AWS Consulting Partner

IT-Magic is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner which means that our expertise is approved by Amazon Web Services and that the cloud provider trusts us and is sure of the quality of our services.

If you are looking for certified AWS consultants, we are ready to help you design, architect, build, and manage an AWS infrastructure or migrate to AWS smoothly and conduct a
top-quality digital transformation of your business. Our team has more than 20 AWS certifications so far and continues to improve our knowledge and professionalism in AWS. By choosing
IT-Magic as your service provider, you will have an opportunity to save on costs and resources and focus on other strategic business tasks while we handle the technical work.

Our AWS consulting methodology

Cloud services have become an integral component of the majority of businesses worldwide as the digital age dictates its own rules. As an AWS consulting partner, we offer our consulting services with a reliable methodology where companies can learn about the benefits of AWS, enhance their daily operations, prevent potential threats, and minimize risks.
If you want to work with a professional AWS consulting partner, you should be ready for us to assess both the technical and business aspects of your company. We need to dive deep into your business to understand your objectives, gather requirements, and finalize a strategy. Then we estimate all of the tasks that may be required and develop the most efficient AWS solution with the highest potential ROI.


The next step of our established AWS consulting methodology is thorough planning. We need to define the appropriate architecture, determine the required resources, and think through the implementation of your tech system, migration to AWS, and empowerment of web and mobile applications. As an AWS consulting partner, we will provide you with a comprehensive set of offerings and a roadmap for developing a cutting-edge solution.


At this stage, we implement the devised plan within the allocated budget and release the technical solution. As an AWS advanced consulting partner, we ultimately carry out the migration to AWS or optimize your current AWS infrastructure to accomplish your established objectives, boost operations, and reduce costs.


As a certified and experienced AWS advanced consulting partner, we can definitely acknowledge that with the constant evolution of technologies, there are no boundaries to optimizing AWS infrastructure. To ensure that you keep up with the latest security standards, resources, and capabilities, we provide continuous infrastructure improvement. This helps to safeguard your systems, mitigate risks, and minimize costs.


Featured AWS consulting projects

IT-Magic is an AWS consulting partner that takes care not only with regard to your AWS infrastructure but also about our relationship. We try to establish transparency and trust in our cooperation and make this last for years by providing services that are of exceptional quality. Take a look at some of our successful cases that started from AWS consulting.
gamers handled daily
Ubisoft is a game development company that was looking for reliable AWS consultants to whom they could outsource the management of their technical system. When they contacted
IT-Magic, we started our cooperation with AWS cloud consulting. Via this process, we learned about the company's needs and objectives, defined a roadmap, and created an AWS infrastructure that could maintain their systems' performance even during high traffic. Consequently, Ubisoft has received a reliable tech partner and has been able to direct their energy into game production and promotion.


Event Decor Direct

Event Decor Direct is a leading online decor store in the United States that required an AWS consulting partner to help them define their cloud strategy and to take over their IT tasks. With our assistance, the client ended up with a well-configured AWS infrastructure that can cope with a 20x increase in traffic during sale seasons, an increased uptime from 96% to 99.99% for the store, and was able to pivot to strategic business objectives and operations as a priority instead of managing all the tech work.
revenue growth


MAKEUP is one of the leading European online cosmetics stores that needed help from an AWS consulting partner with the technical support of their business operations. We started our cooperation in 2010 by creating their cloud strategy and migrating to AWS from costly servers. As a result, the company received a reliable, cost-efficient, and stable AWS infrastructure to cover the store's daily requirements and bring exceptional outcomes, including 99.99% uptime and smooth performance even during peak traffic loads. Our company continues to provide support for their AWS infrastructure and deliver AWS consulting services.
of traffic handled monthly
Ubisoft is a game development company that was looking for reliable AWS consultants to whom they could outsource the management of their technical system. When they contacted IT-Magic, we started our cooperation with AWS cloud consulting. Via this process, we learned about the company's needs and objectives, defined a roadmap, and created an AWS infrastructure that could maintain their systems' performance even during high traffic. Consequently, Ubisoft has received a reliable tech partner and has been able to direct their energy into game production and promotion.

gamers handled daily

AWS services by IT-Magic

The primary focus of IT-Magic, as an AWS advanced consulting partner, is to enhance the value of the AWS solutions we offer. Each solution is tailored to meet the specific requirements and technological aspects of the client's company. Our approach involves using mature AWS cloud services and tools to implement infrastructure migration to AWS, optimization, management, and more.

