AWS Consulting Partner

IT-Magic is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner which means that our expertise is approved by Amazon Web Services and that the cloud provider trusts us and is sure of the quality of our services.

If you are looking for certified AWS consultants, we are ready to help you design, architect, build, and manage an AWS infrastructure or migrate to AWS smoothly and conduct a
top-quality digital transformation of your business. Our team has more than 20 AWS certifications so far and continues to improve our knowledge and professionalism in AWS. By choosing
IT-Magic as your service provider, you will have an opportunity to save on costs and resources and focus on other strategic business tasks while we handle the technical work.

Our AWS consulting methodology

Cloud services have become an integral component of the majority of businesses worldwide as the digital age dictates its own rules. As an AWS consulting partner, we offer our consulting services with a reliable methodology where companies can learn about the benefits of AWS, enhance their daily operations, prevent potential threats, and minimize risks.
If you want to work with a professional AWS consulting partner, you should be ready for us to assess both the technical and business aspects of your company. We need to dive deep into your business to understand your objectives, gather requirements, and finalize a strategy. Then we estimate all of the tasks that may be required and develop the most efficient AWS solution with the highest potential ROI.


The next step of our established AWS consulting methodology is thorough planning. We need to define the appropriate architecture, determine the required resources, and think through the implementation of your tech system, migration to AWS, and empowerment of web and mobile applications. As an AWS consulting partner, we will provide you with a comprehensive set of offerings and a roadmap for developing a cutting-edge solution.


At this stage, we implement the devised plan within the allocated budget and release the technical solution. As an AWS advanced consulting partner, we ultimately carry out the migration to AWS or optimize your current AWS infrastructure to accomplish your established objectives, boost operations, and reduce costs.


As a certified and experienced AWS advanced consulting partner, we can definitely acknowledge that with the constant evolution of technologies, there are no boundaries to optimizing AWS infrastructure. To ensure that you keep up with the latest security standards, resources, and capabilities, we provide continuous infrastructure improvement. This helps to safeguard your systems, mitigate risks, and minimize costs.