our AWS architecture support service, Ubisoft was safe and could focus on the business-related tasks of game development and marketing.

gamers handled daily

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Our AWS infrastructure support services

AWS infrastructure support services are directed to ensure the security, stability, and seamless performance of your AWS-based IT environments. We enable AWS infrastructure and all its elements to meet the tech requirements of any business by regular system monitoring, audits, industry standards, mature tools, and technologies, etc.

Infrastructure audit

Once you feel that you require AWS architecture support service, we can offer an in-depth analysis of your existing AWS environment from the very start. This study results in a detailed assessment of compliance with industry standards. Finally, the report lists recommendations for potential improvements and a set of solutions suitable for your situation.

Infrastructure architecture

Our core skill set involves AWS infrastructure setup from scratch and continues up to the ongoing system support and maintenance. The solution ensures that all components within the system are properly designed and accurately connected in a way intended to facilitate business stability, continuity, as well as scalability once necessary.

Performance tuning

Among our key AWS infrastructure support services, we offer database performance analysis. As a result, you obtain an advanced report on potential system bottlenecks, how to remove and react to these issues, as well as prioritization across actions to deliver measurable results with regard to SQL queries and overall system performance.

Backup configuration

As a part of AWS architecture support services, we conduct automatic system backups and on-demand data checks to support businesses in the event of internal system mistakes and failures. In addition, backup configurations are necessary for data security and preservation to ensure business continuity.

System failover setup

Our team configures the system's fault tolerance to enable its stability and top performance, even during peak loads and quick traffic increases during sale seasons. So, sleep well with our AWS infrastructure support services at hand. Note that you pay only for the resources used by your IT infrastructure based on the system auto-scaling we help set up.

Security setup

Your system will stay protected against cyberattacks, malicious files, data leaks, hackings, etc. This is due to our AWS infrastructure support service, which includes complete firewall configuration, isolation and encryption of customer data, and protocol set-up. It is worth mentioning that we conduct regular security checks and offer further advice on improvements.

Load testing

Load testing, included in our AWS architecture support services, can be performed at the client’s request. We recommend completing load tests before releasing a new web or mobile-based app, launching marketing campaigns, or making global changes inside the system to find bottlenecks and remove these failures before deployment.

Vulnerability scans

The IT-Magic team delivers regular and on-demand scanning of servers and client products for any vulnerabilities. As a result, you will receive an assessment and report on how to resolve these potential issues with our AWS infrastructure support services.

DDoS protection

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks prevent web platforms from functioning correctly by exceeding a website's capacity to handle multiple requests. As a part of our AWS infrastructure support services, we configure Cloudflare and set it up on the AWS side to protect the system from DDoS attacks.

Monitoring setup

Our team sets up 24/7 system monitoring to anticipate potential problems and prevent them even before their onset. We utilize a proactive approach in our AWS infrastructure support services so that you can count on us day and night and we can ensure ongoing business operations.

System scaling configuration

Our AWS infrastructure support company sets up automatic vertical and horizontal scaling of your system so that it performs well in cases of sudden loads. Initially, our team builds and administers your AWS environment to achieve its easy and fast scalability, resulting in seamless and smooth operations.

Routine automation

Automation of repetitive actions at the administration level allows us to save you time and money on AWS infrastructure support. Our team makes sure that your AWS ecosystem is optimized and configured in a cost-effective manner.

System update

Within the AWS infrastructure support services provided, our team updates everything that operates on the current versions inside IT environments, from servers and operating systems up to client applications, to remove any issues caused by outdated systems.

System disaster recovery

Even after setting everything up perfectly, there is still a 0.01% chance that the system may fail through no fault of the AWS infrastructure support company. There is also a chance that the system will fail due to development team activities. In this case, we raise the system as soon as possible and provide an opportunity to roll back to the previous version in just 1 minute.

AWS cost optimization

We optimize the number of required resources in your AWS infrastructure support. As a result, you do not pay for any resources that the system doesn't use. We are also driving the purchase of the AWS savings plan, which will save around 30% on computing resources.

24/7 emergencies reaction

We provide top-notch AWS architecture support services with quick reaction times, directed by the industry-set SLA. In addition, we may deliver a 24/7 emergency response to cover any critical tech issue connected to AWS infrastructure upon your request.
Have a need for AWS infrastructure support?
Get in touch with IT-Magic and get a detailed consultation on how you can benefit from our AWS infrastructure support services. We will complete an evaluation of your AWS systems, offer advice on their potential improvement, and provide a plan of action to achieve the best possible outcome.

Why do clients choose us?

IT-Magic treats every client and project as a unique case where we deliver a solution and bring financial value. This means that no experiments are done at the client's expense; instead, we utilize only mature technologies, approaches, and solutions to achieve the most outstanding business results.

As a result, we build trustworthy relationships and keep complete transparency and clear communication with the clients. This approach results in long-term cooperation where we facilitate businesses with AWS infrastructure support.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. This certification is a result of hard work and continuous education of the whole IT-Magic team. Our rich experience in providing AWS-based services plays a significant role in the results we deliver to our clients. Industry recognition and certification motivates us to work even harder to help your business with digital transformation and overall improvement.