AWS infrastructure from scratch

This is a key service of any AWS cloud consulting partner. IT-Magic will design, plan, and build a scalable, fault-tolerant, secure, and reliable AWS infrastructure for your business according to your requirements and objectives. We will choose the most suitable AWS toolset for this solution and configure it correctly for the maximum cost optimization and top performance.

Migration to AWS

AWS offers great advantages to businesses as the market leader. This is the reason why we work with AWS solely and have become a certified AWS consulting partner. Our aim is to show the benefits of AWS to as many companies as possible and help them migrate smoothly. We will make a migration plan and a detailed schedule and implement it with no risks to your business.

AWS consulting services

As an AWS consulting partner, IT-Magic will consult you on everything about AWS, its usage in your business, and the benefits it can provide. During consulting we will also choose the best AWS solution and strategy to cover your business requirements. Based on the results, you will have an action plan and an approximate budget and time estimation.

AWS security services

We pay close attention to AWS infrastructure security and provide help with its enhancement by conducting audits, assessing the system's vulnerability and compliance with the industry standards, and implementing the solutions offered based on our findings.
IT-Magic is one of the few AWS consulting partners who will configure firewalls within AWS infrastructures which increases security many times over.

AWS support services

We offer comprehensive AWS support services that can cover everything from one-time fixes to 8-5 or 24/7 system monitoring and optimization. We will identify and resolve any potential or existing issues and guarantee the stability and smooth operation of your AWS infrastructure. You can rely on a trusted AWS consulting partner and have more time to perform other strategic tasks.

AWS DevOps services

As part of our AWS consulting partner services, we provide web and mobile app development support by establishing the CI/CD pipeline and delivering development, testing, and production environments tailored to your developers' needs. Additionally, we guarantee an uninterrupted user experience by updating your apps to the latest production version without any downtime.

Kubernetes support

Kubernetes (Amazon EKS) is a well-tested and efficient tool for container orchestration that provides numerous advantages for businesses that use AWS infrastructures. Our AWS consulting partner services include Kubernetes consulting and support where we will tell you about the benefits of EKS for your business and integrate, configure and support the tool.

Load and performance testing

If you are going to launch new products or marketing campaigns or want to be ready for sale seasons, it is advisable to test your AWS infrastructure for load and performance. As a reliable AWS consulting partner, we offer this service to evaluate the system's speed, stability, and performance under different loads and identify and address any weak points.
Looking for a professional AWS cloud consulting partner?
Contact IT-Magic for a free consultation and we will answer any questions about AWS and its advantages for your business and find the best AWS solution to cover your needs.

Benefits of migrating to AWS

By utilizing the full potential of AWS services, your business can reap the benefits of superior performance, increased flexibility, and ultimately, a higher ROI. Moreover, you can leverage the expertise of our company, a certified AWS advanced consulting partner, with over 10 years of experience at a reasonable price.

Operational stability

By utilizing our AWS consulting partner services, your system will be equipped with the most up-to-date and verified security measures, DevOps methodologies, and cloud tools to deliver optimal business outcomes. We will provide you with a personalized approach and tailor an AWS solution that aligns with your specific technological and business needs.

Faster app delivery

Through the use of AWS cloud services, your app can be launched to market 40% faster, while maintaining consistent application stability. Additionally, with the extensive global network of AWS geographic regions, your app can reach a wide audience of users around the world. Get more information on these benefits during our Amazon Web Services consulting.

Risk reduction

By utilizing AWS services, you can expect an uptime guarantee of up to 99.99% and system response time as fast as 0.01s, which will provide increased stability and reliability for your environment. As an AWS advanced consulting partner, we will help you prevent revenue loss through the proper setup of your AWS infrastructure.

Cost reduction by up to 75%

With the support of a skilled AWS consulting partner, like IT-Magic, and a well-optimized AWS infrastructure, it is possible to significantly reduce your monthly AWS bills and infrastructure costs. Achieve savings of approximately 35% from correct infrastructure configuration and benefit from up to a 30% discount on AWS resources as a client of our company.

Reliable foundation for rapid innovation

AWS provides constantly evolving services that can assist you in consistent system transformation and innovation. With the integration of IoT, AI, and Machine Learning already available, there are numerous opportunities to enhance your system's capabilities. IT-Magic, as an AWS consulting partner, will help you use these opportunities effectively.

