IT Support Services

As our client, you will receive a full range of services to cover the creation, monitoring, optimization, and support of business processes via technical expertise. By offering IT services and solutions for over 15 years, we have crafted a time-proven methodology and utilize mature tools and secure approaches within cloud-based resources like AWS and DevOps.
As a result, your IT infrastructure will operate efficiently and smoothly. At the same time, your digital services and web and mobile apps work with a minimum of downtime, and improved service uptime and response times.

What IT support services do we provide?

Our team provides an ultimate list of IT support services to completely satisfy your requests and create a fault-tolerant IT system. Starting with a personalized IT consultation to uncover all of your business and tech needs, all through planning and implementing the most optimal and result-driven IT infrastructure and up to constant IT monitoring and daily 24/7 support — all these IT aspects are intended to add value to your business.
Our IT support services company has immense expertise in working with AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure cloud technologies. As a result, we can provide a comprehensive service of custom cloud-based system creation from scratch, cost-efficient optimization, cloud migration from existing systems with embedded security, and ongoing cloud optimization. By outsourcing IT support, your business will obtain a competitive advantage via highly effective work.
IT-Magic has provided IT support services concerning DevOps since 2010. Our DevOps services represent a basis of web and mobile-based software development. With an extensive knowledge base, usage of the latest technologies (Kubernetes and Docker), CI/CD approaches, and frameworks, our DevOps engineers are capable of complementing your development team. As a result, you will have your product launched to the market more quickly and at a lower cost.
Security is a cornerstone of any IT infrastructure, and our team understands the importance of internal data and client data protection. Our IT support services company can provide a security checkup, penetration testing, and continue with security optimization and monitoring inside your IT system. With an implemented cyber- and information security strategy, your organization will be resistant to system errors, data leaks, malicious files, etc.
Our team offers managed business support services for startups, SMS, and enterprise clients and allocates tech activities to our DevOps professionals. A benefit of managed IT support services is that they give you higher flexibility, considerably cut your IT costs, and provide access to top expertise from the tech market. With IT-Magic as your partner, your company can enhance its IT operations and achieve the expected outcomes via proven and mature technologies and approaches.
Virtualization is an excellent IT support service that helps businesses optimize their operations and save money and time within the testing environment in software development. Our team will help set up your IT systems within virtualization by using technologies like Kubernetes and Docker within your web or mobile-based applications. As a result, you achieve more accessible and faster backups and recovery, reduce workloads, increase uptimes, and end up with faster app deployment.
We conduct performance and load testing within our IT support for business, allowing you to highlight the IT environment’s potential and remove weak points. First, load testing evaluates how the system handles high-loads and growing users. Then, following the flow, performance testing measures the performance and powers of a system’s speed, stability, and reliability under a heavy load.

Our clients


We deliver enterprise IT support services, represented by DevOps, cloud-based solutions in line with the high load service need, security compliances, and enterprise requirements. An enterprise client receives faster deployments, stabilized IT environments, automation in many parts of the system, improvements in product quality, and continuous business continuity. With our IT support services, you will receive fast and reliable issue resolution and highly available and smoothly-operating web and mobile-based apps in the global arena.

Large businesses

Within our business IT support services, we can support and enhance the tech operations of a large company. We cover everything starting with cloud systems that are AWS or other required platforms, data processing, security of data and business content, networking, communication services, and more. As a result, you will receive business agility in a speedy business environment, utilizing tech resources to attain seamless and cost-efficient operation, even during peak loads or traffic changes.


We cover IT support services for small businesses that require daily maintenance, IT infrastructure setup from scratch, or a one-time consultation. Your business will be empowered with the utilization of mature DevOps and cloud technologies to gain a competitive edge in the market. We can ensure that your IT systems are both organized well in terms of resources and costs and perform steadily at their maximum potential.


Once you start your own business and need a reliable partner who will set up a fault-tolerant, highly secure, and cost-effective infrastructure from scratch, feel free to address IT-Magic for IT support services. As a result, you will receive a well-tuned IT infrastructure and ongoing support exactly according to your business needs and with the idea in mind of quick system scalability at reasonable prices.

What sets up us from other IT support service companies?

Deliver fault tolerance of 99.99%

Our team can help with tuning your systems in order to handle any traffic load and work reliably in any situation. It is worth noting that some of our clients can quickly lose millions of dollars in just a few minutes of system downtime. Therefore, our IT support services cover the setup of a 99.99% fault-tolerant environment, and many clients have been our partners for over 10 years.

Achieve system response time up to 0.01s

Our DevOps engineers will optimize your system in order to achieve response times of up to 0.01 seconds with our IT support service. We can design, implement, monitor, optimize, and automate business support services in a way that will ensure the smooth and quick performance of web and mobile applications and other digital company assets.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

Our business IT support services are delivered according to industry-level SLA. Thus, we can guarantee 24/7/365 attention to your system. Our reactions to emergency calls are within 5 minutes, followed by resolution of critical situations in about 30 minutes. You can absolutely rely on us since we have resolved these issues 100% of the time.

14 years — the average experience of IT specialists

It is worth mentioning that our IT support company employs the top 1% market specialists from the middle and senior levels. Aside from this fact, we work effectively with a client’s budget and allocate senior professionals for core tasks while middle specialists complete the rest. As a result, you get an IT support service at an optimized price.
Require all-in-one IT support services?
Feel free to contact IT-Magic, a DevOps and cloud company, to become your managed IT services provider and receive 24/7 business IT support. We can consult you on the best implementation of your IT infrastructure for free; simply drop us a line.