How we increased sales by 40% optimizing the infrastructure of an e-commerce website

Alexander Abgaryan

Alexander Abgaryan

Founder & CEO, 5 times AWS certified


Some time ago, we received a request from the CTO of an E-commerce company.

What the client wanted to achieve:

  • Increase the revenue by stabilizing the performance of the website
  • Increase the loading speed of the website pages
  • Avoid reputational and financial losses in the future
  • Be confident in the safety of the data (compliance with NDA)

We conducted the system audit and found the following problems:

  • Unstable system operation
  • Frequent website crashes
  • Slow loading of the website pages
  • Not powerful enough servers

How we solved the problems:

  • Assigned a team of DevOps engineers to support the project 24/7
  • Conducted a full analysis of the existing infrastructure
  • Reduced the number / changed the type of servers to more suitable for this business.
  • Optimized server rental costs
  • Set up full-fledged monitoring of the project, which allows to learn about emerging problems and eliminate them in advance
  • Performed a load testing of the website
  • Found and eliminated all bottlenecks

Why the client chose us:

  • We solve all the problems once and for all. We eliminate not only the consequences but also the causes of the problem, preventing it from arising again.
  • We set a fixed monthly rate for server support and do not charge additionally for the works that are necessary for the normal functioning of the system.
  • We are reliable: all our specialists undergo strict testing before hiring (including the test on a lie detector).

The key results of our work:

  • Stabilization of the website performance.
  • Fast system recovery after failures.
  • Quick loading of the website pages.
  • Server optimization (reducing the number and cost of the srevers).

The main achievement – an increase in sales by 40% (about $350K per year for this company) due to the optimization of the website infrastructure

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