Cloud consulting services

Cloud management services allow business owners and companies to outsource related cloud-based operations and IT cloud consulting entirely or partly to a remote IT vendor. These vendors also provide services like cloud migration, optimization, monitoring, reporting, and more to ensure business continuity at reasonable prices.

IT-Magic is an AWS cloud services company that employs a multipurpose, A-to-Z AWS cloud consulting approach to increase the stability of web and mobile-based applications and effectively utilize IT infrastructure costs. Starting from the ultimate AWS cloud consulting services, we help set up 24/7 system monitoring and regular reporting to eliminate failures, limit risks, and anticipate potential threats via backup and recovery setups, performance and load testing, and more for your business advancement.

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Cloud services consulting methodology

Being cloud-based is a new normal in the current digital world that provides a competitive edge to any organization. Our AWS cloud consulting services are directed to cover daily operations and fulfill the changing needs of business entities via a well-established methodology.
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During the first phase of cloud consulting services, we analyze the client’s business to understand the key objectives, evaluate needs, and conduct profound tech assessments. As a result of the Discovery phase, we list fundamentals for determining estimated cloud costs, critical cloud dependencies, and choosing the most optimal AWS cloud solution that will produce the greatest ROI for your business.

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The next stage of our AWS cloud consulting methodology involves the proper planning of tech system implementation, system migration to AWS, execution, and other related tasks. Our cloud strategy consulting offers the most optimal and effective set of services to match with business and tech needs and stay in line with your goals. We will provide you with a detailed roadmap for the plan’s implementation with the expected outcomes.

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Lastly, the execution stage is when our team implements the designed plan and releases the tech solutions to production in order to achieve set objectives. Finally, our cloud services company proceeds with migration to AWS or optimization of the existing AWS infrastructure in order to enhance operations and cut expenses.

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It is worth noting that there is no limit to AWS infrastructure improvement and optimization. As part of our cloud consulting services, we are always looking for the opportunity to enhance an already well-functioning mechanism. We work proactively, apply best practices and tools, reduce risks in advance, and optimize costs where it makes sense.

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner


Work with a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Featured cloud consulting projects

Our team strives to build long-term and trustworthy relationships with our clients. We believe that this approach leads to outstanding results and we thank every client we have a chance to work with and gain expertise from our engagement. Check out a few success stories from our cloud consulting services provision.

Services IT-Magic provides cloud consulting on

At IT-Magic, we are directed to deliver top-quality service and a unique value proposition for each client’s request. Therefore, we customize our offerings based on business necessity and provide specific cloud services starting from AWS cloud computing consultancy and on toward AWS cloud migration, optimization, monitoring, management, etc.

Searching for proven AWS cloud services consulting and the best approaches to cloud solutions?

Get in touch with IT-Magic for a free cloud consultation. We will help you analyze your current systems and direct you on how to optimize your cloud resources.

Cloud platforms we manage

We create stellar experiences for you with the help of Amazon Web Services, the most suitable and widely-adopted cloud platform. In the beginning, we provide cloud consulting to utilize AWS and its resources in the most cost-effective way and in line with your business necessities.
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Amazon Web Services

The AWS cloud platform brings excellent capabilities and resources to businesses in different industries across the globe. Within our AWS cloud consulting, we help use appropriate platform resources from among 200+ available services with embedded security. In addition, we ensure your business uses AWS’ mighty computing powers, data storage, content delivery, etc., for business continuity and scalability.

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Hybrid Clouds

We also provide cloud service consulting and management for hybrid clouds involving on-premises resources, private clouds, and public clouds in AWS. As a result, you can be sure that the cloud and on-premises resources of computing, storage, and content delivery perform seamlessly, securely, and cost-efficiently together.

Benefits of moving to the AWS cloud

Once you utilize AWS resources effectively for your business, you are guaranteed to receive dozens of advantages. Generally, your IT operations are optimized for greater performance and ROI. You also get top-notch, 24/7 AWS cloud support at a reasonable price; meanwhile, you can redirect your efforts to business strategy. As well, you can constantly access cloud consulting services from the professional team remotely.
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Achieve operational stability

Once you address our team for cloud computing consulting, you will receive advice on splendid system stability, top performance, and high-end measures taken with regard to system security. Mature AWS cloud technologies and tools coupled with our skills allow us to customize our AWS cloud solution according to your request and provide the greatest outcome for your business’ daily operations.

