Cloud Managed Services

Managed cloud services offer complete or partial administration and monitoring of a client’s resources and IT assets in the cloud including migration, configuration, optimization, security, and maintenance. In reality, migration to the AWS cloud, which is the most advisable option, is only the first phase in business advancement.
Proper and proven cloud management empowers you with 24/7 tech support, ultimate cloud security, and the competitive edge of operational improvement and business continuity. At IT-Magic, we know how to deliver value to your managed cloud systems and relieve you from the headache connected with tech business support.

IT-Magic managed cloud services

Our team provides a full range of cloud management services starting from a comprehensive cloud consultation. Our service offer is followed by the most suitable, personalized cloud system solution in line with business goals - cloud design, setup, implementation, migration, monitoring, optimization, etc.

Infrastructure design and setup

We help design and set up your managed cloud to cover 100% of current business needs. As your entrusted MSP, we interconnect elements to create a fault-tolerant, secure, and stable IT system. In addition, you can be sure that we use only the resources necessary to implement a cost-efficient IT environment suitable specifically for your case.

Cloud deployment and orchestration

Deploying and maintaining your application's top performance in the cloud is among our essential cloud managed services. As a result, your business and related web and mobile-based apps become accessible to any person worldwide. In addition, these apps are delivered to the market quickly and seamlessly, increasing customer loyalty and revenue.

Cloud security

With our cloud management services of security monitoring, regular checks, and improvements, you can sleep well. Your cloud system will stay protected against data leaks, hackings, cyberattacks, malicious files, and other security threats. We ensure your business stability and security through industry-leading security practices, approaches, encryption processes, protocols, and firewalls. It's worth noting that only one company like IT-Magic, among 10 others, provides a firewall setup service inside your IT infrastructure.

Cloud monitoring

We set up the ultimate 24/7 managed cloud service monitoring to facilitate your business and proactively react to and eliminate any potential threat or system error. As a result, you can stay focused on strategic corporate tasks. At the same time, we work to anticipate any tech issue that may arise inside the cloud system connected to the internal business operations and web and mobile-based apps.

Backup & disaster recovery

As a part of cloud managed services, you receive backup management, including automatic system recovery. As a result, you can easily and quickly access your digital assets, system files, and data in the event of a system disaster or internal failure. IT-Magic ensures your business continuity via regular monitoring, backup configurations, and, of course, data recovery.

System scaling

Our team will set up automatic system scaling within our cloud managed services to handle peak workloads (e.g, during sale seasons, traffic rises, business growth, etc.). We optimize your cloud system cost-efficiently by using only the necessary set and number of resources. We should also mention that you, as our client, will pay only for the actual resources used.

DevOps & application management

As a part of cloud managed services, we will support your web and/or mobile app development process. We instantly provide deployment environments for the developers’ needs with the help of well-settled DevOps practices. In addition, we will update your apps to the current version in the production stage without any downtime to deliver a seamless experience for end-users, resulting in increased brand loyalty and profit.

Cloud migration

Among the managed cloud services, we carry out infrastructure migration to the cloud from on-premises or local hosting. If your current IT system is not entirely satisfactory, we recommend utilizing AWS or Google Cloud Platform. Our team can design a migration plan based on your business drivers and can seamlessly switch your IT infrastructure to the cloud and empower your business with technological advancement.

Cloud optimization

Our cloud managed services will help gain you a significant competitive advantage and accelerate existing or new products, digital services, and internal IT assets. We can help optimize your cloud resources by utilizing analytics, reports, tech capabilities, and mature tools to eliminate unnecessary elements, reduce your IT expenditures, and save you money in the long run.

Cloud consulting

You can start cooperating with IT-Magic from cloud consultation as part of our essential managed cloud service. If you have experienced problems with cloud systems, or want to benefit from cloud optimization and reduce IT expenditures, a cloud consulting service is just what you need. Initially, we study your current system and come up with a comprehensive cloud improvement plan.

