Cloud implementation services

Easy scalability, agility in processes, quick deployments, and utilization of on-demand technologies are few of the vivid benefits of moving to the cloud. Well-planned and seamless AWS cloud migration is one of the key cloud implementation services offered by IT-Magic.

Furthermore, our team can help employ AWS cloud technologies and resources in the most cost-efficient, powerful, and innovative way. We can define the proper cloud implementation strategy that will empower your business with top-notch performance and quick adaptation to market, industry, and user needs. As a result, your business will gain competitive advantages, receive continuous business improvement, and digital transformation according to your objectives.

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IT-Magic cloud implementation services

As mentioned, our team offers seamless migration from on-premises or the cloud to AWS. We also provide all-in-one, personalized AWS cloud services that your business might require, as well as ongoing AWS cloud system maintenance over the years to come.

Cloud architecture design

As the first step, we plan and design the AWS cloud architecture to ensure that it works like a Swiss watch with 99.99% uptime. In addition, we create the architecture to not only cover today's business requirements, but also with the potential for greater scalability and transformation. The architecture is planned in a way so as to increase power many times within minutes.

Cloud platform implementation

Our team sets up the entire IT infrastructure in the AWS cloud and installs all the necessary servers, databases, load balancers, and so on. As part of the cloud implementation process, we add all the essential configurations and set up the system's network, security, and fault tolerance.

Cloud infrastructure maintenance

Lastly, our team supports and maintains the whole AWS cloud environment that has been implemented. In this process, we set up regular system monitoring and check-ups, keep the system's performance at the highest level 24/7, roll out system updates, and tune up the cloud resources and system for specific tasks like x100 server loads and traffic increases.

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner


Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Featured cloud implementation projects

At IT-Magic, we believe in long-term, trustworthy, open relations with clients since this leads to the most significant results. Therefore, we value each and every client with whom we have mutual cooperation. You may discover a few success stories of AWS cloud implementation services below.

Cloud implementation roadmap

To ensure smooth and seamless cloud implementation in AWS, our team has designed a well-proven roadmap. The process involves an in-depth analysis of business processes and needs in order to help define the most suitable strategy, followed by quality execution and further system optimization once necessary.


Within the initial step of cloud implementations services, we conduct a factual investigation of your business, main processes, requirements, business drivers, and critical objectives. As a result of this report, our team lists the tasks, services, roughly estimated costs for AWS cloud services, and extra recommendations for the most suitable AWS solution that will lead to the most prominent ROI



As the next step on the cloud implementation roadmap, we cover the detailed planning of the service execution whether it is AWS cloud migration, set up, optimization, etc. Our cloud implementation services include only the tasks and services necessary to reach business goals and we will furnish you with a detailed plan of action.



The execution phase is when the IT-Magic team implements cloud computing in an organization according to the stated strategy and plan. We deliver the settled tech solution and AWS cloud services to increase operational efficiency, reduce IT expenditures, and reach set objectives during this stage.



The sky's the limit, and cloud environment improvement is an ongoing task. Our team can offer to support your AWS infrastructure for many years ahead and optimize its performance, provide more effective solutions, add tools and technologies, and prevent risks to sustain top-notch business performance.

Want to receive the most optimal AWS cloud implementation?

Receive detailed feedback on your IT infrastructure and related systems by contacting our team. We can show you how to implement cloud computing in business in the most effective manner.

Benefits of cloud computing with AWS

The moment you effectively use cloud implementation services, you get a number of competitive advantages. AWS cloud optimization reduces costs and ensures on-time scalability and business continuity. As well, delegating AWS cloud systems to the hands of DevOps professionals gives access to the most up-to-date expertise in covering 24/7 system security, support, necessary auto-updates, and loss prevention.
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Business continuity

If your web or mobile-based app is stored in the AWS cloud or stored in multiple data centers, you can be assured that there will be no risk of power outages, natural disasters, lack of free space, or considerable surges in traffic. With our cloud implementation services, your business will continue to work no matter what happens.

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Along with cloud implementation, it makes the process convenient that most of the security aspects are embedded in the cloud platform itself. The AWS cloud complies with standards such as ISO 27001, PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc. However, there remains 1% of security uncovered by AWS, which our team helps to configure correctly in order to bridge the gap.

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Cost savings

AWS allows you to pay only for the actual resources used. There is no need to keep a large server if you don’t need it 99% of the time. For example, in one ecommerce cloud implementation project, you may need 100 DevOps engineers to support on-premise operations. Once you migrate everything to the AWS cloud, 2 DevOps engineers can support the whole infrastructure on their own.