Increased agility and staff productivity

With AWS, you can boost your software development team's productivity by up to 60%, without the need to modify or replace your existing tech stack. AWS offers flexibility and supports a broad range of programming languages, models, databases, and operating systems. An experienced AWS consulting partner, like IT-Magic, will help you choose the right migration strategy.

Improved security

AWS provides a lot of best practices and guidelines to optimize the use of their robust security tools. When set up and configured correctly, your AWS infrastructure can be compliant with HIPAA, PCI DSS, and NIST standards, ensuring maximum security. As an AWS consulting partner with certified AWS security specialists, IT-Magic can help you implement your compliance strategy.

Quick scalability

AWS offers vertical and horizontal automatic scalability. Your system can scale as much as it needs to in real-time circumstances without any limits. This flexibility enables you to grow at your own pace, while also saving money by paying only for the resources you use. Take consultation from IT-Magic, a certified AWS consulting partner, to make the most of this opportunity.

Rich set of mature tools and resources

AWS provides the most extensive range of tools, services, and features available on the market and is capable of fulfilling every business need. These tools have been tested and proven to be efficient in practice. An AWS consulting partner, like IT-Magic, can help you implement AWS best practices while using these tools to ensure top-notch infrastructure performance.


Docker Swarm
Programming languages:
GitLab CI
Web servers:
HIPAA Certification
PCI DSS and HIPAA Certification
Operating systems:
CDN networks
Caching and load-balancing:
Data Collection & Analysis:
JS (and related frameworks)
Developer support:

Why choose IT-Magic as an AWS consulting partner

Our AWS consulting partner services are based on utilizing mature technologies, best practices, and leading approaches. We tailor AWS solutions that will align with your specific business objectives and aim to deliver added value by reducing expenses and increasing revenue potential. We approach cooperation with clients in this way because IT-Magic is a company that builds long-lasting relationships.

AWS certified

IT-Magic has achieved the tier of a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner through extensive hands-on experience and serious training in AWS. Our AWS-based services demonstrate our professional and responsible approach, as well as the deep involvement of our certified AWS engineers on your project. Choose us and experience the benefits of our expertise firsthand.

AWS solutions provided for 100+ businesses

IT-Magic is an AWS advanced partner that offers full-cycle AWS services for startups, SMBs, and enterprises alike. We understand that each client has unique requirements, and therefore, we offer a tailored AWS solution that helps them achieve their specific business objectives. Throughout our 10+ years of experience in AWS, we have gained extensive expertise by working with 100+ customers.

Industry-leading SLA &
24/7 emergency support

If your business requires an AWS consulting partner for AWS infrastructure support, our team is equipped to provide this in accordance with industry best practices and SLA. Our professional AWS engineers will promptly respond to emergency calls within
5 minutes and resolve critical issues within 30 minutes. As of now, we have a 100% success rate in resolving such events.

Handling >800TB of traffic for one client per month

We specialize in creating, executing, and maintaining high-capacity AWS infrastructures that can handle immense amounts of monthly traffic. We currently manage a project that processes 800TB of data each month. As a result of our AWS consulting partner services, you will obtain a stable system with optimal performance, regardless of external conditions.

Fourteen years - the average experience of our IT specialists

IT-Magic belongs to the group of AWS cloud consulting partners who hire senior and mid-level AWS cloud engineers solely, ensuring that we provide top-tier AWS services at an excellent price-quality ratio and optimize your budget. We entrust senior DevOps professionals with tasks of higher complexity, while mid-level specialists complete typical tasks.

Free security and budget-saving audits

We offer free tech and security audits for prospective clients to demonstrate the quality of our AWS consulting partner services. We will conduct a thorough review of your current AWS account and an assessment of your security posture. After that, we will provide you with recommendations for improving your infrastructure, reducing costs, and mitigating risks.

Seven years - average project duration

After receiving our AWS consulting services, 90% of our clients continue to work with us for an average of 7 years. We prioritize building long-lasting partnerships that bring the highest ROI in the end. Our collaboration begins with thorough AWS consulting, and is followed by planning, implementing AWS infrastructure, and ongoing support and maintenance for years to come.

One of our DevOps engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

One of our projects showed that just 3 professional engineers from IT-Magic can substitute an entire team of 60 system administrators. This is achievable because we, as an AWS advanced consulting partner, undertake AWS related tasks of varying complexity daily, and know how to swiftly solve even the most critical issues. Our team is result-oriented and proactive.