Cloud implementation

Managed cloud services allow for continuous transformation leading to a competitive edge. With our help, you will benefit from the scalability, agility, rapid deployment, and on-demand technology within your cloud resources. As well, we ensure ongoing cloud management with regular updates and innovative implementations to win over the market.

Hybrid cloud management

At your request, we can set up a public-private cloud bridge if you need to keep some of the physical servers on your premises and other corporate data in the cloud for any technical reasons. As your managed cloud service provider, we will take care of your hybrid cloud, its support, and its stable performance.

Featured Projects

Our cloud managed services company builds trustworthy and long-term relationships with clients in order to achieve the most incredible outcome. We appreciate every client we’ve had a chance to work with. From here, we want to list a few successfully delivered cloud managed services to underline our value proposition, namely:

Green Panda Games

This successful game-producing company decided to outsource managed cloud services to IT-Magic. We designed and developed an AWS-based cloud environment in a secure, stable, and cost-efficient way. Our cooperation resulted in high load system stability so that GPG could stay focused on game releases and marketing activities
gamers handled daily

Event Decor Direct

The top marketplace for event and wedding decor in the USA wanted to focus on its strategic activities rather than the tech side of the business. So, the company outsourced AWS cloud managed services to IT-Magic, where we designed IT infrastructure that manages 50-times the traffic rises during sale seasons. In addition, we increased marketplace uptime from 96% to 99.99%.
revenue growth

#1 Cosmetics Store

The top eCommerce marketplace operating in Europe wanted to outsource its IT infrastructure to IT-Magic in 2010. Until today, we provided cloud managed services where we achieved excellent system operation in peak loads and maintained 99.99% website uptime.
traffic handled monthly

Benefits of cloud managed services

You could receive a great technical foundation and IT support of your business, and ensure that your customers receive only a positive digital experience. Take advantage of the benefits of cloud managed services providers like IT-Magic, including cost and time savings, utilization of time-proven tools and industry-level approaches under SLA, and service customization.
Achieve operational stability

Achieve operational stability

We can help empower your business with superior stability, performance, and safety within our cloud management services. We use only mature DevOps tools and technologies, and apply industry-level cybersecurity and safety measures. As a result, you will receive customized cloud solutions to achieve the greatest operational stability 24/7, even during high load and peak times.

Obtain a competitive advantage

Obtain a competitive advantage

These days, living in the digital era, small companies and startups can achieve great results, earn more revenue, gain new clients effortlessly, and outperform competitors by utilizing mature technologies and cloud tech solutions. With our managed cloud services, your company can take advantage of technological advancement.

Save time and money

Save time and money

When you decide to outsource your IT tasks to specialists like IT-Magic, you could save significantly on time and optimize your budget. With a trustworthy and qualified cloud managed service provider, you can concentrate on strategic activities. In addition, you may save up to 50% of your IT costs and get cost-efficient tech expertise in the Eastern Europe region. Furthermore, we offer IT solutions at a reasonable price and can assist in stabilizing and growing your business.
Reduce risks

Reduce risks

With professional management cloud services, you can hand over the tech side of the business of designing and implementing IT solutions to the IT-Magic team. We help support and scale your IT environment according to industry security standards of encryption protocols, policies, backup creation, and monitoring system setup. These practices eliminate system downtimes, avoid monetary losses, and increase uptime.
Looking for a professional managed cloud service provider?
Contact the IT-Magic team with your request and be sure that you’ll receive extensive feedback. We start our cooperation with the solid Discovery stage and study your business and objectives. We are directed to match the technical side with the strategic business needs.