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Within cloud implementation services on AWS, you receive the ability to very quickly acquire, scale, and refuse cloud resources once necessary. There is always a possibility to change your capacities and resources by adding or removing unnecessary powers in the blink of an eye in order to reach business goals and satisfy customers’ needs.

Vast TCO reduction icon

Vast TCO reduction

An advantage lies in the substantially reduced total cost of ownership since the AWS team itself is engaged in maintaining and operating the cloud infrastructure as well as sub-services like data storage, mass data processing, account management, etc. This is because all Amazon services are very tightly integrated and you will not need to take any extra action.

Disaster recovery icon

Disaster recovery

Amazon services immediately offer to deploy your web and mobile apps in several data centers. Thus, the probability that 2 or 3 data centers will shut down simultaneously is essentially zero. In addition, our team automatically replicates data to one data center on a different continent. If necessary, it is possible to scale the entire infrastructure in just a few hours there.

Instant app delivery icon

Instant app delivery

Within the AWS cloud implementation flow, your development team will be empowered with superior IT environments. With the help of AWS services, we can increase the productivity of your developers and speed up your development process by 60%, as well as make the delivery of new web or mobile apps and their features to users 40% faster.

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Greater value for end-users

All of the benefits of cloud implementation services listed above and performed by the IT-Magic team will make your business more secure, cheaper to maintain, more resilient and reliable in operations, and effective in using its resources. This, in its turn, will allow you to outperform competitors and deliver the best value to your customers.

Choose IT-Magic for cloud implementation services

We can cover the daily and strategic tech needs of a business operating in any industry. IT-Magic delivers custom tech solutions like AWS cloud migration, implementation, and optimization with the help of mature tech stacks, proven approaches, and 10+ years of expertise. Our team is directed to provide complex solutions to satisfy clients’ needs. At the same time, we are interested in long-term cooperation for the client’s competitive edge and monetary gains.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. This is a result of our team’s hard work and the fact that we do not stop there - every training session and every project brings new experience and improves our expertise. We use all of our skills during cloud computing implementation to create the best AWS infrastructure for you with stable, secure, and seamless performance.

AWS solutions provided to 100+ businesses

Once you become an IT-Magic client, you will get the same level of attention, attitude, and 10+ years of expertise in cloud implementation services that have already been provided to 100+ businesses. In our work, we treat every client and case as unique by delivering the best possible AWS solution, whether it is to a startup or an enterprise with millions of customers.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

If you need to have 24/7/365 control over your AWS cloud services, we can set up a round-the-clock service in line with the SLA accepted in the industry - 5 minutes for answering an emergency call and 30 minutes for fixing problems. In addition, our DevOps professionals will ensure high-end performance and 100% resolution of any critical issues.

Handling >800TB of traffic for one client per month

We work with companies of all sizes, including big ecommerce companies and enterprises that have many users daily. Managing over 800TB of traffic per month in just one of the projects we maintain is our essential experience within cloud implementation services. IT-Magic guarantees stability, security, and the effectiveness of cloud systems under high loads.

Fourteen years - the average experience of our IT specialists

At IT-Magic, only senior or mid-level AWS cloud specialists work for us. We cover cost-efficiency in our approach by delegating only critical, essential work to senior professionals and all other standard assignments to middle engineers for the greatest outcome. One of our fundamental missions is the optimization of business processes, resources, and costs.

Security of your company’s data

Within our cloud implementation services, you will obtain the embedded IT security and safety of user data. Our process involves intranet security setup, data exchange over encrypted channels, utilization of top AWS cloud security practices, etc. In addition, within our company, all the workers complete lie detector tests and security training regularly.

Free security and budget-saving audits

To support the level of our qualification and cloud implementation services, we conduct free cloud system audits during the first contact with a new client. Here, we will evaluate your AWS cloud account on the matter of improvements, costs optimization, etc., and report our findings along with recommended solutions.

Seven years - average project duration

It is worth mentioning that 9 out of 10 clients continue working with IT-Magic in the long run; seven years, on average. Some of our clients have stayed with us since 2010. Many have decided to outsource AWS cloud implementation to us, starting with cloud computing implementation from scratch, which takes anywhere from within just two weeks to three months.

