Fintech services support: high uptime, quick operation, and strong security.

Alexander Abgaryan

Alexander Abgaryan

Founder & CEO, 5 times AWS certified


We have more than 8 years of experience supporting the architectures of Fintech services

*With most of the companies we work under NDA.

When a Fintech company comes to us for system support and DevOps services, we audit the system, find and fix the problems, and then we provide the ongoing support. We make sure the service operates perfectly and maintains high security and performance standards. Our clients are happy with our work and recommend our services.

There is a set of issues which most often bring to us clients working in financial services.

The main problems that Fintech companies face are:

  • Security breaches and threats
  • System malfunction occuring from time to time
  • Uptime of the services is less than required
  • System response time is too slow or the system slows down from time to time

What we do to solve the problems:

1. Audit the system and find the weak points

2. Fix the system, change the architecture or move to another hosting if needed

3. Check system regarding security requirements and strengthen the system security level if there are any problems

4. Set up professional monitoring to see and eliminate any problem before they can affect the functioning of the system. This allows us to reach and maintain high service uptime standards.

5. Assist our clients in passing PCI DSS audit regularly

Our first priority is high level of system security

Security is crucial for financial services. That is why we pay close attention to setting up and maintaining all the needed measures.

This is what we do to ensure high security level:

1. Thorough architecture audit
We carry out thorough system audit, find all the weak points in the system and fix them. We keep all the software updated and use only the solutions that have proved to be safe.
2. Firewall
We always configure a firewall to protect the system.

3. Intrusion detection system
We set up an intrusion detection system that helps to eliminate the threat of hacker attacks and malware.

4. Constant monitoring
We watch the system closely all the time, detect and terminate any suspicious activity.

5. Regular vulnerability tests
We perform system vulnerability tests regularly, and implement all the necessary changes.

Results we reach and maintain for Fintech systems:

  • Highest level of system security
  • Uptime of the services 99,99%
  • System response time 0,01s
  • PCI DSS audit assistance
  • Quick growth in revenue due to the improved performance of the system

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