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Deliver app to users faster

Once we deliver cloud service consulting and analyze your existing cloud-based system, we provide recommendations on improving the performance of your digital assets like internal services, web and mobile-based apps, etc. Thanks to AWS, it is possible to roll out a version update and distribute it to all users via the cloud globally 40% faster. This will ensure your apps' ongoing stability and continuity.

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Reduce risks

If set up correctly, your AWS-based infrastructure will see its uptime improve to 99.99% and system response time drop to 0.01s. AWS offers many opportunities to maintain system stability, reliability, and security at the highest level. We know everything about AWS policies, standards, and best practices and can help your business eliminate risks and avoid any profit loss during our cloud computing consultancy.

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Cut costs by up to 75%

If provided with cloud computing consulting by a certified AWS partner, you may expect to cut around 75% of cloud costs. AWS offers the opportunity to pay only for the resources you use, so if all is configured correctly, you can save about 35% off your bill. In addition, there are other options for economy that only AWS professionals know about. With our team, you can save on tech expenses, get effective tech services, and achieve higher flexibility.

Choose IT-Magic for cloud computing consultancy

Our team provides the technical implementation of AWS migration and optimization and can deliver a complex IT solution that directly affects business performance. We speak the language of solutions and are interested in long-term cooperation that gives the client a competitive edge and monetary gains. We use only mature tech stacks, well-tested approaches, and have 10+ years of expertise in our cloud consulting services.

AWS certified

IT-Magic is a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Our team is very experienced in AWS and improves their knowledge daily via practical experience and training sessions. This approach makes it possible to provide high-end cloud consulting and choose the best AWS solutions for our clients and implement them quickly and professionally.

AWS solutions provided to 100+ businesses

We've worked with more than 100 businesses starting from startups to enterprises handling 1M requests daily. If you require cloud consulting services, you are welcome to contact the IT-Magic team. You will receive the same level of attention and attitude as any other client. All in all, you will get access to our gained knowledge and experience from the past 10+ years.

Industry-leading SLA & 24/7 emergency support

Once your business requires 24/7/365 support, our team can cover the service in compliance with the industry-level SLA. You can be sure that our emergency DevOps team will answer emergency calls within 5 minutes and solve critical issues in 30 minutes. It is worth noting that we have resolved 100% of the incidents we have faced.

Handling ~820TB of traffic for one client per month

Among our primary expertise is the ability to manage AWS infrastructure with over 800TB per month. It is worth mentioning that this is a reality for just one project that we support. Thus, we can provide cloud consulting services on stabilizing your IT system and attaining secure and effective operations even in high traffic loads.

Fourteen years - the average experience of our AWS specialists

Our team employs only senior and mid-level DevOps professionals to provide high-quality service. In addition, we help you save on AWS expenditures where we allocate senior specialists to critical tech tasks, and middle DevOps engineers take care of the rest. As a result, we optimize our tech resources to bring the most value to our clients.

Free security and budget-saving audits

To provide you with proof of the quality of our services and cloud consulting, we can conduct a free tech and security audit. As our potential client, you will receive an evaluation of your Amazon cloud account and a detailed report on possible security improvements, threat elimination, and IT budget optimization.

Seven years - average project duration

Nine out of 10 clients stay with IT-Magic for long-term cooperation lasting, on average, 7 years. We build partner relationships with our clients resulting in the most outstanding output. We deliver our AWS solutions starting from cloud consulting services, design, and setup of AWS environment from scratch with further support of the client’s AWS infrastructure for many years.

One of our AWS engineers can replace 20 full-time admins

Our experience proves that this is real due to the level of our knowledge and expertise in AWS. We've been working with Amazon Web Services every day for more than 10 years already. This daily practice allows us to complete tasks and solve issues quickly and efficiently in comparison with internal admin teams that usually do monotonous work.

Our AWS cloud consultants

Alexander Abgaryan

Artem Marakhovskyi

Artem Yefimov

Yevhenii Novikov

Viacheslav Butacov

Dmytro Zhyvotovskyi


There are three ways to reduce AWS resources – by using savings plans, taking on-demand/reserved servers, or taking advantage of AWS spots. However, of course, all of these options have their pros and cons.

The logical first steps in reducing costs on AWS are downgrading the system, compressing servers, and deleting unused resources on the project. As well, you should upgrade instances to the latest version and properly size EC2 models.

If you are just beginning to use AWS resources, we recommend using a savings plan. The plan offers the lowest prices for computing resources and a flexible model to save around 70% on computing AWS powers. With a savings plan, you are given a fixed hourly rate payment, but can change the services, powers, and capacities involved; you can mix, modify, delete, and edit them. You will also sign a contract for a minimum of one year, so you cannot refuse the service until the contract ends. In addition, this model provides the lowest price on the instance in Amazon EC2 without considering size, OS, or region.