AWS solutions provided for 100+ projects

We have been working with AWS since 2010 and already have more than 100 projects on our record. We treat every client's request as a unique case, where you receive the same attitude, approach, and access to 10+ years of expertise. Once you address IT-Magic, you get the necessary AWS solution and ongoing AWS infrastructure support, whether you are a startup or an enterprise that needs to proceed with 1M requests daily.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

If your company requires 24/7/365 AWS architecture support service, our team will ensure that you receive it in the best manner and with timely replies. Our team works under an industry standard SLA, answers emergency calls within 5 minutes, and resolves critical issues in around 30 minutes. It is worth mentioning that 100% of incidents get solved.

Handling >800TB of traffic for one project per month

As part of AWS infrastructure support services, our team can support your AWS system and any related project with extremely high traffic. For example, we already handle over 800TB of traffic for one of our projects each month. With us, you can be sure that your system will stay stable through any traffic spikes and peak loads.

Fourteen years - the average experience of our IT specialists

Within our AWS architecture support services, we involve experienced professionals, at least of middle-level expertise. At the same time, we optimize the client’s resources and budget. We allocate senior DevOps engineers to the critical, core tasks for the greatest results and all the secondary tasks are delegated to middle DevOps specialists.

Security of your clients’ data

As a part of AWS infrastructure support services, we utilize the latest industry-based security practices and related technologies, which transmit data over encrypted channels. This approach results in the end-to-end safety of internal information. It is worth mentioning that all IT-Magic employees undergo lie detector testing regularly.

Free security and budget-saving audits

Our team will perform a free security audit to assure you of our level of professionalism and AWS infrastructure support services. We also conduct a solid analysis of IT systems and Amazon accounts and create a report with improvements in security and cost-optimization for our potential clients.

Seven years - average project duration

We should mention that 9 out of 10 clients cooperate with the IT-Magic team for many years and delegate their IT tasks and AWS architecture support services to us entirely. We start our work by setting up the AWS infrastructure from scratch within 2 weeks to 3 months, and some of our clients have stayed with us since 2010.

One of our engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

There is a project in our portfolio that initially had 60 system administrators on the team that supported the performance of the website. In spite of this, the site faced a lot of issues and crashes. IT-Magic managed to migrate the infrastructure to AWS and fix all problems with the help of only 3 engineers. We made the system scalable and continue to support its smooth performance.
IT-Magic is a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. This certification is a result of hard work and continuous education of the whole IT-Magic team. Our rich experience in providing AWS-based services plays a significant role in the results we deliver to our clients. Industry recognition and certification motivates us to work even harder to help your business with digital transformation and overall improvement.

Bulletproof AWS services SLA

Of incidents solved within our SLA
Service time
Reaction time to an emergency phone call
5 minutes
Emergency incident resolution time
0.5 hours

Options for AWS infrastructure support services

We want to make sure our cooperation is convenient for our clients and that they can choose the most suitable way to work with us. Therefore, we keep our processes flexible and deliver AWS architecture support services according to the client's needs.

Enterprise AWS infrastructure support services

We work with enterprise clients and provide custom service via AWS architecture support. As a result, your systems are streamlined and protected every day regarding user management, security of data via protocols, encryption, system migration, and scalability to handle traffic changes and peak loads.

SMB AWS infrastructure support services

Small and medium-sized businesses that are still growing need professional help in supporting their IT infrastructure involving end-to-end communication, easy data exchange, and video conferencing. The IT-Magic team can assist with ensuring AWS system stability with potential scalability in mind and the delivery of web and mobile app products to end-users.

Startup AWS infrastructure support services

Whether you are just starting or growing your business, our company can cover the AWS architecture support on our side. We can help set up your AWS infrastructure from scratch in a cost-efficient manner to keep your IT expenditures at a reasonable level. Furthermore, we ensure proper system support and management to cover new business needs from year to year.

Fintech & ecommerce architecture support

With our AWS infrastructure support services at hand, you gain end-to-end expertise in the Fintech and eCommerce domains. As a certified AWS partner, we deliver top-notch, ongoing maintenance of your eCommerce marketplaces, websites, digital operations in logistics, inventory, and POS systems, as well as banking & transition operations, etc.

Ongoing AWS infrastructure support

We are directed to provide complete and ongoing AWS architecture support services to satisfy the needs of the client and comply with their internal processes in the long run. Thus, we arrange our support to keep your systems highly stable, secure, scalable, and reliable for years.

One-time AWS infrastructure support

We prefer it so that any client can access our expertise and AWS architecture support services. This way, you can receive the one-time service of a system audit, compliance assessment, load testing, as well as AWS design migration, optimization, and improvement.

Technologies we use

The following are the mature technologies we use to deliver AWS infrastructure services that ensure the quality, effectiveness, and consistency in our results to satisfy client demands and resolve end-user problems daily.
Docker Swarm