Cloud platforms we manage

Within our cloud implementation services, our team utilizes only the well-tested and widely-used AWS cloud technologies. You will receive a personalized solution that employs only the necessary resources and capacities cost-efficiently to save you money and at the same time maintain top performance.
Amazon Web Services icon

Amazon Web Services

The AWS platform is a widely-adopted cloud implementation service for powers, data storage, content delivery, etc., with embedded security. The service covers all the necessary requirements for a business. Amazon consists of 200+ tools and services, while we can help in selecting the best combination based on your needs, scalability, and continuity.

Hybrid Clouds icon

Hybrid Clouds

As a part of cloud implementation services, our team provides hybrid cloud optimization and management. At your request, we support on-premises resources as well as cloud services in AWS. As a result, we can ensure that your entire IT infrastructure works seamlessly and performs cost-efficiently together.

Other services IT-Magic provides

Our experts in cloud implementation

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If you want to save your budget considerably, we advise that you think of outsourcing instead of trying to implement an AWS cloud system in-house. IT outsourcing is a widespread activity adopted by such enterprises as Google, WhatsApp, etc.

You can easily find a professional, full-fledged AWS cloud implementation service provider. Based on the outsourcing region, these cloud vendors can have a great price-quality ratio and you may save 40% to 60% on costs compared with hiring local professionals. For instance, prices for AWS cloud services in the USA or Western Europe constitute around $150-200 per hour. You can receive the same level of professionalism from teams based in Ukraine or Poland, but at far lower prices, like $50-70 an hour.

Ukraine and Poland are considered two of the top outsourcing destinations for AWS cloud implementation services for those in search of top quality services at a reasonable price. The most fantastic reason to outsource to Ukraine and Poland is the much more favorable rate of around $50-70 an hour. This means that it is possible to reduce AWS cloud costs by about 30-40%, and sometimes even up to 60%, for cloud computing implementation. However, this does not mean you should sacrifice service quality.

This is mainly possible since Ukraine and Poland have a massive pool of DevOps and AWS cloud professionals. As well, the countries have favorable taxation policies, high-quality tech education, cultural similarities, and much more. Aside from these facts, there is a growing number of companies there and many of our team members have expertise gained as a result of over 10 years in the field.

Thus, by outsourcing cloud implementation to Ukraine and Poland, you can benefit from time saved, higher flexibility, 24/7 support, security, and risk management. As well, you will receive a trustworthy partner once you select an AWS cloud provider like IT-Magic.

To select and then hire the proper provider for your AWS cloud implementation project, it is essential to evaluate the potential teams via many different metrics.

As the first step, study websites, online presence, and other available resources. Next, you may create a document describing your requirements and needed skills. Tech capacities, experience, completed projects, key clients, communication skills, transparency in processes, level of English, and so on, are all important factors for your consideration. Then, you can compare all metrics for each potential cloud implementation company one by one and finalize your decision by narrowing your options down to a few companies.

In the next phase, you can conduct phone or video conferences with these vendors and ask all of your other questions. For example, to make your decision, you may ask about team size and structure, ask for references, ask about DevOps practices and lifecycles, DevOps tools used, the 24/7 support process, emergency contact information, and so on.

For starters, the IT-Magic team has been providing AWS cloud implementation services at a high level of quality for over 10 years now and at reasonable prices. Out of ten clients that have addressed our team, nine of them have stayed with us for an average of 7 years.

We start with our standard and time-proven service of AWS cloud infrastructure setup, which takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months. After that, our cooperation continues through the design and implementation of high-load, fault-tolerant AWS environments and clearly defined support packages under industry-level SLA.

We can cover the tech side of your business and deliver a complex AWS solution that allows you to win over the market in the long run. Within the first steps in our collaboration, we credit our words with a free tech audit related to security and advise on budget optimization in your AWS account.

Please note that within our ongoing support and cloud implementation services, we have resolved 100% of cases, meaning you can be sure that any business-critical issue will be managed within 30 minutes. Furthermore, our emergency reaction to calls is within 5 minutes. In addition, you can customize your support packages to suit your business needs precisely.

Thus, address our team if you seek professional and certified AWS engineers, transparency in processes, clear communication flow, the latest security standards, and all these points at reasonable prices. Remember that all of our employees undergo lie detector tests and ongoing training to keep the service of the highest quality and to keep your client data safe.

Looking for real expertise in AWS cloud implementation services?

Contact our team and receive a detailed consultation based on our expertise gained during 10+ years in DevOps operations and cloud technologies. We can ensure that the service provided will comply 100% with your business requirements
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