The second option, on-demand/ reserved server, means you reserve a server for business needs for at least a year. This option is less flexible, as you book a server with specific requirements like 4 processors, 10 GB RAM, etc. Once you are signed up for a reserved server, you cannot change anything about the configurations. Though, Amazon gives you a considerable discount. Keep in mind that these days everything can change promptly and your server requirements may very well change too.

The third option is using AWS spots, or unused Amazon powers. With this option, Amazon provides a 30-40%, even 60%, discount to utilize their unused powers. This option is suitable for web or mobile-based apps compliant with many tech requirements and that are designed to work with the spots. However, there is a critical point that once someone buys an on-demand server, you lose your powers and are notified that within 2 minutes you will lose the spot.

You may also address our team for cloud computing consulting for the best optimization of your AWS resources and cost drivers of computing, storage, and outbound data transfer. In addition, it is worth mentioning that once you become a client of the IT-Magic team, you may receive a good discount of around 30% on AWS hosting technology. During our cloud services consulting, we list the costs for each AWS service and server in greater detail.

You should keep cloud management in-house if you want to keep all control and management inside your organization. Otherwise, if you want to get more flexibility, receive top expertise, save your IT budget, etc., then you should definitely try outsourcing DevOps and AWS cloud consulting services.

The advantages of outsourcing include cost and time savings while you focus on key business processes and strategy instead of tech aspects. Moreover, the IT outsourcing market is on the rise and there are many destinations you can reach out to for cloud consulting services. It is worth mentioning that Ukraine and Poland provide qualified professionals and cloud architects at 40-60% lower rates than in American and Western European markets.

This is a region with lower tax rates, a growing number of tech talents, and companies with 10+ years of outsourcing experience and cloud services consulting. At the same time, you get a technical partner with top expertise to cover daily business activities, provide tech support, and ensure business continuity.

When you decide to find an AWS cloud consulting company, there is a 3-step process you should follow to make the correct choice. Start with defining your business objectives and tech needs, list the criteria, and prepare a document to evaluate each potential vendor.

In your next steps, you can search the internet and vendor listing platforms that present the top teams like Clutch, the Manifest, and ITFirms. All qualified teams are present online and you can easily get this information. With Clutch, you can select a list of potential companies via detailed search filters. Then, you may check out a team’s portfolio, tech specialization, and hourly rates in order to shortlist those that suit you best.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to the ways a team communicates, whether it is eager to add value, and if it provides a free consultation and relevant recommendations during the interviewing process. As well, pay your attention to the SLA, NDA, and other agreements before signing any contract. You can fill out all of these details in your document in order to compare the cloud consulting teams.

Our team provides DevOps services and AWS cloud consulting of the best quality and in line with mature approaches and technologies. You will receive custom and personalized services at a reasonable price. Please note that we do not simply perform tech tasks; rather, we create AWS solutions to cover your tech needs. In our first contact, we conduct detailed tech and security audits as well as an audit of your AWS account for potential improvements and cost-optimization. Note that once you are our client, you may receive a 30% discount on AWS hosting.

It is worth mentioning that 9 out of 10 clients continue cooperating with IT-Magic for at least 7 years. Typically, we start our cooperation with AWS cloud strategy consulting and architecture design, then implementation, and follow this with ongoing support. We deliver complex cloud solutions that sustain fifty-times the traffic loads and are fault-tolerant. In our offer, we clearly define the SLA and support package, which is strictly followed. Feel free to customize your support package to your business needs directly and add 3-4 DevOps engineers and/or AWS cloud architects to your company.

Please note that all the issues and critical tasks we have faced have been resolved under the defined SLA. Our reaction time to emergency calls is 5 minutes and resolution comes within 30 minutes once we have been connected with core business operations.

Within our cloud consulting services, we promise to deliver top-notch security to your AWS resources and infrastructure. Please note that we will set up a firewall inside the AWS infrastructure. This service is only delivered by 1 out of 10 other companies. Aside from this fact, to ensure your internal and client’s data security and eliminate any data leaks, all of our employees undergo lie detector tests on a regular basis.

Looking for professional AWS technology expertise and cloud computing consulting?

Get in touch with us now and get advice on the best AWS cloud implementation in your business case. IT-Magic has successfully delivered dozens of projects into the cloud and can share our expertise via a free consultation.
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