Bulletproof cloud managed services SLA

service time
reaction time to an emergency phone call
5 minutes
of incidents were solved within our SLA
emergency incident resolution time
0.5 hours

Benefits of working with managed cloud service provider IT-Magic

Our team not only offers standard cloud managed services, but can also provide a customized, cost-efficient, and secure solution in line with your business strategy. As a result, you can be sure that your business will stay competitive, stable, adaptable to changing environments, and continue to satisfy your customers.
Deliver fault tolerance
of 99.99%
Our team can enable your business to have superior system fault tolerance. It is worth noting that some of our clients stand to lose millions of dollars in just one hour of downtime. IT-Magic provides cloud managed services to protect our clients from losses, as we achieve 99.99% fault tolerance. Thus, a few clients have stayed with us for over 10 years.
Achieve system response time up to 0.01s
Within our cloud management services, we deliver a response time for IT operations in up to 10 milliseconds. This is the result of our 10+ years of experience and gained professionalism, which allows us to design, setup, monitor, scale, and migrate your IT systems seamlessly, smoothly, and very quickly.  
Receive industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support
The moment your business needs 24/7/365 support, we are ready to deliver the managed cloud service and support that complies with industry-level SLA. All of our tech professionals and DevOps specialists answer emergency calls within 5 minutes and resolve critical business issues in 30 minutes.   
We handle ~820TB traffic per month for one client 
As it is our key expertise, IT-Magic can manage over 800 Terabytes of traffic per month, per project. It is worth noting that this is the result of just one project that we maintain. As a result, we help companies achieve fully stable, secure, and efficient IT infrastructure during sale seasons and under any load. 
14 years - the average experience of our IT specialists
It is worth mentioning that we employ only mid-level and senior professionals in our cloud managed services. In addition, we redirect critical IT tasks and operations to senior specialists to achieve the greatest outcome, while middle professionals take care of other IT assignments. This way, we optimize your IT expenditures and utilize only the cloud resources required. 
Provide immense expertise
in IT solutions
Even if you are just starting your business and have a minor technical request, feel free to contact our team for advice. Rest assured that you will receive the same level of professionalism and attitude toward your case as some other enterprise handling one million requests daily. Any way about it, you will obtain the required cloud managed services and expertise gained over 15+ years.
Conduct free security and budget-saving audits
To support our value proposition and credit the level of cloud managed services, we perform a free security audit for potential clients. In addition, we evaluate a client's account on Amazon and develop a detailed report on possible improvement in terms of security, ways to eliminate threats and limit risks, and list ways to optimize your IT budget.
Seven years - average project duration
Nine out of 10 clients, on average, have worked with our team for many years. We believe in building trustworthy relationships since this helps achieve the greatest results. We have been cooperating with some of our clients since 2010. We have delivered the cloud managed services of infrastructure setup from scratch within 2 weeks, to three months. Further, they decided to outsource their IT operations and support needs to us ultimately. 

Cloud platforms we manage

Our cloud services include professional AWS and Google Cloud-based system setup, management, deployment, and monitoring services. We bring stellar experience to you with these cloud products and utilize their resources in a cost-effective manner suitable for your business in order to create a competitive edge.

Amazon Web Service

This cloud platform delivers the most comprehensive and adapted computing powers, data storage, content delivery, and more than 200 services available. In addition, our team can help utilize managed cloud services (AWS) to cover your business needs and ensure continuity and ongoing growth. The cutting edge of AWS is cost-effectiveness, improvement in operations, embedded security, and more.

Google Cloud Platform

With the Google Cloud Platform, you access 90+ services and tools for cloud managed services. We help employ these tools and services suitably and effectively to your business. GCP can help your business achieve greater flexibility, enhanced performance, additional backups, further expansion, etc.

Hybrid Clouds

We can utilize managed public cloud and private cloud or on-premise resources to perform seamlessly together. We will ensure that your IT infrastructure and capabilities are organized and kept highly effective in terms of security, performance, and cost.


Do you require a qualified team to manage cloud services to facilitate your business?
We are ready to answer any of your questions related to cloud managed services. We can start our cooperation with a free audit of your IT system and study your business goals to prepare a list of steps to improve your IT operations.