Kubernetes support services

Kubernetes, called Amazon EKS in AWS, is an open-source system for orchestration of containers. Although the Kubernetes ecosystem is quite extensive, it is often used in tandem with Docker. Kubernetes is considered a standard tool for managing containerized applications that run on Docker. The system automates their deployment, management, and scaling. Kubernetes optimizes and simplifies the work done by software developers and introduces automation to many DevOps processes.

IT-Magic has been successfully using Amazon EKS for years. We know how to work with it and support it the right way. Many of our clients leverage Kubernetes within their AWS infrastructures and are satisfied with the benefits it provides.

Benefits of Kubernetes

Cost savings

Kubernetes ties containers into nodes automatically which, in its turn, optimizes the use of resources. Fewer clusters mean that an application requires fewer API servers and saves expenses. With Kubernetes clusters, apps need less support and workflows become more efficient as the number of repetitive processes reduces substantially.

Increased efficiency of IT teams

Containerized architecture means that development, testing, release, and deployment are simpler and faster. If Kubernetes is used throughout the whole development lifecycle, developers can test their code and avoid critical mistakes at early stages. Due to microservices, teams can distribute tasks to smaller groups and release new features more efficiently.

Simple and accelerated migration to the cloud

All of the most popular cloud services, including AWS, offer simple integration with applications based on Kubernetes. With Kubernetes clusters you will have no problems with app portability. Your digital assets can be easily moved from on-premises servers to a single cloud or to multiple clouds with no loss in performance and features.

No cloud lock-in

Kubernetes is very flexible and can work with any cloud service on the market and on any type of infrastructure (public or private cloud or on-premises). In addition, it is compatible not only with Docker (though they are commonly used together) but with any container runtime. Kubernetes ensures no cloud lock-in so you are free to choose or change services if the need arises.

Automated deployment and scalability

Kubernetes can deploy containers automatically and roll back to a previous app version if there is something wrong with the update. Kubernetes also autoscales up when the application experiences increased loads or traffic spikes and scales down automatically when there is no need for additional resources. Horizontal and vertical scaling is also possible.

Stable and available apps in the cloud

Kubernetes keeps balance in the workloads and scales clusters up or down according to the demand. Even if one node in a cluster is down, your workload will be shared between other nodes to ensure app availability. Kubernetes can also restart or replace clusters if they fail so the app uptime remains high even when you introduce regular software updates.

Big open-source ecosystem

Kubernetes is a completely open-source platform that is developed by the community. This means that the tool enjoys strong support, constant improvements and continuous innovation. Due to this, Kubernetes can be used with many other open-source tools, has no technology lock-in, and is portable with all of the most popular cloud services.

Benefits of Kubernetes

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Why do clients choose us?

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. We are a team of professional AWS consultants and architects, DevOps engineers, and security specialists. We help businesses with their digital transformation using the benefits of the AWS cloud and Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). We always improve our knowledge and use it in practice every day. IT-Magic provides AWS and Kubernetes solutions according to industry standards and best practices.

AWS solutions provided for 100+ projects

IT-Magic has been providing AWS solutions since 2010 and has been using Kubernetes since it proved to be a reliable tool. Our team has built AWS infrastructures for companies of all sizes and from various domains. Many of them use Kubernetes (AWS EKS) for improved efficiency, deployment, and availability. We work with these technologies every day, so our knowledge of them is very profound. Furthermore, we can learn from the best AWS architects at Amazon directly.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

IT-Magic can provide support for your AWS system with or without Kubernetes integration according to industry SLA standards. If you choose us as a provider of this service, we can offer 8/5 or 24/7 emergency support during which our AWS professionals will answer your calls within 5 minutes and fix critical issues within 30 minutes. Our team treats every request with high attention and the desire to provide the best result.

Fourteen years - the average experience of IT specialists

We know that time and money are the most important assets and should be spent efficiently, so IT-Magic strives to provide the greatest value from our work within reasonable timeframes. One of the ways we do this is by hiring experienced professionals at the senior and middle levels. We usually entrust critical tasks to senior DevOps engineers and have mid-level specialists do the routine work. Thus, your budget is spent efficiently.

Our engineer can replace 20 full-time admins

In our project record, there is a large retailer that had a department of 60 system administrators. However, their system crashed regularly and the website experienced instability and downtime. This problem was solved when our team of 3 DevOps engineers migrated the infrastructure from on-premises servers to the AWS cloud and configured its scalability. IT-Magic still works with this company and ensures the system's uptime and availability during high traffic loads.

We hire only the top 1% of specialists on the market

Our strategy is to hire the best specialists from the market with rich relevant experience because we work quickly and professionally. Our tough selection process validates only 1 out of 216 applicants. Our DevOps engineers have 14 years of experience on average. Aside from all of this, our team members go through regular polygraph tests as an additional safety measure because we want to guarantee the security of your internal and client data.

Other services IT-Magic provides

AWS infrastructure from scratch

Part of our core expertise is AWS infrastructure design, setup, deployment, and implementation from scratch that will fully suit your business demands. As a result, the AWS systems created are reliable, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, auto-scalable, highly secure, and keep things running under any load and condition. As well, we can help optimize the existing AWS environment to your current business needs.

AWS Migration services

The IT-Magic team can migrate your existing IT environment to the AWS cloud. You will receive a scalable, cost-efficient, secure, and stable AWS infrastructure with set up monitoring and support. In addition, we will make sure that your system works flawlessly with minimal downtime and handles the traffic no matter how high. Migration to AWS can be done from any other cloud service or local servers.

AWS infrastructure support services

Our company can provide AWS infrastructure support services as the next step after its creation from scratch or migration to AWS. Aside from this, we can maintain your existing AWS infrastructure. In this case we will analyze it for possible optimization, report on the necessary improvements, and implement the enhancements to cut unused system resources and costs. We will also set up scalability and security according to accepted standards and best practices.

AWS consulting services

IT-Magic is a company with 10+ years of experience in AWS consulting services. Moreover, we are a certified AWS advanced consulting partner. Our team can help your business with an AWS solution that will meet all your needs and objectives. We usually start with an analysis of your system and then provide recommendations based on our findings. We always keep in mind system resources, cost optimization, and your business acceleration via AWS.

AWS DevOps services

IT-Magic has provided DevOps services for more than 10 years now. We use only mature technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, approaches, methodologies and best practices that comply with the latest industry standards. Thanks to well-designed and correctly configured AWS infrastructure and DevOps processes, we can ensure the best support in software development to your IT team and a great user experience to your clients.

AWS security services

Security is a critical factor of any IT infrastructure. The reliability of your system, as well as client loyalty and retention, depend on the level of your cybersecurity and data security. IT-Magic can create an AWS security strategy for you that includes firewalls inside the AWS infrastructure, regular verification and updates, round-the-clock monitoring, and prompt alerts. This will make it possible to predict, detect, and prevent or eliminate security threats and data leaks.

Managed AWS services

Outsourcing AWS service management to IT-Magic will give your business access to the top expertise from a certified AWS advanced consulting partner at reasonable hourly rates. As a result, we can add practical value to the tech side of the business, reduce IT expenditures, and increase profitability. At the same time, you will be free to take care of your strategic business activities.

Load and performance testing

Knowing the potential resources and points for improvement of your AWS infrastructure is a good strategy to prevent critical issues in its performance. Load and performance testing helps with this a lot. Load testing is used to find out how the system will work under high traffic loads, and performance testing checks its stability and speed in such conditions. This service is especially helpful before marketing campaigns and sales.

They can help you with Kubernetes implementation

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